No Hungarian On Babbel? The 4 Best Alternatives This 2023!

No Hungarian on Babbel

Did you know that there’s no Hungarian on Babbel? Today we’re going to bring you some alternative options, including our favorite app, as well as some reasons why we think you should study Hungarian. Check out our favorite app, Ling, which we know would help you a lot in learning Hungarian on your own.

This is a personal one for me because Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world! So let’s take a closer look at this week’s new language.

Why’s There No Hungarian On Babbel?

Hungarian is a perfectly phonetic language. However, it’s notoriously difficult to learn for native English speakers. The Hungarian language family is quite unique. It is an Indo-European language but is part of the Uralic branch along with Finnish, even though it’s geographically not linked with it.

Some of the reasons it is so tricky are as follows:

  • Hungarian has 35 distinct cases(other languages have 3).
  • Word order is highly flexible.
  • Hungarian grammar is difficult to learn, and materials have always been difficult to find(at least until the modern-day).
  • Unique Hungarian alphabet

For this reason, Hungarian has not always been at the top of a curious language learner’s list. Even many ex-pats who live there are also put off learning it. Perhaps, this is also the reason why there is no Hungarian on Babbel.

Why Should You Learn Hungarian?


Hungary is a fascinating place to visit if you’re a fan of history. The country itself is one of the oldest in the world, founded in 895. But history goes back even further than this. In Roman times Hungary was known as Pannonia. There are still some examples of Roman ruins in the country.


Hungary is a landlocked country and ideally situated in Europe, so you could base yourself there. Start your morning in Budapest with an espresso and practice on Ling, and then move on to Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, or Austria.

However, my advice would be to stay in Budapest, where there is something for everyone. Visit the 3rd largest parliament building in the world, or if this isn’t your thing, visit one of Budapest’s thermal springs. There’s no shortage of water. Seventy million liters are released every day! That being said, Hungary isn’t all about the cities. It also has fantastic natural beauty. Lake Balaton, 50 miles Southwest of Budapest, is the largest lake in Central Europe, and if you follow it, you go all the way to the Bakony mountains 50 miles further on.

No Hungarian On Babbel Alcohol Culture

Alcohol Culture In Hungary

Hungary is well-noted for its wine. The history of wine production goes back to the 5th century A.D. That’s so old that it’s officially the world’s oldest wine region. In total, there are 22 wine regions working with eight different kinds of grapes.

Note: Almost every culture in the world has its version of clinking glasses before you drink. However, this is seen as bad luck in Hungary because of a 170-year-old legend.

Several Hungarian generals were killed during the revolution. It was said that every time a general died, Austrians clinked glasses, and for that reason, it’s still taboo in Hungary. What stood out for me was the widespread consumption of the liquor Zwak. Zwak is an aniseed drink similar to Jaeger. I remember sitting in a market at 10 am and watching two old ladies doing their shopping, but first stopping for a 40% Zwak like the English would for a cup of tea.

Food And Drink Culture In Hungary

An interesting fact about Hungary is that paprika is particularly popular. Of course, everybody knows about their national dish, goulash, a stew made with peppers, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and beef. It is the very definition of winter food. If you eat goulash and walk around Budapest for 6 hours, you’ll still feel it in your stomach at the end of the day. Another thing is the coffee culture in Budapest. In this regard, Hungarians are like Italians; they like their coffee strong and black.

It all goes without saying that speaking a new language, namely Hungarian, will help you in all of these endeavors. There’s nothing like reading history in your second language. You get a much deeper understanding of the culture. Also, when you’re traveling through Hungary, it is handy to have at least some basic words in your arsenal so you can ask for directions or check into a hotel. Thirdly, although Hungarians speak good English, it’s very polite to try and reciprocate with their own language. Combine alcohol with a bit of effort in speaking a second language, and you’ll have a great night. Fourthly, ordering in a restaurant and knowing exactly what you’re eating comes in useful. 

No Hungarian On Babbel Alternatives To Learning

Alternatives To Babbel For Hungarian Learners

Youtube is a useful resource for practicing your essential grammar, listening, and reading. Many different content creators offer a Hungarian language course. The best I’ve been able to find is to learn Hungarian with Hungarian Pod 101. A lot of their content is advertising, but if you dig deep, there are some gems there.

Preply is another excellent resource, but of course, it costs money. Having a conversation with native speakers sounds terrifying, and it will be at first, but it is undeniably the fastest way to improve your speaking. The good thing about Preply is that they give you a 1hr free trial lesson to see if you gel with your tutor.

If you truly want to master another language, then you should definitely not miss out on Ling App.

Lastly, you should try out the Ling app. With the Ling app, you can learn Hungarian and 60+ other languages all within one app! You do not just get to unlock new vocabulary for some of the hardest languages, but you can also master critical concepts relating to grammar, pronunciation, and word formation.

Learn The Hungarian Language With Ling

Calling all Hungarian learners: Start your foreign language journey today and learn Hungarian with Ling. Whether you are learning a difficult language or not, we recommend that you try to integrate language apps into your learning routine. And if you ask us, the best way to learn languages is by using the Ling app.

Ling is an app with language courses built by language learning experts. It will take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced through a structured set of lessons. Of course, we have Hungarian but also many other lessons in European languages.

We have listening, reading, speaking, vocabulary practice, and grammar guides. A leaderboard also allows you to compare yourself to other learners. This is done through a rewards and points system. So, if you are someone who is truly passionate about speaking Hungarian the right way, then be sure to download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store today.

Don’t forget to keep following our blogs. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a Hungarian blog. Still, there are other blogs you might find interesting, like our Serbian blog or language tips blog, that gives you information on other apps and advice on how to improve your learning methodology.

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