5 Best Tips For Traveling In Slovenia Like A Pro

5 Best Tips For Traveling In Slovenia Like A Pro

When it comes to traveling in Slovenia, this tiny country is one of Europe’s most criminally underrated destinations compared to its better-known neighbors. But take it from me – Slovenia needs to be on your list! I mean, can you really resist the Disney-like castles, charming town, and the Insta-worthy Lake bled? I know I can’t!

So, if you’re planning to pass by this small country, this blog post detailing my top five expert tips is for you! I’ll be dishing out everything you need to know to truly immerse yourself without breaking the bank. I’ll also share with you some useful Slovenian words to speak with the locals right away. Let’s begin!


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Why Visiting Slovenia Is A Must?

Wedged between Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary, Slovenia often gets passed over as tourists zip through on their way to those famous neighbors. It has even joked about being Europe’s “flyover country.” But let me tell you, rushing through would be a huge mistake!

Slovenia truly offers the best of all worlds when it comes to vacations. No matter what you’re looking for in a trip, odds are this tiny country can deliver in a big way. Want charming villages with terracotta rooftops, rustic wineries, and cozy cafés? Slovenia has got your number.

Dreaming of towering mountains, crystalline turquoise rivers, and show-stopping castles nestled in epic landscapes? Slovenia checks every box. How does a Mediterranean coastline with fresh seafood, local olive oils, and a relaxed vibe sound? Slovenia brings that too! Plus, you’ll find adrenaline-pumping adventure, a fascinating culture, and gracious, friendly locals at every turn.

Here are a few more reasons you absolutely must put Slovenia on your bucket list:

  • Pristine nature and stunning scenery from the Alps to the Adriatic
  • World-class hiking, biking, rafting and skiing experience
  • Top-notch wine regions and foodie delights
  • A fascinating blend of cultures and architecture
  • Easy to navigate and budget-friendly
  • The perfect crowd-free alternative to over-touristed spots
Maribor - Traveling In Slovenia

5 Tips For Traveling In Slovenia

Invest In A Slovenian Tourism Card

When visiting a new destination, I’m always a bit skeptical about signing up for those sightseeing passes or tourist cards. Will they really save me money or just cause me to blow my budget faster by cramming in every activity? Well, I’m here to say Slovenia is one place where a tourist card is an absolute must-buy money saver!

These cards offered all over Slovenia in hot spots like Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Maribor, genuinely provide major discounts at the main attractions you’ve come to see. We’re talking 20-50% off top museums, tours, transportation, and more. Even a jaded travel cynic like me was shocked at the perks provided. The cards essentially serve as curated checklists, guiding you efficiently through each area’s highlights without ransacking your wallet.

Consider Ljubljana – the uber-affordable capital still offers a 48-hour tourist card with free airport transfers, walking tours, and entries to the castle, top museums, and more for only €39. With normal admission prices, you’d spend that after only a few stops! The returns just keep coming!

Consider Driving A Rental Car

Public transportation can be spotty once you venture beyond Slovenia’s compact capital of Ljubljana. And who wants to be stuck on a crowded tour bus schedule or get lost while trying to read directions anyway? For maximum freedom and flexibility, seeing all this country has to offer, I strongly recommend renting some wheels.

Lucky for us, rental cars in Slovenia are a steal – we’re talking around €25-30 per day for even a multi-day rental of a quality vehicle. Just be sure to secure an International Driving Permit before arrival, as you’ll need one. Navigation is pretty intuitive, with well-maintained highways crisscrossing most regions. Solo drivers will appreciate the independence, and pairs or groups can easily split costs.

A seven-day Slovenian highway vignette is only €25, with monthly or annual options even more budget-friendly. And the network reaches every neighboring country, so no worries about accidental crossings derailing your trip! The flexibility alone is priceless compared to shuttles or trains. Just don’t forget the IDP and vignette for smooth seasonal sailing!

Take Note Of Tourist Taxes

Ah, taxes – that unavoidable reality we all love to loathe. But Slovenia applies one in particular with tourist accommodations that you should factor into your budgeting. While the tourist tax isn’t huge, overlooking it may leave you with an unexpectedly higher lodging bill. So here’s the scoop!

When reserving any Slovenian hotel, apartment, B&B, etc, you’ll likely notice a small mandatory tourist tax added onto your nightly rate. Now, don’t let this trifle irk you! The fees collected go directly back into sustaining Slovenia’s tourism infrastructure and promotion across the country. So consider it your small contribution to this country’s incredible natural and cultural offerings that we travelers get to enjoy.

It could also save you heaps of money if you can understand the local language? It wouldn’t hurt to try memorizing a few words before your trip, right? So why not join other Ling app language learners by downloading it on the Play Store or App Store?

The exact tourist tax does vary slightly by municipality and hotel rating but generally rounds out to €1-3 per person per night. For example, in booming destinations like the capital Ljubljana and the resort hub Lake Bled, expect taxes of around €3 given the glut of 3+ star hotels. More rural regions may charge closer to €1.25 for all accommodation types.

Take A Free Walking Tour

Want to explore Slovenia while exercising your legs and other body parts? As a budget-savvy traveler, some of my favorite finds are the free walking tours available these days in almost every popular destination. And Slovenia’s jewel of a capital, Ljubljana, offers an absolutely stellar one covering all the top sites to orient you!

Even if you only have a day or two in the city, the Ljubljana Free Tour sets you up with an unbeatable introduction from a knowledgeable local guide completely gratis! Over about 2-3 hours, you’ll stretch those legs to see Ljubljana’s most famous bridges, a vibrant riverside market, the magnificent castle towering over the town, and more while getting versed in Slovenian culture and history.

Just be absolutely sure to tip your guide afterward, as this is how their free tours stay in business! I like to tip around €5-10 per person for a job well done.

Do Not Bring Traveler’s Cheque

Now, before you round up your traveler’s cheques, assuming they’re a safer bet than carrying cash in Slovenia, let me spare you the trouble. Stick to major credit cards and debit cards in Slovenia’s well-connected hubs like Ljubljana and Bled. But venture beyond the hotspots into sleepy villages, and you’ll want euro bills in your wallet for sure. Numerous Slovenian restaurants, pensions, shops, and attractions operate on a cash-only system still.

Even my fancy no-foreign-fee credit card garnered me some puzzled looks at rural wineries! And hunkering down to endorse those outdated traveler’s cheques is anything but convenient when you just want a warm bowl of goulash. The rare establishment that might accept them will likely charge you extra too.

Save yourself the hassle and just hit up the ATM once in Slovenia for walking around money in smaller towns. Abundant machines dispense euros readily and debit cards unlock the local currency sans fees.

Ljubljana Traveling In Slovenia

Common Questions When Visiting Slovenia

Is Slovenia Good For Tourists?

In one word: absolutely! I know, I know – that was technically more than one word. But I simply had to emphasize how phenomenally well-suited Slovenia is for travelers of all stripes.

Despite its diminutive size, this country packs a major punch when it comes to dazzling scenery, captivating history and culture, adventure galore, fantastic cuisine and wine, and good old-fashioned hospitality.

I guess its compact layout makes getting around a breeze too, while still uncovering diverse highlights at your own pace. Bottom line? Tiny Slovenia outpaces far more famous European destinations when it comes to delivering epic, customizable vacations without massive crowds or prices. I’d even wager one visit, and you’ll be eagerly planning your return!

Is A Trip To Slovenia Expensive?

No! One of the greatest perks of adventuring through Slovenia is the affordability compared to better-known neighboring countries. While part of the European Union, Slovenia still uses the euro, and costs for dining, attractions, lodging, transportation, etc., are pleasingly moderate. For savvy travelers, daily needs can be covered for less than €50 per person if you steer clear of overpriced tourist traps.

Is Slovenia Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Unequivocally, yes! According to numerous research and statistical data, Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. If we look at the 2023 Global Peace Index, this little country ranks 8th overall for personal security and societal safety. As a solo female traveler myself drawn to offbeat adventures, I felt perfectly comfortable and secure journeying across Slovenia.

When Is The Best Month To Visit Slovenia?

If you’re looking for peak sunny skies and balmy weather across Slovenia, along with lively buzz from mountain adventures to festival fun, aim for July to August. Slovenia’s hottest summer month with temps reaching average highs of 27°C is July. August cools slightly but still basks under sunny skies, perfect for boating on Lake Bled, beach lounging on the Adriatic Coast, hiking adventures, and al fresco dining everywhere.

Easy Slovenian Phrases For Travelers

While English is widely spoken in Slovenia’s tourist centers, a little effort to charmingly chatter “auf Slovenisch” will score you bonus points with the locals. At least learn how to smooth over the pleasantries! Here are some key expressions to butter up bartenders and hotel hosts or just spread good vibes around this über friendly country:

Hello – “Živijo” (JEE-vyoh)

The standard Slovenian greeting covers both hello and goodbye casually. Toss it around freely!

Thank You – “Hvala” (HVAA-luh)

This one sometimes springs out so fast that it nearly sounds like a sneeze! But show your gratitude frequently.

Please – “Prosim” (PROH-seem)

Politely preface any request with this handy word, like asking for the check.

Excuse Me – “Oprostite” (op-ROH-stee-teh)

When squeezing past patrons at crowded bars or cavern tours!

Cheers! – “Na zdravje!” (nuh ZDRAU-vyeh)

The classic toast to clink glasses over local wine or frothy pints.

Ready To Visit Slovenia?

I don’t know about you, but writing this Slovenia travel guide has me itching to throw some hiking boots and a swimsuit in my bag and catch the next flight to Ljubljana!

Eager to start planning your own Slovenian getaway? Download the Ling app for even more savvy travel phrases and words to help you communicate with the locals. Give it a try now!

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