5+ Best Ways To Say Cheers In Slovenian

Last updated on February 8th, 2024 at 01:40 am

Do you know how to say cheers in Slovenian? This article will walk you through all the best expressions to help you say how you feel while celebrating with your friends and colleagues. After all, what better way to celebrate something than with some alcohol and Slovenian snacks, right?

If you are ready to dive deep into the Slovenian drinking culture, then this post for learning Slovenian is perfect for you. Let’s get started!

Saying Cheers

While we are on the topic of how to say cheers in the Slovenian language, let’s look at how often most Slovenians say cheers.

Na Zdravje

The most common way to say cheers in the Slovenian language is by saying “Na zdravje.” Slovenian people are often seen toasting on drinks whenever they are happy. The New Year is a common day to say cheers in Slovenia. If you get a promotion, you can celebrate the promotion by saying Na zdravje.

The best way to celebrate anything in Slovenia would be by giving your friends and family a treat of drinks, and the host needs to initiate the drinking by saying Na zdravje. You can call all of your friends to drink in the evening and celebrate in the most Slovenian way possible.

Other Ways To Say Cheers

Here is a list of different phrases to use whenever you want to say cheers in Slovenian:

Slovenian PhrasesEnglish Translation
Pijmo za naše zdravje.Let’s drink to our good health.
Pijmo za vašo promocijo.Let’s drink to your promotion.
Pijača za praznovanje hčerinega rojstva.A drink to celebrate her daughter’s birth.
Pijača za dobrodošlico novorojenčku.A drink to welcome the newborn.
Pijemo za vaš uspeh.We are drinking to your success.
Pijmo za blaginjo države.Let’s drink to the prosperity of the country.
Pijmo za ohranjanje zdravja.Let’s drink to maintain sound health.
Pijmo, da pregnamo vse slabe ali zle duhove.Let’s drink to ward off any bad or evil spirits.
Pijmo za boljšo prihodnost.Let’s drink for a better future.
Pijmo, da rešimo spor in bodimo srečni.Let’s drink to settle the dispute and be happy.
Vesel sem vašega uspeha.I am happy about your success.
Vse najboljše za vašo promocijo.Best wishes for your promotion.
Upam, da bo ta država dosegla več uspeha.I hope this country achieves more success.
Na zdravje v novo življenje.Cheers to a new life.
Na zdravje temu srečnemu paru.Cheers to this happy couple.
Dolgoživi predsednik.Long life president.

Drinking In Slovenian Culture

Slovenian people are heavy drinkers. They tend to consume intoxicating drinks more than the other parts of the world. There are also different kinds of flavors and ingredients in each of these alcoholic drinks. It is believed that Slovenian drinks are not made for an average person to handle. Handling the Slovenian drinks is not easy for a non-Slovenian person, so brace yourself if you ever want to give a try to the local Slovenian drink.

Do People Judge Alcohol Drinkers?

Drinking is acceptable in Slovenian culture. People can drink anytime, especially at joyous events like Christmas. Drinks are easily accessible in entire Slovenia. However, their prices could differ in each area. For instance, if you go to a village in Slovenia, you will get a drink for a very cheap rate. Unfortun you go to a city like Lubljana, you might have to pack in more cash to get the drinks.

Drinks And Good Spirits

Slovenians tend to drink a lot… and by a lot, we mean a lot! Slovenian’s are not as concerned about their health as they should be. There are so many cases in which people have acute issues due to their drinking habits, but they are not stopping. This is because, in Slovenian culture, it is thought that drinking gives a very calm and tranquilized state which each person should attain. This is also why drinking is given immense importance to different festivals and various occasions.

Alcohol Production

Slovenia has many things, and one of them is alcohol production as consumption. Various kinds of wines and beers are produced in Slovenia. Those wines and beers are loved by the Slovenian people and by tourists. If you ever get a chance to go to Slovenia, you should try their cultural and local drinks instead of going for the international drinks in Slovenia.

Annual Markovo Village Schnapps-Making Competition

You can get an idea about the drinking culture of Slovenia by looking at their local level competition. On every new year or other Slovenian festivals, the Slovenians tend to hold different competitions to see who can make the best beverage. One such event is the annual Markovo Village Schnapps-Making Competition. In the Annual Markovo Village Schnapps-Making Competition, the people come with partners (friends, spouses, and other people) and they will go head to head with other competitors live in front of the locals.

Slovenian Drinks

There are different flavors of drinks in Slovenia, and the most common ones that cheer the Slovenians up are pear (viljamovka), blueberry (borovnica), honey (medica), and plum liquor (slivovka). However, the most popular one is the Plum Liquor (Slivovka) which is Schnapps with peach. The families in Slovenia know how to make it and prefer to consume homemade version of this drink.

Did you know that you can mix different ingredients and make your drink in Slovenia? For example, if you want to drink limonica in Slovenia, all you need to do is mix apple schnapps with lemon and sugar. Voila, you have a perfect Slovenian drink that can cheer you up on a hot, sweaty summer evening. This drink has a very close Italian version known as Italian limoncello. A slight change to the recipe, and you’ll be enjoying a culturally different yet delicious drink.

Wrapping Up

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