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Welcome to Slovenia! This is a beautiful country in the Balkans which comprises splendid scenery like azure waters and towering mountains. Cherry on the top? Its stunning folk architecture! If you were on the fence about visiting Slovenia before you read that sentence and are thankful that I convinced you to visit it, then prosim!

While prosim is a sufficient way to say you are welcome in Slovenian, it’s awesome to know the other different ways to say this phrase in Slovenian. It speaks volumes to the locals, showing them how interested you are in their culture to go beyond the typical Slovene words and expand into the more “localized” way to speak. Though a popular language spoken in Slovenia is English, Slovenian is great to know if you’re going to be in this country. Native Slovenes will be impressed with your language skills!

In this post, I will tell you the ways that you can say you’re welcome in Slovenian – a phrase that you will surely use if you plan on learning Slovenian. With this knowledge, you’ll handle any situation with mindful manners. Read on if you want to know more ways to utilize this helpful phrase in your everyday Slovenian conversations!

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Informal Way Of Saying You Are Welcome In Slovenian: Prosim

It’s quite interesting when languages have words that hold double meanings. In Slovenian, these words exist too! Prosim (proh seem) is one easy way to say you’re welcome and please. The translations change, so context makes all the difference when using these double-meaning words. Sounds a little confusing? Let’s see this word in action in a conversation in Slovenian.

For example, if you misheard or didn’t quite understand what someone just told you, you can say “Ponovite prosim?” which means, “Can you repeat that, please?” After the other person repeats what they said, you can say thank you with a “Hvala” (hvah lah) and you might hear the other person say the word you just said: “Prosim!”

It would be a wise idea to remember this Slovenian word because it means two things so you get an easy two-for-one! How handy is that?

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Formal Way Of Saying You Are Welcome In Slovenian: Ni Za Kaj

Languages are a little more than just knowing vocabulary terminology and phrases. They have interesting tidbits of contextual scenarios which make a lot of difference to your choice of words. Knowing when to say what word or phrase takes your linguistic expertise to the next level. What do I mean by that? Well, sometimes languages have words that may mean the same thing, but you should use them in different ways depending on who you’re speaking to or what setting you find yourself in: formal and informal.

In Slovenian, ni za kaj (nee zah kahn) is the formal way in which you will hear local Slovenes say you’re welcome. This is a good way to know how to say you’re welcome when speaking in serious settings, with people you aren’t familiar with, or with elders to establish respect.

For example, let’s say you’re in a café and ask the waiter “When is the closing time?” which in Slovenian is said as, “Kdaj zapiralni čas?” (Keedah zah-peer-all-nee-chas) Since in this situation you are having a meal and speaking to a person you don’t personally know, it would be appropriate to say Ni za kaj after the waiter replies with the answer to maintain a respectful courtesy with them.

Speaking Slovenian can be a little tricky, but don’t get discouraged! With plenty of practice and repetition, you can learn to speak Slovenian like a native, too.

More Manner Words In The Slovenian Language

It’s wonderful to know manner words besides “you’re welcome” that convey a respectful nature. Manners are important no matter where you are in the world! Look at the table below to add the following manner-focused words to your Slovenian phrasebook.

Have a nice day!Lepo se imej!Leh-poh seh ee-mejh
How are you?Kako si/ste?Kah-koh see/steh?
Good day!Lep dan!Lehp dahn
Nice to meet you.Me veseli.Meh veh-sehlee
Cheers/Bless you!Na zdravje!Nah zee-drahv-yeh
The bill, please.Racûn, prosim.Rah-choon, proh-seem
No, thanksNe, hvalaNeh ha-vahla
Yes, pleaseJa, prosim.Yah, proh-seem
Unfortunately notŽal neZhahl neh

Protip: Whenever traveling to a new country whose culture is absolutely different than those, please make an effort to learn the basic words and phrases. Using a sentence here and there of the native language in between your English is a sure way to endear yourself to the locals.

Learn Slovenian With Ling

Whether it’s prosim or ni za kaj, if you’ve made it to the end of this post, then you’re well-equipped with Slovenian translations to say you are welcome! 

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