Yes In German: 49 Amazing Terms To Learn

Yes In German

Saying no and yes in German are probably the first few words anyone who wants to learn a new language will master. You can get by in any foreign language by knowing these powerful words. If you’re looking for an easy answer, then the word you are looking for is “ja,” the word “yes” in German.

But sometimes, just the word yes in German is not enough to say what you need, or maybe it is too bland for you. So let’s discover other words and phrases that you can use to say yes in the German language.

Brief Intro About The German Language

Before we dive into it, let me quickly give you some points you need to know about the German language, especially for those who are not familiar with it.

  • German and English share more than 50% of their vocabulary. That is a piece of reassuring information for new learners. However, the words are not necessarily the same. They might have slightly different ways to spell and, of course, different sounds and pronunciations.
  • There are three genders in German. Many languages have feminine and masculine nouns, but there is a third gender called neuter in German. This is the same as the Romanian language and others.
  • There is an extra letter in German. You might find a peculiar letter in a German word, “ß”. The name of this letter is “eszett” or a “scharfes S” which means a sharp S. This letter is the only letter impossible to appear at the beginning of a German word.

How To Spell Yes In German? 

Just as I have mentioned above, you already know the German counterpart of the English word “yes”, which is spelled and written “ja.” 

Other Amazing Ways To Say Yes In German

Other Amazing Ways To Say Yes In German

However, saying “ja” may not be enough to make you sound like a native or even a fluent speaker. There are many reasons to say yes, even as a tourist; there are even more perks if you speak like a native.

So here are multiple ways to say yes in German.

1. Sounds Good!

“Sounds good” in German is “Das klingt gut”.

  • Pronounce: dus-kling-goot
  • The word “das” is actually “that” in English.

2. I Agree (With You)!

To translate this phrase in German, you can go with “ich stimme ihnen zu”

  • Pronounce: eech-stuh-may-ee-nun-zoo
  • The phrase above is actually more suitable for a formal setting, or if you want to address people with a higher status.
  • You can go for “ich stimme dir zu” if you want to casually address a friend.
  • You can also just say “stimmt” if you are unsure of using formal or informal language; it means “I agree”.

3. Definitely

“Auf jeden Fall” can be translated into “in any case” or “at any rate”

  • Pronounce: uh-woof yae-dun fuh-l
  • You can just say “auf jeden” if the other person is a friend.

4. That Is True

If you are stuck and lost in a conversation, you can just agree by saying “das ist wahr”.

  • It literally means “that is true.
  • Pronounce: dus-eest-var

5. The German Word Doch

The word “ch” in German words is pronounced by using the back of your throat. It is not a familiar sound for English speakers; the easiest way to describe is the feeling when you need to spit out phlegm from the back of your throat.

Doch is one of the most common german words used in learning German. The direct equivalent for the word in English should be “however” or “yet”. For example,

He is smart yet arrogant.

Er ist klug und doch arrogant.

However, you can also use doch if you want to answer a negative question or a negative statement. For example:

“You do not like fish?” “Yes, I do!”

“Du magst keinen Fisch?” “Doch, ich will!”

If you use “ja” instead, it would be wrong and unnatural. So do not forget to use the correct word!

More Useful Words For Saying Yes In German

More Useful Words For Saying Yes In German!

Maybe you’ve been practicing Ja the whole day. But as a language enthusiast, it’s inevitable to be curious about other words or phrases related to saying yes in German. Just like any other language, you’ll have to know the context and to whom you are speaking to.

Here are more words and different ways to say yes in German language.

Yes / yes, sirJawohl
Anyway / YesDoch
No problemKein problem
I Agree with youIch stimme Ihnen zu
That is trueDas ist wahr
Das klingt gutThat sounds good
Of courseKlar
For sureBestimmt
DefinitelyAuf jeden fall
Without a doubtOhne Zweifel
Yes (casual)Jepp
You are rightDu hast Recht
You are rightSie haben Recht.
Surely / of courseNa klar

Simple Phrases For Yes In German

Yes, he isJa, er ist.
Yes, she isJa, ist sie.
Yes, of course.Ja, natürlich.
Yes, of course.Ja, sicher
Oh yes.Oh ja.
Why not?Warum nicht?
Yes Please.Ja, bitte
Yes, it’s agreedJa, ist gebongt
Yes, they wereJa. Sie waren.
yes, pleasedanke gern
yes, it isja, es ist
Well, yes.Na ja.
and yesund ja
Yes, I’d love toJa, gerne.
I couldn’t agree more with you (formal)Ich bin ganz Ihrer Meinung.
I couldn’t agree more with youIch bin ganz deiner Meinung

Yes, But Not Really?

All these examples are perfect for agreeing and confirming, but what if you are hesitant? You can try these terms instead:

Yes (reluctant)Also gut
Yes, maybe.Ja, vielleicht
Yes, we’ll seeJa, mal sehen
Yes, kind ofJa, schon
Could bekönnte sein

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