50+ Essential Words To Improve Your Croatian Business Vocabulary

The business world can be a minefield, especially when doing business in a foreign language. When doing business in Croatia, you must be armed with at least a few words and phrases to boost your Croatian business vocabulary. In this blog, we will be looking at ways in which you can improve your Croatian business vocabulary.

As well as boosting your chances of connecting more successfully with your Croatian business partners, learning how to act and behave in a business meeting in Croatia is bound to help you get that new deal signed. In this blog, we will be taking a look at essential business words in this beautiful language and business phrases that will make you sound more professional, as well as give you a few top tips on the dos and don’ts of how to act when you meet your new Croatian business partners.

Communication And Croatian Business Vocabulary

In Croatia, softly spoken or shy people are seen as vulnerable and weak, so some assertiveness and confidence are needed when in business meetings. When on a business trip, it is important to maintain eye contact as it is seen as a sign of respect. Croatians tend to have a dry sense of humor and enjoy a touch of sarcasm. Although you may not understand the sarcasm immediately, it is not meant as anything more than some friendly teasing, and your new friends will expect to receive some gentle ribbing in return.

Croatian Company

Personal space should be respected, but don’t stand too far apart, as this will appear cold. When making small talk expect to talk about where you are from and your family. Avoid starting conversations about personal problems or money, as this will come across as a weakness and make your hosts a little uneasy.

Business Croatian

Although Croatian business is generally quite formal, your new colleagues may invite you to join them in a less formal environment so they can get to know both sides of their new partner.

Croatian Business Vocabulary

Speak Croatian

When it comes to language, most younger Croatian business people will be able to speak English fluently. However, it is important to do your research, as turning up to a meeting without an interpreter when one is required could cause embarrassment for everyone involved.

Learn Croatian

Whether or not the meeting is to take place in English or Croatian, it is a good idea to come equipped with at least a few words and phrases you have learned in Croatian as the most effective way to break the ice with the native speakers.

Documents and written communication are important aspects of any business deal. However, Croatians feel it is essential to have face-to-face communication to look into their business partner’s eyes and see how committed they are to the new project.

Personal Titles

When using your Croatian business vocabulary with colleagues, it is important to call them by their proper titles. Most professionals are referred to according to their position at work or educational qualifications. If you are unsure, “Gospodin” for Mr, “Gospodja” for Mrs, and “Gospodična” for Miss can be used ahead of a person’s surname. Do not use the first name until you are permitted to do so as these are reserved for family and close friends.

Titles in Croatian

Essential Croatian Business Vocabulary

Administration uprave
Agreement sporazum
Auditor revizor
Balance of payments bilans plaćanja
Banking bankarstvo
Bond veza
Business poslovanje
Budget proračun
Commodity roba
Content sadržaj
Credit kreditna
Data podaci
Debt dug
Deflation deflacija
Demand zahtijevajte
Details pojedinosti
Economy ekonomija
Equity kapital
Enterprise poduzeće
Entrepreneur poduzetnik
Expense trošak
Finance financije
Fiscal policy fiskalna politika
Fraud prijevara
Gold zlato
Hyperinflation hiperinflacija
Income prihod
Industry body tijelo industrije
Inflation inflacija
Input ulazni
Joint account zajednički račun
Leverage poluga
Loan zajam
Loss gubitak
Marketing marketing
Measure mjera
Money novac
Monopoly monopol
Mutual fund uzajamnog fonda
Net value neto vrijednost
Pay platiti
Price cijena
Producer proizvođač
Profits dobiti
Quarter četvrtina
Quota kvota
Recession recesija
Retail maloprodaja
Sales prodajni
Savings štednja
Security sigurnosti
Service servis
Stock zaliha
Supply opskrba
Tax porez
Trade association trgovačko društvo
Unemployment nezaposlenost
Yeild prinos

Top Tips For Doing Business In Croatia

  1. Always maintain eye contact while speaking to someone. Not keeping eye contact could imply that you have something to hide.
  2. Use a firm handshake. A weak handshake may be taken to indicate a weak personality.
  3. Remain standing until you are invited to take a seat. You may have been allocated a place to sit, and it would be embarrassing to take somebody else’s seat.
  4. Be on time. Punctuality is a most important aspect of Croatian culture.
  5. Do not be impatient. Business in Croatia may appear slow, but it is very important to adhere to protocol.
  6. Remember that many businesses in Croatia will close for the whole of the month of August.
  7. Do not try to book any meetings on a Friday afternoon, as many Croatians will start their weekends after lunch on a Friday in order to get out to the countryside.
  8. Before more serious business is discussed and you begin to use your Croatian business vocabulary expect to engage in small talk.
  9. Initial meetings may be conducted by a middle manager rather than the top dog as they are meant to be introductions.
  10. Correspondence should be addressed to the company and not an individual. This means even if that person is absent, the correspondence will be dealt with.

Dress Code And Gift Giving

Croatian business is conducted under a formal dress code. Gentlemen are expected to wear a suit with a jacket and tie. Women are also expected to dress formally and without being too revealing. Small presents like a souvenir from your home country are appropriate, but expensive gifts may cause embarrassment. Gifts are not expected at initial business meetings.

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