#1 Amazing Guide To Hygiene In Estonian

hygiene in Estonian

Embarking on an Estonian adventure? But do remember that you need to stay safe and healthy to enjoy your trip. Learning hygiene in Estonian isn’t just about avoiding “uh-oh” moments – it’s your secret potion for a healthy and happy journey. By diving into the world of Estonian hygiene, you’re not only guarding your well-being but also becoming a hygiene hero for fellow travelers.

Imagine impressing locals with your knowledge of food prep and self-care rituals. It’s like a cultural high-five that keeps germs at bay! So, whether you’re chatting with locals about the best eats or decoding the mysteries of soap, your Estonian hygiene skills will shine. You’ll have the power to gather info, make friends, and share giggles – all while dodging those pesky health hiccups.

So get ready to explore Estonian hygiene vocabulary in a fun way! Read below and remember to jot down notes on a full page!

Basic Words For Hygiene In Estonian

Let’s look at some Estonian hygiene-related vocabulary based on different categories.

Toilet paper

Toilet Hygiene

When embarking on an Estonian adventure, make sure to not flush your chances for a great trip! Knowing your “WC” from your “veetuba” (water room) is more than just a language game. It’s your passport to politeness and potty prowess. Whether you’re in a pickle and need to ask for the nearest “WC” or deciphering funky faucets, mastering toilet hygiene talk in Estonian is your secret weapon for a hiccup-free journey. Your bottom will thank you, and your cultural coolness will be off the charts!

Toilet paperTualettpaber[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Tualettpaber[/Speechword]
Wet wipesNiisked salvrätikud[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Niisked salvrätikud[/Speechword]
Hand soapKäteseep[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käteseep[/Speechword]
Hand sanitizerKäte desinfitseerimisvahend[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käte desinfitseerimisvahend[/Speechword]
Toilet brushTualetiharja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Tualetiharja[/Speechword]
Disinfectant sprayDesinfitseerimissprei[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Desinfitseerimissprei[/Speechword]
Air freshenerÕhuvärskendaja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Õhuvärskendaja[/Speechword]
Trash binPrügikast[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Prügikast[/Speechword]
Disposable glovesÜhekordsed kindad[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Ühekordsed kindad[/Speechword]
Paper towelPaberrätik[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Paberrätik[/Speechword]

Shower hygiene

Knowing your “dušš” from your “veeprits” (water spray) isn’t just about staying squeaky clean – it’s a gateway to a culturally immersive adventure. Imagine confidently asking for extra towels or soap in the local tongue – that’s the kind of traveler’s finesse that earns you a standing ovation from both locals and fellow travelers.

SoapSeep[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Seep[/Speechword]
ShampooŠampoon[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Šampoon[/Speechword]
ConditionerPalsam[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Palsam[/Speechword]
Body washKehapesu[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Kehapesu[/Speechword]
LoofahKäsnu[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käsnu[/Speechword]
RazorHabemenuga[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Habemenuga[/Speechword]
Shower gelDušigeel[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Dušigeel[/Speechword]
TowelRätik[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Rätik[/Speechword]
Shower capDušikork[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Dušikork[/Speechword]
ToothbrushHambahari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambahari[/Speechword]
ToothpasteHambapasta[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambapasta[/Speechword]
Face cleanserNäopuhastusaine[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Näopuhastusaine[/Speechword]
Bath spongeVannisvamm[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Vannisvamm[/Speechword]
Bath saltsVannisoolad[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Vannisoolad[/Speechword]
HairbrushJuuksehari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Juuksehari[/Speechword]
HairdryerFöön[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Föön[/Speechword]
Cotton swabsPuuvillapulgad[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Puuvillapulgad[/Speechword]
BathrobeHommikumantel[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hommikumantel[/Speechword]
Exfoliating scrubKooriv näokreem[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Kooriv näokreem[/Speechword]
Bathroom with toilet and shower

Nail hygiene

Time to nail those nail hygiene terms! It’s not just about fabulous fingers – it’s about diving into local vibes while keeping things tip-top. From snagging a spot at a snazzy nail joint to decoding spa services, arming yourself with these phrases ensures you’re prepped for pampering and totally in tune with the culture. So, whether it’s a file or fancy shape you’re after, acing nail lingo shows you’re all about the details and embracing the journey with style.

Nail brushKüüneharja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüneharja[/Speechword]
Nail fileKüüneviil[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüneviil[/Speechword]
Nail clippersKüüntekäärid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüntekäärid[/Speechword]
Cuticle pusherKüünevalli nühkija[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünevalli nühkija[/Speechword]
Cuticle oilKüünevalli õli[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünevalli õli[/Speechword]
Nail bufferKüüne poleerija[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüne poleerija[/Speechword]
Nail polish removerKüünelaki eemaldaja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünelaki eemaldaja[/Speechword]
Nail scissorsKüünesirgendaja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünesirgendaja[/Speechword]
Manicure scissorsManiküüri käärid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Maniküüri käärid[/Speechword]
Nail polishKüünelakk[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünelakk[/Speechword]
Base coatAluslakk[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Aluslakk[/Speechword]
Top coatPealislakk[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Pealislakk[/Speechword]
Nail strengthening treatmentKüünetugevdav ravi[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünetugevdav ravi[/Speechword]
Nail cleanerKüüne puhastaja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüne puhastaja[/Speechword]
Nail file blockKüüneviili blokk[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küüneviili blokk[/Speechword]

Teeth hygiene

Ready to flash those pearly whites in Estonia? Don’t miss out on mastering teeth hygiene vocabulary! It’s more than just having a dazzling smile – it’s about blending in seamlessly and showing respect for local customs. Whether you’re on demand for toothpaste or understanding dental care services, having these terms in your linguistic toolkit ensures you’re all set to maintain your oral health while embracing the local language and culture. So, whether you need a toothbrush or are discussing oral hygiene practices, nailing teeth hygiene language demonstrates your commitment to detail and your eagerness to engage authentically during your travels.

ToothbrushHambahari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambahari[/Speechword]
ToothpasteHambapasta[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambapasta[/Speechword]
Dental FlossHambaniit[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambaniit[/Speechword]
MouthwashSuuloputusvesi[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Suuloputusvesi[/Speechword]
Tongue ScraperKeelenõel[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Keelenõel[/Speechword]
Dental PicksHambatikud[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambatikud[/Speechword]
Interdental BrushesVaheruumipuhastushari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Vaheruumipuhastushari[/Speechword]
Toothbrush HolderHambaharja hoidik[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambaharja hoidik[/Speechword]
Travel Toothbrush CaseReisihambaharja karp[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Reisihambaharja karp[/Speechword]
Dental MirrorHammaste peegel[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hammaste peegel[/Speechword]
Electric ToothbrushElektriline hambahari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Elektriline hambahari[/Speechword]
Water FlosserVeepuhasti[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Veepuhasti[/Speechword]
Dental Chewing GumHambakumm[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hambakumm[/Speechword]
Teeth Whitening KitHammaste valgendamise komplekt[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hammaste valgendamise komplekt[/Speechword]
Orthodontic WaxOrtodontiline vaha[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Ortodontiline vaha[/Speechword]
Young woman brushing her teeth at mirror.

Hands hygiene

Get those hands in on the action by mastering hands hygiene vocab! Whether you’re chasing sanitizer or cracking hygiene codes, having these words handy means you’re set to sparkle while giving props to the local talk. So, whether it’s soap or super-sanitizing moves you’re hunting down, rocking hands hygiene lingo proves you’re all about the details and diving headfirst into the adventure. Your hands are in for a treat, and your Estonian journey? Total triumph!

Hand SoapKäteseep[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käteseep[/Speechword]
Hand SanitizerKäte desinfitseerimisvahend[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käte desinfitseerimisvahend[/Speechword]
Hand TowelKäterätik[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käterätik[/Speechword]
Hand CreamKätekreem[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Kätekreem[/Speechword]
Nail BrushKüünehari[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünehari[/Speechword]
Nail ClippersKüünekäärid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Küünekäärid[/Speechword]
Moisturizing LotionNiisutav losjoon[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Niisutav losjoon[/Speechword]
Hand Sanitizing WipesKäte desinfitseerimislapid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käte desinfitseerimislapid[/Speechword]
Antiseptic Wound SprayAntiseptiline haavasprei[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Antiseptiline haavasprei[/Speechword]
Hand Exfoliating GlovesKäte koorivad kindad[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Käte koorivad kindad[/Speechword]

Intimate Hygiene

Ladies, it’s time to amp up your Estonian escapade with some fabulous finesse – by mastering feminine hygiene lingo! It’s not just about feeling fantastic – it’s your passport to fitting right in and embracing the local flair in this country. From tracking down your must-haves to navigating wellness spots, having these phrases in your toolkit means you’re all set to stay fresh while giving a nod to the local lingo. Your Estonian adventure? It’s a mix of comfort, cultural magic, and personal empowerment, all thanks to your savvy language skills!

Feminine WashIntiimne pesuaine[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Intiimne pesuaine[/Speechword]
pH-Balanced CleanserpH-tasakaalustatud puhastusaine[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]pH-tasakaalustatud puhastusaine[/Speechword]
Intimate WipesIntiimseks puhastamiseks mõeldud salvrätikud[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Intiimseks puhastamiseks mõeldud salvrätikud[/Speechword]
Menstrual CupMenstruaalanum[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Menstruaalanum[/Speechword]
TamponsTamponid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Tamponid[/Speechword]
Sanitary PadsHügieenisidemed[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Hügieenisidemed[/Speechword]
Panty LinersStringid[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Stringid[/Speechword]
Intimate DeodorantIntiimdeodorant[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Intiimdeodorant[/Speechword]
Bidet or Handheld Cleansing DeviceBidee või käeshoitav puhastusseade[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Bidee[/Speechword]
Feminine MoisturizerIntiimne niisutaja[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Intiimne niisutaja[/Speechword]
pH-Balanced WipespH-tasakaalustatud salvrätikud[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]pH-tasakaalustatud salvrätikud[/Speechword]
Vaginal SuppositoriesVaginaalsed ravimküünlad[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Vaginaalsed ravimküünlad[/Speechword]
pH-Testing KitpH-testimise komplekt[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]pH-testimise komplekt[/Speechword]
Intimate Shaving CreamIntiimne habemeajamiskreem[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Intiimne habemeajamiskreem[/Speechword]
Organic Cotton UnderwearOrgaanilisest puuvillast aluspesu[Speechword voice=”Estonian Male” isinline]Orgaanilisest puuvillast aluspesu[/Speechword]

Learn Estonian With Ling

You’ve got your personal care vocab and products down pat – from morning routines to pearly whites, you’re ready to rock! But wait, there’s more fun ahead. If you still have questions and are eager to dive even deeper into the language pool, add Ling to your must-have cart!

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