Congratulations In Urdu: Learn 10 Interesting Ways To Show Appreciation

Congratulations In Urdu

What is sweeter than a well-deserved success? Nothing, of course! But the gratifying expressions of encouragement and congratulations by loved ones do come a close second, especially when you get to hear the honey-dipped words of congratulations in Urdu (اردو).

The Urdu language is a Makhmali (مخملی – velvety) language. Listening to it feels like a soft stroke of a plume feather brushing against your ear. Add to it the Shireeni (شِیرِینی – sweetness) of Mubarak Baad (مُبارک باد – congratulation) spoken in Urdu, and you have gotten your loved one a Khoobsurat Tohfa (خوبصورت تحفہ – beautiful present) wrapped in warmth and good wishes. So, what are you waiting for? Come, let’s dive straight into learning different ways of saying congratulations in Urdu to convey your heartfelt wishes (دِلی دعا – Dilee Dua).

How To Say Congratulations In Urdu

The general Urdu translation for the word ‘congratulations’ is Mubarak Baad (مُبارک باد). It is made from the Arabic root word ‘Mubarak’ (مُبارک), which means ‘fortunate’ and ‘blessed’. Another word for congratulations in Urdu is Tahniyat (تَہْنِیَت).

Aside from verbally expressing your congratulations, it is a tradition also to write a letter (known as reeza-E-Tahniyat or عریضَہ تَہنِیَت) or a small note (known as Tahniyat-Naama or تہنیَت نامَہ) to delight the person.

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#1 Mubarak Ho (مبارک ہو)

English translation: Congratulations

You can use the term Mubarak Ho as a basic phrase to congratulate anyone. It is a generic term you can use anywhere without worrying about the context, tone (formal/informal), or situation.

#2 Behad Mubarak Ho (بے حد مبارک ہو)

English translation: Boundless/ many congratulations

The Urdu translation of the word boundless or limitless is Behad, wherein Be means without and Had means limit. This term expresses the fervor or intensity of your wish. Add a warm & firm handshake or a sweet little hug to show how much you mean these words.

#3 Wah, Bahut Khoob (واہ بہت خوب)

English translation: Wow, very good.

This endearing phrase reflects your excitement in congratulating your loved one. ‘Wow’ adds a touch of excitement to the expression, and its meaning in Urdu is Wah (واہ).

#4 Aapne Toh Kamaal Kar Diya (آپ نے تو کمال کر دیا)

English translation: You did a marvelous job.

This phrase is used to show your amazement at a job well done. Kamaal Karna meaning in Urdu, is to do a marvelous job. However, the use of ‘Aapne’ makes it a formal expression. To use it in an informal context, one can replace ‘Aapne’ with ‘Tumne’ (تم نے – you).

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#5 Shaabaash! (شاباش)

English translation: Well done!

This one-word congratulation is an expression in itself. It is generally said by elders or authority figures to their subordinates or juniors with a tinge of pride. It is just like patting someone on the back, but verbally.

#6 Aapne Hamein Lajawaab Kar Diya (آ پ نے ہمیں لاجواب کر دیا )

English translation: You have left us speechless.

Once again, this is a formal way of saying that the other person has rendered you speechless. To use it informally, you should replace ‘Aapne‘ with ‘Tumne‘ (تم نے – you) and ‘Hamein’ with ‘Mujhe’ (مجھے – me).

#7 Naukri Lagne Ki Mubarak Baad (نوکری لگنے کی مبارکباد)

English translation: Congratulations on getting the job.

In day-to-day use or the common parlance, the word Naukri (نوکری) is used for the term job. But there is also a heavier word – Mulaazamat (مُلازَمَت) – to say the same.

#8 Imtihaan Paas Karne Ki Mubarak Baad (امتحاں پاس کرنے کی مبارکباد)

English translation: Congratulation on passing the exam.

The word Imtihaan means exam in Urdu. However, in the Indian subcontinent, this expression is often replaced with an Awwal Darzaa Paane Ki Mubarak Baad (congratulations on getting the first rank) because Desi parents expect nothing less than a first rank or a score of 100/100 from their kids.

#9 Saalgirah Mubaarak Ho (سالگرہ مبارک ہو)

English translation: Happy Birthday.

This is an easy one. In Urdu, birthday is translated as Saalgirah (سالگِرَہ).

congratulations in urdu for wedding

#10 Shaadi Mubarak Ho (شادی مبارک ہو)

English translation: Happy wedding.

Again, this is quite an easy expression to learn as it is the English-to-Urdu translation. Also, do remember to carry a Shagun Ka Lifafa (شگون کا لفافہ) – some money gifted in an envelope as a sign of auspiciousness – to your Muslim friend’s wedding. This gesture itself screams congratulation.

Simple Responses To Urdu Congratulations

Now that we know how to congratulate someone in Urdu let’s also quickly glance at some of the responses to those phrases, such as “Thank You” (Shukriya).

EnglishUrduRoman Transcription
Thank Youشکریہ / نوازشShukriya/ Nawaazish
Thank You So Muchبہت شکریہBahut Shukriya
Thank You Very Muchبہت مہربانیBahut Meharbaani
Thank You For Your Lovely Wordsذرّ نوازی کا شکریہZarra Nawaazi Ka Shukriya
Your Respectآپکا احترامAapka Ehtiraam

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