59+ Best Slovenian Airport Vocabulary

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Today we will be talking about Slovenian airport vocabulary. First, let’s start with the Slovenian language. What is it?

The Slovene language is an indo-European language spoken in Slovenia and some parts of Australia and Italy. The Slovenian language is the official language In Slovenia, which is highly similar to Bulgarian Serbian Croatian, and Macedonia.

A Visit To Slovenia

When I searched about Slovenia culture and its historical places, there was a lot to visit. So, me and my friends made a plan to visit this beautiful land. We booked our tickets online. After two days, we had a flight. We packed our luggage and got ready.

On the way, one of my friends reminded us about the Slovene language, and wondered how we would communicate and understand Slovenian people. I gave them an idea about using Ling. It is one of my favorite apps. It helps us learn all the details about exact words and phrases in Slovenian.

We reached the airport in one hour and one of the men asked me, Kako pride na letališče means how do I get to the airport? I gave them a reply O man! You are at the airport. Just Kidding! I asked the air hostess, Kako si? And she replied to me, v reduce sem. kaj pa ti. In this way, I feel the power of the Ling App.

Airports In Slovenia

Slovenian airport vocabulary

If you do not wish to feel completely lost in Slovenia then you should first get some basic knowledge of the airports in Slovenia.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport

It is the largest global airline in Slovenia. It was opened in 1963 and flights started in 1964 January. The A2 motorway and bus services connect it with several cities and airports in Austria.

Maribor Edvard Airport

It is a global airport that is situated in the city of Maribor. It has the honor of 2nd largest international airport in the country of Slovenia. It carries out worldwide flights.

This airport is situated near the motorway so it can easily be accessed by road.

Portorož Airport

It carries all the business trips, all the flights for athletics and tourism, and also manages the shipment and passenger transport.

Some services are offered by Portoroz Airport. These include services related to technicality and fuel, services for air taxisf, services of hotel rooms, and car rental services.


Ajdovščina is a local airdrome and a tourist airport in the Vipava Valley, Slovenia.

Lesce-Bled Airport

Lesce-Bled Airport is situated in the city of Lesce. Lesce is on the northwest side of the country of Slovenia. This Airport is supervised by ALC which is a public commercial institution.

ALC is an aero club that is composed of three hundred pilots. It holds the title of winning two world records flown by Michael Thaler and Bostjan Pristavec. This record makes it a unique European airport.

Slovenian Vocabulary To Use At The Airport

Slovenian airport vocabulary

Here are the basic words that you must know if Slovenian is a new language for you

English WordsSlovenian TranslationEnglish WordsSlovenian Translation
AirfareLetalske vozovniceFragileKrhko
AirlineLetalska družbaFreightTovorni promet
Baggage claimPrevzem prtljageLandZemljišče
Boarding gateVrata za vkrcanjeLayoverPostanek
Carry-on / handbagRočna torbicaMetal detectorDetektor kovin
ConfirmPotrdiMoving walkwayPremična steza
Currency exchangeMenjalnicaOverbookedPrezasedeno
DelayedZ zamudoPassportPotni list
DomesticDomačeRunwayPristajalna steza
ElevatorDvigaloTake offVzleti
Flight numberŠtevilka letaTerminal buildingStavba terminala
Flight ticketLetalska vozovnicaX-ray machineRentgenski aparat

Things To Get At An Airport

English WordsSlovenian Translation
A Cup of Hot WaterSkodelica tople vode
A Full Water Bottle RefillPolna polna steklenica vode
A Local NewspaperLokalni časopis
A Pack Of Playing CardsPaket igralnih kart
A Special MealPoseben obrok
A Tour Of The CockpitOgled pilotske kabine
Activity PacketsPaketi dejavnosti
Basic Medication & BandagesOsnovna zdravila in povoji
Blankets & PillowsOdeje in blazine
Delicious Adult DrinksOkusne pijače za odrasle
Extra Helpings of SnacksDodatni obroki prigrizkov
Free Child CareBrezplačno varstvo otrok
Grooming KitsKompleti za nego
Hand Sanitizer & Sanitizing WipesRazkužilo za roke in razkužilni robčki
Non-alcoholic DrinksBrezalkoholne pijače
Snacks For In Between MealsPrigrizki za med obroki

Useful Phrases

  • How can I reach the aerodrome? (Kako pride na letališče?)
  • Take me to _____, please. (Odpeljite me)
  • Stop here, please!  (Estate tukaj)
  • I would like a window seat (Rad bi sedež ob on)
  • Why has the plane been delayed? (Zakaj ima legal Zamudio?)
  • Elevator (Dvigalo)
  • Terminal C is for international flights (Terminal C je za mednarodne lete)
  • I need your help. (Potrebujem vašo pomoč)

Essential Vocabulary

If you are applying for immigration in Slovenia then you must be aware of these words in the Slovenian language!

English WordsSlovenian TranslationEnglish WordsSlovenian Translation
BusinessPoselPermanent residentStalno prebivališče
Convention refugeeKonvencijski begunecPerson without statusOseba brez statusa
CountryDržavaProtected personZaščitena oseba
Economic migrantEkonomski migrantPurpose of visitNamen obiska
FemaleženskaRefugee claimant or Asylum SeekerProsilec za begunec ali prosilec za azil
GenderSpolResettled refugeePonovno naseljeni begunec
ImmigrationPriseljevanjeStateless personOseba brez državljanstva
Internally displaced personNotranje razseljena osebaStatusStanje
MalemoškiTemporary residentZačasni prebivalec
NationalityNarodnostVisitingNa obisku

Useful Sentences

Slovenian airport vocabulary
English PhrasesSlovenian Translations
Could you tell me where the customs are?Mi lahko poveš kje je carina?
Did you pack this bag yourself?Ste sami spakirali to torbo?
Do you have any bags to check?Imate kaj prtljage za preveriti?
Do you have anything to declare?Ali imate kaj za prijaviti?
Do you have anything to declare?Ali imate kaj za prijaviti?
Do you know where Terminal B is?Veste kje je terminal B?
Excuse me, where is baggage claim?Oprostite, kje je prevzem prtljage?
Flight (name) has been canceled.Let (ime) je bil odpovedan.
Flight (name) has been delayed.Let (ime) je imel zamudo.
Flight (name) is now boarding.Letalo (ime) se zdaj vkrca.
Here’s your boarding pass.Tukaj je vaš vstopni kupon.
How do you get to Gate C?Kako prideš do vrat C?
May I have your passport, please?Lahko dobim vaš potni list, prosim?
Place your luggage in the overhead compartments.Svojo prtljago postavite v predale nad glavo.
Please do not leave any bags unattended.Prosimo, da torb ne puščate brez nadzora.
Please fasten your seat belt.Prosim pripnite varnostni pas.
Please put your seat in the upright positionProsimo, postavite svoj sedež v pokončen položaj
Please turn off electronic devices.Prosimo izklopite elektronske naprave.
There is no smoking on this plane.Na tem letalu se ne kadi.
This is the final call for flight TM22 toTo je zadnji klic za let TM22 v
What is the purpose of your trip?Kakšen je namen vašega potovanja?
Would passenger Larrason please come to…Ali bi potnik Larrason, prosim, prišel do …
Would you like a window seat or an aisle/corridor seat?Bi radi sedež ob oknu ali sedež ob prehodu/hodniku?
Your flight leaves from gate 20.Vaš let odleti pri izhodu 20.
Your seat number is 18CVaša številka sedeža je 18C

Throw Your English-Slovenian Dictionary Away

Slovenian airport vocabulary

Whenever we decide to visit some foreign place, first we consider how we talk and communicate with the natives. How will we respond to them? How will we tell them about our problems?

That’s why we need to know some basic and common words of the mother language of that area. So to enhance our vocabulary in the Slovenian language, we can use the Ling app.

With the Ling App, speaking has become easier. You can use our flashcards to practice Slovenian phrases and then put yourself to the test with our chatbot. There is also listening and writing practice.

You can also learn many other official languages on Ling App. Also, check out the useful Slovenian vocab about hobbies and Slovenian addresses.

What are you waiting for? Download the Ling App from Google Play Store or App Store and start learning the Slovenian language.

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