No Afrikaans On Rosetta Stone? 7 Best Options

If you’re a keen language learner and would like to keep up with the latest news on language learning apps, you’ll know that there’s no Afrikaans on Rosetta Stone. The central reason for this is that other world languages dwarf Afrikaans. Rosetta Stone only has 24 languages because it takes time and money to create a new course. Today we’re going to look at a little of the history of Rosetta Stone, why you should learn Afrikaans, and what are your best language learning alternatives to Rosetta Stone.

The History Of Rosetta Stone

To avoid some confusion, it is worth mentioning that there is an actual Rosetta Stone that the language learning company is named after. The original Rosetta Stone is a rock dating back to ancient Egypt that has 3 ancient languages carved on it, all outlining the same message. Because all three languages have the same message, it has been an invaluable tool for archaeological translators.

However, the Rosetta Stone we’re interested in is the oldest, longest surviving language learning software. The company was founded in 1992 by Allen Stoltzfus, a computer whizz who wanted to bring language immersion concepts into the computer age.

The company started by sending out CD Roms to language learners before moving into the app market. Rosetta was listed on the New York Stock exchange in 2009.

What Is Afrikaans?

Afrikaans is a very curious language. It is spoken in a few countries on the Southern tip of Africa(the main one being South Africa), making it one of many African languages; however, it evolved from a Dutch dialect. To understand how this came about, you have to know a little of the history. Dutch settlers came to South Africa and brought the language, and then because it was cut off from Holland, it began to morph into its own dialect over time. 90% of the vocabulary is still Dutch, and differences lie in grammar, pronunciation, and morphology. There is mutual intelligibility between the two, although it isn’t perfect.

No Afrikaans On Rosetta Stone

Why Should You Learn Afrikaans?

  1. For work. South Africa has the second biggest economy in Africa after Nigeria, with a nominal GDP of $415billion. Africa generally is a massive growth market and is expected to go from strength to strength as the century progresses. Of course, many people you’ll be doing business with will also speak English, but it shows a special kind of commitment and willingness to your potential partners if you speak Afrikaans.
  2. Make yourself valuable. This relates to the first reason. If you make your skillset unique, it is difficult for employers to overlook you. 
  3. Respect. It shows a tremendous amount of respect to speak another person’s language. This is true both at work and during leisure time. Making people feel valued is one of the most valuable things you can do as a friend or colleague.
  4. Compete with younger people. It is a fact of life that younger people are getting smarter and showing a more diverse set of skills. If you’re a little more advanced in your career, you have to learn to compete with people coming into the job market. 
  5. Improve cognitive abilities. This is true not just of Afrikaans but any language you could wish to learn. Numerous studies have shown that learning a new language improves memory as well as overall neuroplasticity. This is something much needed in a world of social media that reduces our attention spans and makes us dumber.
  6. Understanding more about your own culture. It might sound counterintuitive, but the more you study another language, the more you look for similarities in your own language, which makes you think about why your culture does things that way. 
  7. Speak in secret. This last one is a little silly, but if you can speak Afrikaans and so can your friend, you can basically have a secret conversation out in the open, and nobody is going to have a clue what you’re saying.
No Afrikaans on Rosetta Stone

What Are The Alternatives To Rosetta Stone For Learning Afrikaans?

  • Youtube. Being part of a community is vital for learning the Afrikaans language. As we’ve already discussed, there’s no Arikaans on Rosetta Stone, but there’s a lot of it on Youtube. Embed yourself in a social network of dedicated language learners. The best we’ve been able to find on Youtube is Learn Afrikaans with Afrikaans Pod 101. com
  • Preply. Although apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Ling have speaking functions on their apps, the best thing you can do is find a tutor on Preply to practice your new language with. Many language learners say it is this give and take that really improves their speaking abilities.
  • Learn Afrikaans With Ling

Learn Afrikaans With Ling

So we know an Afrikaans Rosetta Stone course isn’t coming any time soon. So how are you going to learn a second language?

Ling is undoubtedly the best option for Learning Afrikaans. We weren’t content to stop at 20, 30, or even 40 languages. Ling has 60 languages, all designed and developed by a dedicated team. This may shock you, but native speakers record all our audio. That means no awkward accent.

This is unique among instant immersion Afrikaans courses. Along with audio, we have speaking, writing, reading, and grammar practice. Subscribe now and gain access to Afrikaans as well as the other 60 languages.

Keep following our blog. We don’t have an Afrikaans blog, but you might find useful things like other app reviews: iTalki vs. Quizlet and general language tips: 5 best languages to learn in 2022.

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