7 Interesting Urdu Books To Start Reading!

Urdu Books

Does romance intrigue you? Do you visit the gardens of Eden with your loved ones in dreams? Do you believe in perfect fiction and are looking for some literary essence to dive into it and enjoy the ideal beauties of romantic scenes?

This article will be a perfect match for you. Let’s enter the world of Urdu literature and see if this list could get you or not. Learn Urdu and enjoy more exciting books to read! Let’s go!

What Are Some Famous Urdu Books?

Urdu books and novels have established themselves as one of the famous art forms of literary culture. Do you have any perfect picks for your taste? If not, here are some of the masterpieces that may become your favorite choices. 

Peer E Kamil 

This iconic novel has been penned by Umera Ahmed, a renowned and appreciated novelist from Pakistan. This novel was published in 2004 and has established itself as a sensational one in the literary world till the present. 

The story revolves around Salar Sikander (male lead questioning the complexity of life matters and beliefs) and Imama Hashmi (female lead of entirely different traits and nature compared to Salar). 

The story starts with two unhappy people belonging to different sects and beliefs. But later, the writer connects the two souls stringing them together into a fate, thereby changing their source of life from a tragic to a loved one. 

Does this not sound like getting you out of your monotonous routine and making you feel like enjoying the flowers blooming? 

Urdu Books Abdullah


Do you believe in spirituality and Sufism? If yes, this novel by Hashim Nadeem can be the epitome of spiritual love.

This novel makes you believe in spiritual love and extends the notion through the story that love is the union of souls, not just the bodies. 

So, if you believe in the purity of love, this novel can be on your list of must-reads. 

Raja Gidh

Should we talk about something that would be a perfect culmination of life lessons, love, sacrifices, etc.? Raja Gidh will top the competition. 

Bano Qudsia’s one of finest novels, Raja’s Gidh, revolves around a girl with whom three men fall in love. But what makes it so immersed and relatable to society is that it touches upon all the main aspects of one’s life that one could get involved in, like suffering, happiness, pain, rejection, etc. 

It was published in 1981 but still stands high in popularity and acceptance by the community. 

The novel is so captivating that you would want it never to end, and mark my word on that. 

Urdu Books Hamsafar


Have you ever read a story that leaves you disillusioned to such an extent that you can’t differentiate between fiction and reality?

Do give a reading to the Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq. You will have a first-hand experience of Pakistani society, its values, and traditions. 

It also teaches you how misunderstandings can ruin some very affectionate bonds and relationships. 

Ashar, Khirad, and Hareem are the main characters of the story. Hareem gets sick of heart disease, which brings Ashar and Khirad (Hareem’s parents) close to each other and confronts the unsolved misunderstandings developed because of their uncommon marriage due to different circumstances. 


Naming the best writers of modern times and not mentioning Nimra Ahmed would be an injustice to her abilities and contributions. 

Do you want to have something that proves to be an emblem of the depiction of society’s evils, especially family relationships, the role of religion and faith, and much more? Nimra Ahmed would be a perfect option for you. 

The story has perfectly interwoven the conspiracies about how a person, despite being guilty of something, can conspire to make an innocent person a criminal and how our social beliefs in such conspiracies destroy the whole life of some individuals. 

Shikwa Jawab E Shikwa 

Like many other literary traditions, Urdu literature started from poetry. If you have heard of Urdu poetry, you would be aware of the name Allama Muhammad Iqbal. 

He was one of the great thinkers of Pakistan who kept his nation awake through his poetry and thus created masterpieces in Urdu and Persian poetry. 

Shikwa jawab e shikwa are two different poems but are parts of a single string. In the first part, a frustrated Muslim is complaining to god, and the second part is written in such a way that it seems as if God is directly replying to his complaints. 

Diwan E Ghalib 

If you have a little knowledge of Delhi or modern poetic literary tradition from India, you would have heard the name Assad Ullah Khan Ghalib (mostly known as Mirza Ghalib). 

Diwan e Ghalib is the most influential of his poetry collections, and he expresses the extreme intensity of emotions in this collection. This book reveals the world’s beauty in perfect melody and presents itself as an absolute embodiment of depth of feelings, self-surrendering, and non-idealistic love. 

Which Urdu Books Are You Curious About

Which Urdu Books Or Novels Are You Curious About?

There is an unending list of Urdu books made by authors to be mentioned, but that would go beyond the scope of this article. 

Has any of these Urdu books aroused curiosity about Urdu literature? If yes, do give a reading to these, and you definitely would never be able to get yourself out of the magic.

Are you not a bookish person? You can access the most popular books in a virtual library, download the PDF version, and thus dive into the world of literature without having to spend money and go out to purchase. On the other hand, you can also learn basic conversation and sentences with a language learning app about Urdu.

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Happy learning!

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