10+ Easy Russian Vocabulary About Transportation To Learn

Curious to know Russian vocabulary about transportation? If the answer is yes, keep reading! In this blog post, you will learn more about Russian transportation words and the general transportation system in Russia. Sound interesting?

After reading this post, you’ll be able to speak some handy Russian phrases for whenever you travel to Russia or are in another Russian-speaking territory next. If you want to learn Russian, be sure to keep reading!

What Are The Modes Of Transportation In Russia?

Planning to visit Russia? Here’s what to expect in terms of transportation! By knowing these, not only will you be able to have an idea of what you might be dealing with when you travel there, but you’ll be able to utilize these different modes of transportation with more ease.

russian vocabulary about transportation

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is Russia’s metro system. Not only is this known for its magnificent interior, but the majority of the Russian population goes around the city through this. With this mode of public transportation, you can definitely sight-see and explore Russia easier and faster because of how convenient it is.

Considered to be one of the world’s busiest subway systems, you can surely go out and about in a beautiful country like Russia in no time!


If you like to be outdoors and discover places on your own, you might want to consider renting a bike when you can. Not only does this lessen your carbon footprint, but it can definitely save you time when it comes to queuing for a ride as well as money for the fare.

While most Russians have cars, they are also transitioning to using more bikes because of how much easier and better it is for them to go from one place to another instead of lining up for a bus or train ride. Keep in mind that while renting bikes as a form of transportation is nice, you might not have enough knowledge in the areas that you want to explore. To avoid getting lost, better to download Google Maps just to be safe!


This is a very common mode of transportation in any country that you might be going. Though it can be a bit pricey during rush hour or when you are stuck in traffic, hailing a taxi when you are lost or when you are out at night is a very safe option for you.

If you are a tourist and you want to go from a certain place to another without having to think too much about which route to take, you might just want to take a taxi, especially if you have the budget for it!


One of the best ways to also immerse yourself in the city and to feel like a local is to ride the bus. Besides the fact that it is very easy to understand and go about the city in, it will save you a couple of dollars since it is a public transport!

Essential Russian Vocabulary About Transportation

Now that you already know the different modes of transportation in Russia, it’s time to learn some words and phrases about it! Not only will this help you learn the Russian language better, but you’ll feel more prepared for your travels.

transportation russian vocabulary

CarАвтомобиль (Avtomobil’)
BusАвтобус (Avtobus)
BicycleВелосипед (Velosiped)
TrainТренироваться (Trenirovat’sya)
Bus stationАвтобусная остановка (Avtobusnaya ostanovka)
Train stationЖелезнодорожная станция (Zheleznodorozhnaya stantsiya)
TaxiТакси (Taksi)
TramТрамвай (Tramvay)
TransportationТранспорт (Transport)
OverpassЭстакада (Estakada)
ShipСудно (Sudno)
YachtЯхта (Yakhta)
BoatЛодка (Lodka)
AirplaneСамолет (Samolet)
TruckГрузовая машина (Gruzovaya mashina)
SubwayМетро (Metro)
ScooterСамокат (Samokat)

Russian Phrases About Transportation That You Should Not Miss!

Where is the station?Где станция? (Gde stantsiya?)
Where can I ride the bus?Где можно покататься на автобусе? (Gde mozhno pokatat’sya na avtobuse?)
How can I get to…Как мне пройти… (Kak mne proyti…)
Where is the subway?Где находится метро? (Gde nakhoditsya metro?)
How much is the fare?Сколько стоит проезд? (Skol’ko stoit proyezd?)
Can you tell me which bus I should ride?Могу я узнать, на каком автобусе мне ехать? (Mogu ya uznat’, na kakom avtobuse mne yekhat’?)
What train should I take from here?Каким поездом я должен сесть отсюда? (Kakim poyezdom ya dolzhen sest’ otsyuda?)
How long is it until the next stop?Сколько осталось до следующей остановки? (Skol’ko ostalos’ do sleduyushchey ostanovki?)

These Russian words and phrases will definitely help when you are traveling around Russia! Not only will you be able to communicate better, but you might even make a couple of friends out of your travels.

While Russian might have a reputation as being one of the most challenging languages to learn, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With the right learning resources, you can learn any language you want!

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russian vocabulary about transportation

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