Family Vocabulary In Croatian: 30+ Best Comprehensive Guide

Interested in learning Croatian? What better way to get started than with family vocabulary in Croatian, right? Not only is this a very great way to get you introduced to the Croatian language, but it is a great way for you to improve your overall language skills!

Knowing these terms will not only give you a better understanding of the family relations in Croatia, but it will help you make deeper and more meaningful connections to every Croatian family you meet.

Most Important Family Vocabulary In Croatian

These are just some of the most important family vocabulary to know in Croatian. Not only will knowing these words help you build your vocabulary as a language learner, but it can help you improve your communication skills.

GrandparentsDjed i baka
SiblingsBraća i sestre
Mother’s sisterMajčina sestra
Mother’s brotherMajčin brat
Father’s brotherOčev Brat
Father’s sisterOčeva Sestra
Sister’s husbandSestrin muž
Brother’s wifeBratova žena

These are just a few words that can help you strengthen your Croatian language skills. Keep in mind that regardless of how many words you learn in a day, what’s important is being able to integrate such words into daily life.

Using Croatian Family Vocabulary In Sentences

Here, you will learn more about how such words can be used in sentences. Don’t worry, this isn’t meant to confuse or overwhelm you. Not only will these sentences give you an idea of how Croatian sentences are usually written and pronounced, but they will give you an overview of what to expect as you continue learning the language.

Family Vocabulary in Croatian
I love my family members.Volim članove svoje obitelji.
My father’s brother is very funny.Brat mog oca je jako duhovit.
Our family tree is very big.Naše obiteljsko stablo je jako veliko.
My mother-in-law is always cooking good food.Moja svekrva uvijek kuha dobru hranu.
Because I was late yesterday, my mother’s brother drove me to school.Budući da sam jučer zakasnio, mamin brat me vozio u školu.
My sister and I will be visiting our grandparents this Sunday!Moja sestra i ja ćemo ove nedjelje posjetiti baku i djeda!
Since something urgent came up, my husband was not able to join me for dinner last night.Budući da je došlo do nečega hitnog, moj muž mi se sinoć nije mogao pridružiti na večeri.
Our relatives will be migrating to the United States to have better opportunities.Naši rođaci će migrirati u Sjedinjene Države kako bi imali bolje prilike.
Her parents got mad at her today because she was not able to lock the door when she left.Roditelji su se danas naljutili na nju jer nije mogla zaključati vrata kad je otišla.
My cousin and I love to hang out whenever we can, especially during the holidays!Moja sestrična i ja volimo se družiti kad god možemo, pogotovo za vrijeme praznika!

Quick Facts About Croatian Families!

While you should focus on learning the language, it’s also important to learn about the culture and people of the language you’re studying.

Now that you’ve already been introduced to Croatian family members, here are some quick facts about the Croatian family culture that you might also want to know!

Family And Friends Are Everything

While career, work, and studies are vital, Croatians value their relationships with their friends and relatives the most. Having said that, it is in their culture to show up and be there for their family members and acquaintances when the need arises.

So, if you have a friend that is of Croatian descent, best believe that such a person will always be there for you in times that you need them. To add, such a trait reflects how Croatians really value relationships more than anything and how innate it is in their culture.

Big Families In Households Are Normal

Since family is everything, you should expect that when you visit their homes, a big family will surely welcome you. Aside from the fact that Croatians have close-knit relationships with their relatives, this is also a great way to cope with the housing shortages in the country and, at the same time, have a relatively low cost of living.

Everyone Lives By Family Values

For the people in Croatia, living by the values that are imposed in the family is crucial. While everyone is free to express and do what they want, it is still encouraged to do things that bring honor, glory, and recognition to the family. It is in their tradition to make sacrifices in order to not just benefit oneself but even your family.

Why Should You Learn Croatian?

Although Croatian is considered to be one of the harder languages to learn, you should know that since it’s a part of the Slavic languages, once you learn one Slavic language, it will be easier for you to learn another!

If hitting two birds with one stone is your thing and you find great joy in being able to accumulate different forms of knowledge all at once, you might want to consider learning Croatian. Aside from that, learning Croatian means that it will be easier for you to communicate with people, especially if you see yourself living in Croatia for a very long time.

Croatia’s native language, like all other languages, is interesting as well! Rooted in a language that has numerous dialects, making it very diverse in nature, being able to learn Croatian will be an achievement for you in the same way that it will benefit you in the long run!

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