Top 10 Delicious Slovenian Food To Try Out Today!

Looking for some of the famous Slovenian food? Well, look no further as this post will walk you through why there’s a buzz around the fantastic sausage selection of this country and why travelers are saying that this place is a food wonderland! If you find yourself not adventurous enough, we will also share some of the meats you can try out instead.

Delicious Traditional Slovenian Food

Top 10 Delicious Slovenian Food To Try Out Today!

Before you visit Slovenia, trust us when we say that the place is known for its extraordinary cuisine. Their national dish is bryndzové halušky, a potato dumpling stuffed with bacon and cheese. It is very popular, but of course, there are other unique finds which we think you should not miss once you visit the country.

Slovenian Štruklji Dumplings

Unlike your regular Chinese dumplings, the Štruklji is a rolled Slovenian dish made of dough and a variety of filling options mixed with sour cream. The most popular stuffings include cottage cheese and herbs or sweet fruits such as spiced apples and berries. This Slovenian dessert is popular in the sense that you can add whatever you want inside! In fact, some gourmet versions even add chocolate, poppy seeds, oranges, bananas, and even carrots! The best part? Well, you can even have this as a side dish as it is also available with meat products as stuffing and some sauce!

Kraški Pršut

This popular Slovenian food is made of Karst ham (prosciutto), a non-smoked and cured meat using the traditional aging and drying process (about 12 – 16 months!). What makes this aromatic dish interesting is that it has a high protein content, and it uses a special type of coarse sea salt that can only be found in the coastal parts of Slovenia. Therefore, it is perfect as a snack or even as appetizer food combined with goat cheese, salt, pepper, onions, and some toasted bread. According to the locals, it is often served in restaurants with red wine!

Kremna Rezina

Slovenian dishes out there, we have to say that this dish is truly to die for! It is a cream cake/ puff pastry that is so light despite its sandwich-like look and oozing with amazing vanilla custard! It originated from the Lake Bled area and is also known as kremsnite or cremeschnitte by the locals. If you’ll ask us to describe its taste, it reminds us of Tiramisu without the coffee-like aftertaste.

Kranjska Klobasa

Also known as Carniolan sausage, the Kranjska Klobasa is part of typical Slovenian breakfast food and is also a perfect main dish along with some cheese, yogurt, and salad! It originated in the Gorenjska region and is practically made of a meat mixture (minced pork and pork fat) and is seasoned with garlic and black pepper. This is a Slovenian specialty and is listed under the protected agricultural products of the European Union!


This must-try national dish is considered one of the most popular foods in Slovenian and Croatian cuisine as it is simple enough to be called the “poor man’s food.” It is made of buckwheat flour and is mainly served with cream, sauerkraut, bacon, mushroom soup, sour milk, or stew for breakfast. It has become a staple meal for most Slovenians as it is a cheaper alternative to bread. It also has variations in other countries and goes by the following names: sterz, mămăligă, gomi, and mush.


Matevz is a very filling traditional Slovenian food that originated from the Kočevsko region. Unlike other dishes, this one can be served as a side dish and as a main dish, along with some sour turnips and sausages. What makes this a true winner is that it is very healthy as it is made with pureed beans, potatoes and uses no milk or butter. According to the locals, it is a perfect food during wintertime and is a much healthier substitute for plain old mashed potatoes.


This stew originated from Hungarian cuisine but is very popular in Slovenia due to its exquisite taste! It is practically made of meat, boiled potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and wine, making it comfort food for cold winter months. This one-pot dish is also served with different meat such as pork, boar, venison, and even beef and is perfect to be combined with some toasted bread with olive oil and herbs.

Prekmurska Gibanica

This layered Slovenian pastry is a must-try as it comes with different fillings such as apples, raisins, and even poppy seeds! It is trendy in Slovenian cuisine, and it has been known to be around since 1828. Given that it has been here for a long time, there is no surprise that it even achieved a “national specialty” status today.

Idrijski žlikrofi

Unlike your traditional dumplings with some meat, this exceptional Slovenian food is made from dough and is filled with potatoes. Instead, this ravioli-looking food is often served with rich, thick sauces like žlikrofi or mushroom cream, bread crumbs, pumpkin seed oil, cheese as a topper, and some meat.

Butja Repa

This traditional Slovenian food originated in Prekmurje and is popular due to its unique taste. It is made of fermented turnip stew mixed with lard and pork and is a perfect soup dish or appetizer. However, if you ask us, this is ideal for eating with some toasted bread for a truly filling touch!


Try These Meats Too!

Top 10 Delicious Slovenian Food To Try Out Today!

As we reach this part of the post, we bet that we can all agree that Slovenia truly has some of the best foods there is in all of Europe. While this list can go on and on, the ones we listed above are the best food to try out. If you find yourself scared of trying out those dishes, you can always opt for their delicious wine and charcuterie board with cottage cheese, Slovenian honey, and cured meats such as:

  • Šebreljski želodec
  • Kraška Panceta
  • Prleška Tünka
  • Zgornjesavinjski želodec
  • Prekmurska Šunka

Did you enjoy this post? We bet you’ll also love to read our previous ones, like the essential words and phrases in Slovakgreetings, and love words! Also, if you’d like to master the language, we’ve got a perfect solution for that! Read on below to find out.


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Which of those traditional Slovenian foods are you excited to eat or share with your friends? Could it be the cake or the sausage?

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