Spoken Languages In Croatia: #1 Best Guide

Planning to visit Croatia but don’t know what to expect? To get started, you might want to get acquainted with the spoken languages in Croatia! By knowing this, you will be able to prepare yourself in case you ever find yourself in the middle of a miscommunication.

Not only that, but learning the spoken languages used in Croatia is a great way to learn more about the beautiful and magical country of Croatia and learn Croatian. If this is something you want to know more about, read on!

Will You Experience Any Language Barriers When You Go To Croatia?

According to the Foreign service institute, the Croatian language is relatively different from the English language and has a reputation of being quite challenging and complex to learn. That being said, if you plan on visiting or living in Croatia, you may need to spend a lot of time mastering its native language.

 Spoken Languages In Croatia

But, the good and impressive news is that most Croatian citizens are actually multilingual and can speak a variety of languages, not just Croatian. Having said that, if you are scared that you might experience a lot of miscommunication when talking to locals, you can let go of that fear now. Like other countries in the Europe, most of the locals and citizens can speak as well as understand English.

Top Spoken Languages In Croatia

When you visit Croatia, you will definitely hear people speaking a variety of languages. This includes other slavic languages like Bosnian and Serbian.

Language #1: Croatian

This language is definitely a given because it is the official language of Croatia! Though it is notorious for being a very complex language, this is one of the very many languages learners gravitate towards due to its interesting history. Not only that, but it is a part of the greater family of Slavic languages, which means learning the language will actually make it easier if you decide to learn other Slavic languages.

Language #2: Bosnian

Since they are part of the same language family and their countries are relatively geographically close to one another, Bosnian is a very common language to hear in Croatia. Keep reading to find out how you can learn this amazing language!

Language #3: Serbian

Aside from Bosnian, many Croatians speak Serbian too. If you compare the two languages side by side, Croatian and Serbian, you’ll probably notice that there isn’t much difference between them. This means that you already know Croatian or are in the process of learning Croatian, that it’ll be relatively easy for you to learn Serbian. Having said that, remember that they are still considered separate languages.

Language #4: English

Yes, English is also widely spoken in Croatia. This means that if you want to tour around Croatia or its neighboring countries, you don’t need to worry so much about not being able to speak Croatian or other Slavic languages. Of course, if you’re in Croatia, it’ll be much more beneficial for you if you can speak the local language, such as Croatian or even Bosnian.

Words And Phrases To Help You During Your Visit To Croatia!

You don’t have to be a native speaker of the Croatian language to enjoy Croatia! But, it doesn’t hurt to know a few basic Croatian words and phrases in case you come across someone that can’t speak English or your native language. Plus, you’ll make a good impression by speaking Croatian to them!

Thank youHvala vam
You’re welcomeNema na čemu
Please help meMolim te pomozi mi
Where is the bus station?Gdje je autobusni kolodvor?
Where is the police station?Gdje je policijska postaja?
Good morningDobro jutro
Good afternoonDobar dan
Good eveningDobra večer
Can I buy this?Mogu li kupiti ovo?
How much is this?Koliko je ovo?
I am lostIzgubljen sam
Can you help me?Možeš li mi pomoći?

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 Spoken Languages In Croatia

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