5+ Easy Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Slovenian

Happy Birthday in Slovenian

Are you on the lookout for how to say happy birthday in Slovenian like a real pro? You’ve come to the right place!

This post will go through all of the most natural translations that you can use with your Slovenian friends. We will also have a look at some other easy Slovenian vocabulary related to birthdays. Let’s go!

The Most Common Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Slovenian

When it comes to saying a happy birthday in Slovenian, there really is not much that you can use except for these 2 phrases:

Happy birthday Vse najboljše
All the best for your birthdayVse najboljše za rojstni dan

What To Write In Someone’s Birthday Card?

While you could also write the sentences above, here are some other suggestions for what you may write in a card of someone’s birthday in Slovenia!

Happy birthday! May this new year of your life bring you much success and satisfaction.Srečen rojstni dan! Naj ti prinese novo leto življenja veliko uspehov in zadovoljstva.
Dear (name), all the best on your special day. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. May your birthday be just as special as you are.Dragi/a (ime), vse najboljše ob tvojem posebnem dnevu. Hvala, ker si tako čudovita oseba. Naj bo tvoj rojstni dan prav tako poseben kot si ti.
My love, happy birthday. Our time together is my greatest gift.Ljubezen moja, vse najboljše ob tvojem rojstnem dnevu. Najin čas skupaj je moje največje darilo.
Happy birthday! May your life be full of inspiration and achievements.Vse najboljše za rojstni dan! Naj bo tvoje življenje polno navdiha in dosežkov.
Dear mom, happy birthday. Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you!Draga mama, vse najboljše ob tvojem rojstnem dnevu. Hvala za vse, kar delaš za nas. Radi te imamo!
Happy birthday. May your day be full of happiness, health, and joy.Vse najboljše ob tvojem rojstnem dnevu. Naj bo tvoj dan poln sreče, zdravja in veselja.
Congratulations on your birthdayČestitke ob tvojem rojstnem dnevu

How To Sing Happy Birthday In The Slovenian Language

Now that we have an idea of how to masterfully greet someone with a happy birthday in Slovenian, let us now enhance your knowledge about this Slavic language by giving you the correct translations of how to sing the basic Happy Birthday song. Please remember that the tune to be used here is just like the regular happy birthday song, so you do not have to worry about ever going out of pitch.

EnglishSlovenianImportant Note
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to [Name]
Happy birthday to you!
Vse najboljše za te
Vse najboljše za te
Vse najboljše, dragi/draga [Name],
Vse najboljše za te
The terms draga and dragi both refer to “dear.” In order to prevent confusion, do remember to only use draga when referring to a female celebrant and dragi when male. 
The cake has candles
Each a thousand wishes
Let everything come true
Dear birthday boy/girl
Torta svečke ima
Vsaka tisoč želja
Naj se vse ti izpolni
Dragi slavljenec/Draga slavljenka
The word torta means cake while svečke refers to candles. On the other hand, želja means wishes. Also, please remember that Dragi slavljenec is for males and the other one for females.
Family celebrating a birthday

How Do Slovenians Celebrate Birthdays?

Wherever you are in the world, greeting someone in a language close to their heart is the best way to start the connection and make the other person feel special. Who doesn’t want to ever feel the center of the universe on their birth date at the end of the day? In the case of Slovenia, the locals have a very unique tradition in how they celebrate it.

Unlike other countries where the celebrant is the one always being surprised with a cake and a party, Slovenian celebrants actually arrange the celebration themselves and pay for those whom he or she invited. In addition, the locals there also celebrate a particular name day which is technically also a birthday based on the Catholic saint that they are named after.

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Birthday snacks

How Do You Say Birthday In Slovenian?

The word for a birthday in Slovenian is rojstni dan.

As you probably noticed from the translations above, the Slovenian language makes use of two particular words in almost all instances and that includes vse and najboljše. As a rule of thumb, do remember that vse literally means all in the English language, while the other word refers to the best. Therefore, whenever we greet someone, we are literally saying “all the best.”

Today, you’ve already learned so much words and phrases related to Slovenia, but here are some other simple ones that might come in handy when you’re planning your bestie’s birthday party:


Common Questions About Slovenian Birthdays

How Do You Pronounce Vse Najboljše?

Vse najboljše is a Slovenian phrase that means “all the best” and is commonly used to wish someone a happy birthday. it would sound like “v-seh nai-bol-yeh-sheh”.

Are There Any Special Birthday Foods Or Desserts In Slovenia?

Yes, people in Slovenia, will prepare special delicious dishes and desserts for someone’s birthday. These often include regional Slovenian specialties, like potica, or kremšnita.

Is Saying Happy Birthday Similar In Slavic Languages?

Yes, saying happy birthday is somewhat similar across Slavic languages due to their shared roots and cultural nuances. Each language has its unique way of phrasing and pronouncing the greeting, but the overall structure and sentiment are comparable. This similarity highlights the connections within the Slavic language family, making birthday wishes recognizable across different Slavic countries, even though each one adds its own cultural touch.

Ready To Celebrate A Birthday Slovenian Style?

Celebrating birthdays in Slovenian culture involves heartfelt wishes and meaningful traditions. Today you’ve become equipped with all the basic vocabulary what will help you connect with Slovenian friends on their special day! So, grab some cake, light the candles, and get ready to celebrate in the Slovenian style!

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