How To Find The Best Thai Tutor This 2022

Investing in the best Thai tutor with impressive experiences under their belt will greatly help in ensuring that you master the complex features of the Thai language. While it is true that you can pick up and use different language learning apps available today, these platforms are not effective on their own, and you will still need to employ additional methods to reach your desired level of proficiency. This post will walk you through how and where you can find great tutors to support you in the Thai language today!

With all the developments in the industry today, there is truly no shortage to the number of approaches in terms of teaching yourself a skill. There are free online resources, courses, and a lot of gurus willing and excited to help you out no matter what skill you want to master. However, not all the advertisements you see online are worth your time since there are lots of ‘snake oil salesmen preying on newbies. And the same is true when it comes to hiring a tutor online.

In as much as we do not want to admit it, there are literally thousands of self-proclaimed language tutors out there. Still, only a few actually have experienced the right credentials, training certificates, and professional documents to support their claim. What’s even worse is that they sometimes even charge a ridiculous rate or teach incorrect translations! If you do not want to fall for this, continue reading below.


Why Learn Thai With A Tutor

A language tutor is deemed an important buddy who can take you under their wing and provide you a structured plan on achieving your learning goal. What makes them a good investment is that they are professionals who can tailor-fit language classes based on your needs and even provide differentiated learning activities based on your style. With this being said, they use your specific learning style as a springboard in order for you to have fun and be motivated in learning.

Depending on your progress as a student, professional Thai tutors can add more activities and adapt to your pacing to keep your affective filter low at all times. Since Thai may be a challenging language for many, good online tutors will go out of their way to check on you and provide additional learning materials or assignments to ensure continuity in the learning process.

If your first language is English, then the Thai language can be a bit overwhelming. Instead of practicing on your own, booking yourself a seasoned Thai tutor will help you get feedback and support so that you may develop confidence in speaking the language. If you are able to get real Thai native speakers as instructors, you can seek their help, especially if you want to learn slang or business words (formal) for conversations.

And the most important reason of them all: Professional Thai tutors are not just experts in the language but can also be great when it comes to encouraging learners. As we all know, learning a foreign language can sometimes feel like a drag… if you are starting to feel demotivated, you can simply discuss your concerns with the tutor, and they will help you out.


How To Find A Professional Online Tutor

If you are now ready to make the Thai language less intimidating, now is the best time to consider hiring a professional online tutor. You see, there are tons of comments online that might tell you that the best way to learn is by connecting with any native speaker. However, the language professionals in our team beg to disagree. Why? Just because a native speaker speaks Thai does not necessarily mean that they are skilled in language teaching!

If you are truly passionate about achieving a high level of proficiency in Thai, you need to work only with the best. To help you understand what constitutes the word “best,” be sure to ask the following questions.

  1. Does the tutor have previous online/face-to-face teaching experiences?
  2. What certifications or licenses does the tutor have?
  3. What professional training has the tutor completed related to language teaching?
  4. How much does the tutor charge per hour/session?
  5. What languages can the tutor speak?

Now that we have an idea of the basic qualifications of a professional online tutor, perhaps you are wondering… where exactly can I find these tutors? Well, worry no more because we’ve got precisely what you need! Read on below to find out!


Where To Find The Best Thai Tutor

Where To Find The Best Thai Tutor

A great teacher is truly hard to find, but with the help of Ling Live, you can get connected to thousands of professional Thai tutors who are determined to give you a leg up! Ling Live is a platform that allows users to break free from traditional classroom walls and prepares them for a unique way of learning. By downloading the app, you can sign up for a structured course with a tutor who is also a native speaker of the Thai language.

It is ideal for professionals and casual learners since it is meant to be completed at your own pace so that you won’t feel pressured while learning the Thai language. In addition, it features a personalized type of virtual environment where you will have an exclusive, one-on-one session with your preferred tutor. Such a feature will motivate you to practice without the worry of committing mistakes freely.

The Ling Live is sponsored by CMU STeP Thailand and is DBD registered, so you can rest assured knowing that it is a legitimate language learning provider. However, if you are still on the fence about why you should try this out, allow us to give you three more reasons that will motivate you:

  1. Ling Live has an active pool of highly-vetted language teachers who are trained and experienced in teaching the language.
  2. Ling Live’s platform offers unmatched flexibility where you can simply take your language learning on the go no matter what device you have.
  3. Ling Live promotes the use of powerful resources like the Ling App to ensure that you will continue learning even after the session.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Ling Live today and start progressing in the Thai Language!

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