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Urdu food

Can’t wait to taste Pakistani food in an Urdu restaurant? Well, nobody can blame you! Pakistani food has a unique hint of flavor that you will find nowhere else. From Kabuli pulao to Mutton karahi, nothing can beat the fascinating flavors of these dishes. However, to feel the gist of Urdu food, you must visit Pakistan. While there are many Pakistani restaurants worldwide, I recommend you visit the native land and devour their delicacy from the core.

So, in today’s post, we will learn how to order food in Urdu with all the essential Urdu words and phrases. Although Pakistani people are well acquainted with English, learning Urdu will only help you show love and respect for their culture and bring warm responses. Moreover, if you know Urdu before your journey, nothing will stop you from having an authentic dining experience.

Dining Etiquette In Pakistan

Before we start learning Urdu words concerning food and restaurant, we must have a quick peek at the dining etiquette of Pakistani culture. Since Pakistan is a highly religious and conservative country, it is essential to stay updated.

  1. Elders always sit first at the dining table = Even when it comes to eating, and the younger ones wait for their elders to sit and begin and then start eating themselves.
  2. Accept tea and other refreshments like sweets when served at social events = If you don’t want something like “hookah,” you can gently put your hands on your chest and bow your head. This is a gesture that expresses refusal of something in a polite way.
  3. Pakistani people love to offer extra servings = Sometimes, they might also get forceful. However, don’t lose your calm. It is their tradition and very common for the locals to behave that way. You can gently deny the offer or accept it if the person forces too much.
  4. When meeting, one person offers to pay for the meal = The locals take great pride in that, and you must not refuse it or pay it back with money. Instead, you can buy a gift or pay the next time. However, the scenario might be different if you are hanging out with your close friends.

How To Order Food In Urdu

We will begin with all the phrases and words you need in a Pakistani restaurant to order food. The terms are given under different categories with proper pronunciation so you can easily reach your required tab. So, if you are ready to walk through some Urdu translations, let’s begin!

Order food in Urdu - waiter

Entering The Restaurant

Here is a list of phrases you must know to communicate when you enter the restaurant.

1. Hello! How Are You?

Translation: ہیلو! آپ کیسے ہو؟

The first phrase that you must know is the greeting word Hello. While the most common greeting phrase is Salaam-vaalaikum, where the person being greeted is expected to return a Vaalaikum-salaam. If you want to sound a little modern, you can directly say hello! aap kaisay ho? Doing this will help you get comfortable from the very beginning and reduce all stress of barriers.

2. Do You Have Free Tables?

Translation: کیا آپ کے پاس مفت میزیں ہیں؟

Once you have greeted the staff member, you next must go to the receptionist and ask kya aap ke paas muft mizin hain? This will allow the receptionist to allot a table per your requirement. However, if you visit a roadside cafe, you can quickly look for a table and get comfortable without asking the receptionist. But if you are visiting a proper restaurant, this phrase will come in handy.

3. Can I Have The Menu, Please?

Translation: کیا میں مینو لے سکتا ہوں، براہ مہربانی؟

The next step is to look for a menu. Most restaurants will have a menu ready on their table. However, if you cannot find one, you can raise your hand and say kya mein meino le sakta hon, barah meharbani? While the word “Please” is not usually used by locals in such cases, you can do so if you want to sound polite as a foreigner.

4. Do You Have An English Menu?

Translation: کیا آپ کے پاس انگریزی مینو ہے؟

While most restaurants have an English menu for convenience, you will find a few authentic ones with an Urdu menu. So, if you feel confused and need guidance, you can signal the staff and ask kya aap ke paas angrezi meino hai? This will help you get an English menu.

5. I Want To Order Now

Translation: میں ابھی آرڈر کرنا چاہتا ہوں۔

Once you have the menu and you are done deciding what you want, you can call the waitperson and say mein abhi order karna chahta hon. It will signal to the staff that you are ready to order your food.

Ordering Food In Urdu

Now we will talk about the phrases you will need to order food.

1. I Want To Eat…/ I Want To Have

Translation: میں کھانا کھانا چاہتا ہوں…

When ordering food, you can use the phrase mein khana khana chahta hon. . . and start mentioning your food orders. This phrase is a sign that you want to order the following items.

2. Do You Have…?

Translation: کیا اپ کے پاس ہے…؟

If you want to ensure the restaurant has the desired items before ordering, you can ask kya up ke paas hai… ? This will allow the staff to confirm if the desired food is available and make your choices more concrete before ordering.

3. What Do You Recommend?

Translation: آپ کس چیز کا مشورہ دیتے ہیں؟

Ordering food can be challenging in a new place with a unique cuisine. But, the best way out of such a situation is to ask the local members if they have any recommendations. So, to do that, use the phrase aap kis cheez ka mahswara dete hain? Doing this will let you enjoy your best and leave with no regrets after devouring the delicious food.

4. Can You Repeat The Order?

Translation: کیا آپ آرڈر کو دہرا سکتے ہیں؟

Once you have mentioned everything that you want to order, the food ordering process is done. However, if you are confused and want to hear the staff repeat your order, you can say, kya aap order ko dohra satke hain? Doing this will let the waitperson repeat whatever you have ordered.

In case there is a mistake, you can say یہ میں نہیں چاہتا- yeh mein nahi chahta, which means “That is not what I want.” Once you say that, repeat your order and confirm it once it is correct.

5. That Is All, Thank You

Translation: یہی سب ہے، شکریہ

After you finish all the above processes, you can say yahi sab hai, shukriya to confirm your order. Once done, you can comfortably relax and wait till your food is served at your table. The staff will let you know if it is a cafe with self-service. If not, the food will arrive within 20-30 minutes maximum.

Order Food In Urdu - waiter takes order

Payment And Packing

Let’s now come to billing and the after-process.

1. Can I Get The Bill, Please?

Translation: کیا میں بل حاصل کر سکتا ہوں، برائے مہربانی؟

After you have devoured the flavorful dishes, it is time to ask for the bill. Most restaurants provide the bill when they sense that you are done. However, if you want to call for the bill, you can say kya mein bil haasil kar sakta hon, baraye meharbani? This will get you the bill in no time for the payment process.

2. Can You Pack These?

Translation: کیا آپ ان کو پیک کر سکتے ہیں؟

Pakistani restaurants usually serve heavy portions. So, if you cannot finish it in one sitting, you can ask the staff to pack the items for you. To do that, use the phrase kya aap un ko pack kar satke hain? Now, you can quickly finish the rest in the comfort of your hotel room.

3. Thank You For Your Service

Translation: آپ کی خدمت کے لیے آپ کا شکریہ

Hold on! Before you leave the restaurant, it is polite to thank the staff members for their service. For that, you should say aap ki khidmat ke liye aap ka shukriya. You can also tip the waitperson, although it is not very common in Pakistan.

More Phrases In The Urdu Language

Here is a list of phrases related to food and restaurant to help you understand the language more. Please, give them a good read.

Do you serve beef?کیا آپ گائے کا گوشت پیش کرتے ہیں؟Kya aap gaaye ka gosht paish karte hain ?
I am vegetarianمیں سبزی خور ہوں۔Mein sabzi Khor hon
I don’t eat spicy foodمیں مسالہ دار کھانا نہیں کھاتاMein masala daar khana nahi khata
Can I get a bottle of water?کیا مجھے پانی کی بوتل مل سکتی ہے؟Kya mujhe pani ki bottle mil sakti hai ?
Do you accept card payments?کیا آپ کارڈ کی ادائیگی قبول کرتے ہیں؟Kya aap card ki adaigi qubool karte hain ?
What is today’s chef special?آج کا شیف کیا خاص ہے؟Aaj ka chef kya khaas hai ?
I want more, pleaseمجھے مزید چاہیے، براہ کرمMujhe mazeed chahiye, barah karam
Do you have a vegan menu?کیا آپ کے پاس ویگن مینو ہے؟Kya aap ke paas vagon meino hai ?
What is this?یہ کیا ہے؟Yeh kya hai ?
The food is deliciousکھانا مزیدار ہےKhana mazedar hai
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