21+ Best Life-Saving Slovenian Phrases For Emergencies

Planning ahead is the key to a safe and secure life. Life is unpredictable, and you never know what might happen tomorrow. For example, you’re learning Slovenian and with enough planning, you’re able to travel to Slovenia!

So, before you go to this amazing country, take note of the important words and phrases in the Slovenian language. Learn the most useful Slovenian phrases for emergencies that might save you from losing your life. Let’s get started!

Slovenian Phrases For Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

Here in this article, we will make you aware of the most awkward emergencies that Slovenians have to endure. If you are on a visit to Slovenia or living there, we will assist you in knowing what to do in such emergencies in the state of Slovenia.

Many medical crises occur daily in Slovenia. Most common are road accidents due to harsh driving and breaking safety rules on the road. There can be medical emergencies in the kitchen, like cutting yourself with a knife.

For such a situation, there is an ambulance service which is available every time. You should be aware of the ambulance contact number, which is 112, so you can be helped out at the moment.

You should also be apprised of some safety medical emergency tips and tricks so that you can assist yourselves and others. For this having a first aid kit in your car will help.

Let’s look at some easy phrases to use in such unfortunate situations.

Slovenian PhrasesEnglish Translation
bol i meit hurts me
bol i me glavamy head hurts
dušim sei’m suffocating
imam krvavitev iz nosuI have a nosebleed
izpadel m i je zobmy tooth fell out
izpahnil sem s I ramoI dislocated my shoulder
mislim, da imam srčn I napadI think i’m having a heart attack
mislim, da sem s i zlomil roko/nogoI think  I broke my arm/leg
moja glava utripamy head is throbbing
moram k zobozdravnikuI have to go to the dentist
ne dihahe’s not breathing
ne diha / prenehal je dihatihe’s not breathing / he stopped breathing
ne morem dihatiI can not breathe
ne vidimI can not see
noče se zbudit i / ne morem je zbuditishe doesn’t want to wake up /  I can’t wake her up
noga me bolimy leg hurts
oč i me bolijomy eyes hurt
opekel sem seI got burned
urezal sem seI cut myself
začela sem porodI went into labor
zgodila se je nan accident happened


Crime/robbery is highlighted as one of the most prevailing emergency cases in Slovenia. It mainly occurs in local streets, houses and rooms, banks, and other lodgings. 

If you are trapped in any such situation, you should immediately call the police. The police emergency number in Slovenia is 113, which is obtainable 24/7. 

There are strict rules and punishments from the government of Slovenia for such crimes and emergencies.

Here are some of the best phrases that could help you bring the attention of the general public and higher authorities in case you ever get robbed/mugged.

Slovenian WordsEnglish TranslationSlovenian WordsEnglish Translation
hekerhackerprekoračitev hitrostispeeding
kibernetski kriminalcyber crimetatvinatheft
kraja identiteteidentity thefttihotapljenjesmuggling
kraje v trgovinahshopliftingtrgovina z ljudmihuman trafficking
krajotheftudari in bežihit and run
krivo pričanjeperjuryugrabitevkidnapping
motenje posestitrespassingvlomburglary
nasilje v družinidomestic violencevohunstvoespionage
nemiriunrestvožnja pod vplivom alkoholadriving under the influence of alcohol
obrekovanjedefamationzločina crime
plenjenjeplunderingzloraba otrokchild abuse


Harassment is the following expected behavior occurring mostly in many local and private areas. In many places, citizens are sometimes not safe from such emergent situations. Many harassment cases are happening daily globally.

If you or someone else is stuck in such an incident, you should immediately call to police, but firstly you should defend yourself on your own. 

In addition, people should be coached with some defense techniques to help them cope with such situations. They should shout at that moment so that someone will come to help them out.

It’s not possible to always call the police, especially in the initial stage. If the harassment is stopped in its early stages, it saves an individual from getting into worse situations. Let’s look at some phrases that can assist you in tackling the problem of harassment.

Slovenian PhrasesEnglish Translation
gotovo ste me zamenjali z nekom, s katerim mislite, da lahko tako govoriteyou must have mistaken me for someone you think you can talk to like that
ne moremI can not
ne žvižgaj name, to je nadlegovanjedon’t whistle at me, that’s harassment
nehaj se me dotikatistop touching me
nehajte nadlegovati ljudistop harassing people
ni mi všeč.I do not like.
nikomur ni všeč.nobody likes it.
oprostite!excuse me!
pojdi stati tamgo stand there
pokazati nekaj spoštovanjashow some respect
stojiš preblizuyou’re standing too close
umakni se od meneget away from me
zaradi tega se počutim neprijetno.it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Slovenian Phrases For Emergencies

General Slovenian Phrases For Emergencies

Now that we have discussed most of the situations related to emergency/crime, we would like to tell you about some of the most general phrases that will work in all conditions.

Here is a list of all the phrases you should use to describe or respond to an emergency.

Slovenian PhrasesEnglish Translation
ali govoritedo you speak?
bolan semI’m sick
govorite angleškoDo you speak english
imate kako prosto sobodo you have a spare room?
kako lahko pridemhow can i come
kako sihow are you
kako vam je imewhat’s your name
kje živitewhere do you live
koliko je urawhat time is it
koliko stanehow much does it cost
koliko ste starihow old are you
mi lahko pomagatecan you help me
moje ime jemy name is
od kod stewhere are you from
pomirite secalm down
star semI’m old
vam lahko…you can…
vam lahko pomagamCan I help you
zelo slabovery poor
zelo ste prijazniyou are very kind

Emergency Situations In Slovenia

As mentioned above, life is unpredictable, full of unexpected, urgent, and strange experiences where sometimes life, property, or place is in danger. In short, our daily life is a bumpy road full of hurdles and challenging situations but as said, “God helps those who help themselves” we can give a push to the hard times wisely.

In such hectic conditions, we should know how to respond to emergencies, either to call the police if it is a matter of stealing, assault, and other similar cases or if the issue needs to be handled by doctors in case the patient’s life is at risk.

Wrapping Up

If you speak English, then this South Slavic language spoken in Slovenia could give you nightmares. Slovenian is a Slavic language that is relatively different from the other common languages. Knowing English, Slovenian, and other Slavic languages could open up doors of many opportunities for you, for instance, in the European Union.

You can learn about the most basic words in the Slovenian language on the Ling app. You can also learn about many everyday life Slovene expressions and Slovene phrases to help you strike up a conversation with native speakers. If you are wondering where to start, then the Slovenian alphabet is the best place to get started.

Also, check out more Slovenian culture by reading Slovenian clothes vocabulary and Slovenian food. Acquire the knowledge of any new language in the most accessible ways on the Ling app.

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