Best Ways To Get Fluent In Thai – 10 Weeks Plan

Fluent In Thai

Are you looking for ways to get fluent in Thai? The Thai language is a language with tone rules following five tones. Start speaking the language with a native speaker who can help you better understand the Thai language and the Thai culture.

When people inquire about your level of fluency in Thai, you must feel a tinge of guilt. After years of living in Thailand, it isn’t delightful to acknowledge that you are still not fluent in Thai. There were times when you had to put in the effort to learn a new language. But today, there are many online resources, like the language learning platform Ling Live. Here you can easily learn written Thai, the Thai alphabet, and basic words and phrases, and get fluent in Thai.

The Thai script or grammar is elementary, or there is not much content about grammar because verbs have no conjugation. It is so because it is not suitable for people with singular or plural numbers, and it is also not suitable for different tenses. So, to get fluent in Thai, you mostly need to practice speaking skills instead of memorizing grammar rules.

Why Need To Speak Thai Like A Native?

People who live in Thailand but do not speak Thai fluently may miss out on many things. Living in Thailand, you must understand how your Thai neighbors look at the world. Moreover, you should know the history of the country’s mother tongue you have been living in for years. 

You must communicate clearly with Thai people if you want to feel like you belong in the community. Furthermore, non-native speakers have a far more profound relationship with the locals because of their fluency in the Thai language. Thus, it motivates the person with fluent English to also get fluent in Thai. 

Best ways to become fluent in Thai

Best Ways To Get Fluent In Thai

You have reached the point where you must know what ways are required to get fluent in Thai. People who speak English are aware of the consequences that occur while mastering a new language. Therefore, follow the given steps to keep your tone fluent in Thai. 

Understand The Need Of Fluency 

Fluency is a somewhat subjective concept. So, when I say “fluent,” what precisely do I mean? To help you understand what I mean, give a view to the following points that help you understand the need for fluency in Thai. If you know enough Thai, you can speak like native Thai people. 

On the phone, you can have a long chat with a stranger without them noticing you are a foreigner. You can read a book in Thai just as quickly as you do in English. Therefore, native people cannot judge your capability to study Thai. By knowing Thai fluently, you can get into a great discussion on any topic with native Thai speakers. 

Focus On The Advances In Thai Grammar

No matter how much vocabulary you know, all is in vain if you do not know grammar rules. You can start using Thai words as soon as you are comfortable with them. Of course, you’ll probably make many mistakes using new words, but that’s part of the learning process. 

Using common words to converse with someone who speaks the Thai language will demonstrate how the language works in ordinary conversation. As you become more familiar with the language, you can talk about many topics of daily life. 

No doubt a great idea is to discuss politics with the natives. As mentioned earlier, practicing Thai using grammar in sentences will help you a lot in getting fluent. Moreover, it will also help you talk with the taxi drivers like a Thai person. Essentially, by following this technique, you can avoid being slowed down by less intriguing grammar rules.

Learning Thai Will Be Easy If You Practice With Native Speakers

Get your grip on the Thai language by practicing with native speakers. Native people are well aware of the basics of the language to help you speak Thai fluently. Moreover, a native English speaker can learn the language with the lyrics of Thai songs. 

Therefore, there happen times when you cannot stop worrying that you are slowly learning Thai. Thus, it is important to start speaking Thai in daily conversational Thai talks. Practice writing a few phrases in the Thai language daily to get fluent. 

Thus, it is excellent to get fluent in a foreign language while learning with native people. Speak Thai by practicing and moving from the intermediate level to the advanced level.   

Learning Vocabulary And Phrases – Watch Educational Videos To Get Fluent In Thai

It is one of the best ways to get fluent in the Thai language. Watching the Thai movies and videos of native Thai instructors on youtube channels can help you learn the language anywhere in the world. You have learned a lot and are halfway away from speaking Thai fluently. 

Furthermore, many foreigners learn the Thai alphabet and master the Thai script by watching Youtube videos of native speakers. So, to master the spoken Thai language, learn Thai online either by taking lessons or watching the Thai YouTube channel.

10 weeks plan to become fluent in Thai

10 Weeks Plan To Speak The Thai Language Fluently

To learn a second language is a promise that consists of planning and execution that is effective. Here is a week-by-week plan by Ling Live to fast-track your learning of the Thai language. So, follow the plan and guidelines to get fluent in Thai in just ten weeks.

Week 1

First of all, start your learning process with the basics, like learning basic vocabulary about common words, greetings, travel, or restaurants. For instance, these three video posts will help you learn some basic but essential words and everyday phrases:

Spend your first week practicing these basics with native Thai people if you can. If you are not in Thailand, practice Thai with native speakers available to help you on Ling Live.

Week 2

Download Ling Live and sign up for a FREE trial and start working on your pronunciation and go beyond basics (hi, hello, how are you, I am fine).

Spend this week finding your way around the gateway and practicing Thai using audio, videos, and PDF Thai lessons for beginners to advanced.

Week 3

In the 3rd week, start utilizing YouTube Channels for learning variations of Thai lessons. To get fluent in Thai, one of the best and free online resources with native teachers is:

  • Thai Lessons with Ling app
Youtube lessons fluent in Thai

Week 4

Now you have been practicing the Thai language with the help of YouTube lessons. Now, it is the time when you should start introducing yourself to the five tones or tone rules of Thai.

Thai is a tonal language. So, the use of Thai words can change the meaning of the word depending on the tone. There are five tones in Thailow, mid, falling, rising, and high.

Week 5

Now most foreigners have a basic understanding of Thai tones in the fifth week. Here, they should start learning the Thai alphabet to get fluent in Thai.

Check out this easy Guide about the Thai alphabet system / or learn from Youtube

This week, the learner’s time will be split between writing and speaking. But remember that the goal is to be fluent in Thai in 10 weeks. So, the written language is just a sideline to understanding better tones, tone marks, and consonant/vowel formation at this point.

Spend the 5th week memorizing the 32 vowels and 44 consonants. Also, don’t forget to learn the tone marks and practice the five tones in that book to get fluent in Thai.

Week 6

Now is the time to add lots of new words to your Thai vocabulary using our 50 most common Thai words Video. You may identify some of the words from your Thai learning so far, and it is an excellent sign if you do!

While these are just 50 single words, the idea behind this video is that these general words will help you out a lot. You can start putting these words together to make your own basic sentences. 

Week 7

This part is fun: Listen to Thai songs with English subtitles (if you speak English) to advance your speaking skills. Besides, it will be the best practice to get fluent in Thai if you try to sing along.

This technique is also superb because you will become more familiar with Thai artists. It advances your familiarity with the popular Thai culture.

Week 8

This week you should expose yourself to Thai radio, Thai music, and Thai soap operas. Try to follow the lyrics and conversations, pick out the words you know, and note down those you don’t.

If you don’t have access to Thai TV, then do it on YouTube. There are plenty of Thai songs, and all the Thai series are available there. Soap operas (Thai Lakorn) are indeed easy to follow to get fluent in Thai. The Thai actors speak central Thai very clearly – which is what the Thai non-native speakers want to learn.

Week 9

Whether you already live, move, or visit Thailand, try to go to local Thai markets, Thai music bars, and native Thai restaurants. In other words, if you keep it as Thai as possible, you will be forced to speak their language.

To get fluent in Thai, practice speaking Thai with as many native speakers as you can.

Don’t be scared to speak your second language with the natives if you are a language learner! Thai people will be glad to teach you new words and correct your pronunciation. Also, they would be happy to know that the foreigner is putting effort into learning their language.

When they see you take notes and jot down Thai letters as signs, you will also be surprised by how many new friends you have made. In addition, your Thai friends can teach you some slang words that language schools may not teach you.

Week 10

Yep, the 10-week plan for learning Thai is up already! Now is the time to test your skills. Here are some tasks that will definitely help you practice and test your language skills in real life.

Complete These 5 Tasks By Speaking In Thai!

  1. Ask a policeman or any stranger for directions.
  2. Take a taxi and speak Thai with the driver. Continue the conversation throughout the journey (regardless of whether the driver is interested in speaking or not)!
  3. Shop at the supermarket and ask questions about price, taste, and origin-or any questions you can think of.
  4. Tell your Thai friends that they are looking great today.
  5. Order Thai food from the restaurant. Ask them what they recommend first, and then ask if there is a special offer today. Then choose a dish, and not make it too salty, sweet, or whatever you like

Learn A New Language With The Ling App

Learn Thai fluently with the help of Ling Live. The app provides the best professional instructors. Ling Live is an online learning platform that allows users to escape the confines of traditional classrooms. It can be tough to find a good teacher, but you can connect with hundreds of qualified Thai tutors with Ling Live

You can enroll in a structured course with a native Thai speaker as your instructor. On the other hand, you can also use the main Ling app. It also helps to write Thai sentence structure like a native person. Because it is here to teach you at your own pace, it is ideal for experts and casual learners alike. Don’t be afraid to learn Thai and put the Ling app to good use. Improve your target language and read more articles on how you can learn Thai effectively, “Find Thai Tutor Online” and “Best Tips To Speak Thai Fluently.

By the end of this post, at the least, we hope this week-by-week language learning plan gave you some valuable and practical learning ideas. These learning ideas to get fluent in Thai will broaden your horizons and make learning a little bit more exciting and fun.

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