#1 Best Guide: Thank You In Estonian

Thank You In Estonian

Scratching your head and wondering how to say thank you in Estonian? You’re not alone! Let me spill the beans about my very own adventure in this country 10 years ago. I remember stepping off the plane, and this chill breeze whooshed past me. Right then, I knew – I was in for something utterly magical.

Who am I kidding, though?

I had saved up my salary from being a programmer and counted down the days for a year to visit the super dreamy cities in the part of the world. But if I am being honest, what TOTALLY caught me off guard was how the simple act of saying “thank you” in Estonian, or as the locals say, “Aitäh,” would turn into my new favorite word. Every time I say it, it seems I wasn’t just saying thanks!

Although it sounds cliche, it felt like a warm hug, a knowing nod, a shared smile with a stranger. It’s funny how a word that seemed so foreign to me at first became a treasured memory, a symbol of connection in a land far from home.

So if you’re curious, excited, or even nervous about saying thank you in Estonia, don’t sweat it! Here’s a comprehensive guide you can use!

Saying Thank You In Estonian

In Estonian, the most common way to say thank you is “Aitäh.” It’s a word that carries the weight of genuine appreciation and can be used in various contexts. However, knowing when and how to say “Aitäh” can make the expression more meaningful. Context, formality, and personal relationships all play a role. Let’s get to know more about it in the sections below!

thank you in estonia In Business

In Business

Navigating the corporate world in Estonia? Well, let me tell you, the words “Tänan” or “Suur tänu” (great thanks) will be your best friends. When meeting with potential partners or clients, saying thank you in Estonian with a formal touch can break the ice. Also, don’t forget the body language, my friend! A firm handshake, direct eye contact, and a sincere tone can elevate the simple thank you to a memorable gesture that resonates with your business counterparts.

In Formal Gatherings

Stepping into an elegant soirée or attending a prestigious cultural event? Knowing how to say “thank you” in Estonian can be the cherry on top of your formal attire. For this, a more extended expression like “Tänan teid väga” (thank you very much) can add grace to your interactions, whether you’re thanking the host for the invitation or expressing appreciation for a delightful performance.

thank you in In Academic And Governmental Circumstances

In Academic And Governmental Circumstances

If you find yourself in a university lecture hall or at a governmental function, you’ll notice that Estonians value formality and tradition. Here, expressions of thanks may be slightly more elaborate. For instance, thanking a professor after a lecture might involve saying, “Aitäh, et jagasite oma teadmisi!” (Thank you for sharing your knowledge!). In governmental circles, a polite “Tänan teie panuse eest” (Thank you for your contribution) might be the perfect way to acknowledge someone’s efforts.

Note: The key here is to match the level of formality with the setting. Pay attention to titles, maintain a respectful demeanor, and remember that saying “thank you” in Estonian is more than a courteous practice.

At Formal Family Gatherings

Even in family settings, especially during important occasions like weddings or anniversaries, knowing how to say thank you in Estonian can add a touch of elegance to the celebration. A heartfelt “Aitäh, et tulite” (Thank you for coming) to the guests, or a special “Tänan sind kõige eest, ema” (Thank you for everything, mother) can turn an ordinary thank you into a poignant moment that resonates with love and respect.

Saying Thank You In Informal Settings

Saying Thank You In Informal Settings

When you’re chilling with your buddies in Estonia, whether at a local pub, a picnic by the beach, or just hanging out at a friend’s place, the way you say thank you can be as laid-back and warm as the setting itself.

“Aitäh” is still the go-to, but with friends, it can be said with a relaxed tone and often accompanied by a friendly pat on the back or a big smile. Imagine sharing a good laugh and saying, “Aitäh, see oli lõbus!” (Thanks, that was fun!) – it’s more than a thank you; it’s a moment shared.

Don’t be surprised if your friends respond with a simple “Pole tänu väärt!” (You’re welcome, literally “not worth thanking”). It’s the Estonian way of keeping things cool and connected.

Speak Estonian With Ling

So, fellow traveler and language enthusiast, the adventure doesn’t have to end here. Intrigued by the sound of “Aitäh” and the charming intricacies of the Estonian language? Want to dive deeper and explore more than just saying thank you in Estonian? You’re in luck!

I stumbled upon the Ling app during my trip, and let me tell you, it’s like having an Estonian friend in your pocket, ready to teach you the language. It’s fun, interactive, and caters to all levels, from wide-eyed beginners to seasoned linguists.

Whether planning a trip to Estonia or just wanting to impress your friends with a few foreign phrases, the Ling app is your go-to guide. Trust me – you’ll chat, laugh, and say more than just “Aitäh” in no time.

The world is a big, beautiful place, and our languages are the bridges that connect us. So why not add a new bridge to your collection? Embrace the challenge, savor the learning, and enjoy the journey.

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