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Visiting a new place can be challenging, especially if you need the correct vocabulary for directions. While Slovenia is a perfect country to get lost in, travelers must master a few words related to directions to get from one place to another in no time.

In today’s post, we will walk you through the directions in Slovenian so that you can ask and give directions like a real pro. Take out your map, learn Slovenian, and let’s go!

Asking For Directions In Slovenian

The word for direction in Slovenian is smer (pl. smeri).

Staying in Slovenia can be a wonderful experience if you’ve fully prepared for your trip. If you are new in Slovenia, there will be countless occasions on which you will need information about a specific location. Knowing your way back to the hotel or the exit is a great way to start learning Slovenian words for directions. But, you can’t bluntly ask the question as it might be considered rude there.

So try these phrases instead:

  • Hello. Can you help me? – Zdravo. Ali mi lahko pomagaš prosim?
  • Good morning. May I ask for some help? – Dobro jutro. Lahko prosim za pomoč?
  • Excuse me, could you help? – Oprostite, ali lahko pomagate?

After breaking the ice by being polite, you may ask the next person about the directions for your desired location.

  • Would you be kind enough to tell me how to go to the bank? – Mi lahko poveste, kako priti do banke?
  • Do you know where the museum is? – Ali veste, kje je muzej?
  • We can’t find the subway station. Is it near here? – Ne najdemo postaje podzemne železnice. Je tukaj blizu?
  • Where can we find a park near here? – Kje lahko najdemo park v bližini?

Suppose you have introduced yourself, have gotten the information about the directions, but you still need clarification. In that case, you might ask for assistance from another person using these questions.

  • Are we on the right path to the mall? – Ali smo na pravi poti do nakupovalnega središča?
  • Is this the right way to the city center? – Je to prava pot do centra mesta?
  • What’s the easiest way to get to the museum? – Kako je najbolje priti do muzeja?

Useful Sentences Related To Directions In Slovenian

Here are more sentences for directions in Slovenian that you need to learn.

Can you tell me how to go to the closest hospital?Mi lahko poveste, kako do najbližje bolnišnice?
Can you tell me how to travel from here to the train station?Mi lahko poveste, kako potovati od tu do železniške postaje?
Do we have Punjab in our sights?Ali imamo Pandžab na vidiku?
Do you know where the mall is located?Ali veste, kje se nahaja nakupovalno središče?
Does a sports store nearby exist?Ali v bližini obstaja športna trgovina?
How do I travel to the bar?Kako naj potujem do bara?
Is there a pet store in this area?Ali je na tem območju trgovina s hišnimi ljubljenčki?
Where is the carnival?Kje je karneval?
What is the fastest route from here to the airport?Katera je najhitrejša pot od tu do letališča?
What is the quickest route from here to the pharmacy?Katera je najhitrejša pot od tu do lekarne?
Where is the closest post office?Kje je najbližja pošta?
What’s the fastest route from here to the theme park?Katera je najhitrejša pot od tu do tematskega parka?
Where can I find the library?Kje lahko najdem knjižnico?
Where is the bus stop located?Kje je avtobusna postaja?
Where is the closest parking lot?Kje je najbližje parkirišče?

Cardinal Points For Directions In Slovenian Language

There are four major and four minor cardinal points to know about while talking about directions. Let’s see what those points are called in the Slovenian language.

  • East – Vzhod
  • West – Zahod
  • North – Sever
  • South – Jug
  • Northeast – Severovzhod
  • Northwest – Severozahod
  • Southeast – Jugovzhod
  • Southwest – Jugozahod

Prepositions In Slovenian

No matter how many words you learn, with Slovenian prepositions, they will make more sense, so check out this epic list of prepositions you should learn and use.

AboutO tem
InsideV notranjosti
Prepositional Phrases In Slovenian Ling App

Prepositional Phrases In Slovenian

Here are some prepositional phrases that will make it more convenient for you to give directions.

Across fromNasproti
Across the streetČez cesto
Around the cornerZa vogalom
Behind youZa tabo
Far awayDaleč stran
Go backPojdi nazaj
Go straightNaravnost
In front ofPred
On the leftNa levi
On the rightNa desni
On top ofNa vrhu
Over thereTam
Straight aheadNaravnost naprej
To driveVoziti
To the leftLevo
To the rightNa desno
To turnObrniti
To walkHoditi
Turn aroundObrni se
Turn leftZavijemo levo
Turn rightZavij desno

Transportation-Related Slovenian Vocab

When searching for directions, you may also want to discover how to get there and discuss conveyance; therefore, you should be familiar with a few key Slovenian phrases related to transportation

MotorbikeMotorno kolo
Rush HourPrometna konica
Without SpeedBrez hitrosti
_Major Landmarks In Slovenia Ling App

Major Landmarks In Slovenia

If you are in Slovenian, you will need to talk about several places repeatedly. So here is a list of several landmarks in Slovenia that will make it easy for you to ask or give directions.

Boka WaterfallLipica and the Lipizzaner StudPustolovski Park Bovec
BovecLjubljanaSoca River
Bovec Adventure ParkLogar valley (Logarska Dolina)Seven Lakes Valley
CerknoMangart SaddleSkocjan Cave
Julian Alps (Julijske Alpe)MariborSoca Valley
Kluze FortressMesečev Zaliv Beach (Moon bay)Solcava Panorama Road
KobaridMezica MineSpicnik The Heart-Shaped Road
Kocevje RegionMostnica gorge and Voje ValleySusec Gorge – Canyoning
Kostel CastleMt TriglavTolmin Gorge
Kozjak WaterfallMt VogelTrenta Valley
Kranjska GoraOjstrica Lookout Point, BledVintgar Gorge
Kranjska Gora BikeparkPericnik WaterfallVipava Valley
Krokar JunglePiranVirje Waterfall
Lake BledPokljukaVrsic Pass
Lake BohinjPostojna CaveZelenci Nature Reserve
Lake CerknicaPredjama CastleZipline ParkBovec and Bled

Wrapping Up

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