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Hello, my dear readers and travelers of the world. A quick question. Have you, like me, been looking for a new travel destination, an unexpected new route? One that quietly sleeps under everyone’s radar, one that will make the traveler’s blood inside you rush with great joy because it is so good and affordable? Oh—wait a second… I think I might know just the country for us. Yes, traveling in Poland would be so exciting!

Poland is abound with historically rich architecture, vibrant cities, amazing food, kind people, breathtaking old towns, top-tier Christmas markets and affordable goods. If any of these, if not all, sound like “oh yeah” to you, then, my friends, I think you may want to visit Poland! Hear me out while I tell you how you can plan a trip to Poland and help you learn some Polish phrases to survive there!

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Poland

Despite all the amazing things mentioned above, Poland might not always be most travelers’ number one destination. “It’s cold and grey” and “I have no clue what they have over there” are probably the first few thoughts that come to people’s minds when Poland is mentioned. And then they make it to Czechia or Germany, its famous neighboring countries, instead.

And here’s a thing… I think people are missing out on something very special because Poland is probably one of the most underrated countries out there. Here’s a few reasons why.

1. Warsaw: The Historical Capital City

Unlike what you may think of this ex-communist city, Warsaw, one of Poland’s many UNESCO-listed world heritage, is a colorful global city that tells an incredible history and the bright future. You can look through its past through the lens of the Warsaw Rising Museum while the future lies within the tall buildings, towering over old Soviet construction, showing the country’s determination to rise as Europe’s new powerhouse.

And believe it or not, Warsaw is a city with melodious streets and parks. With the late world-famous pianist, Chopin, being from Poland, you will be able to find piano concerts, from free to very costly, anywhere.

2. Poland Has Everything!

Located right in the heart of Europe, Poland, also known as Polska or the Republic of Poland, is hugged by many famous amazing countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And with its geographical location, Poland is blessed with a lot of unexpected destinations.

Looking for unbelievable mountain views, ski resorts and hiking experiences?

Looking for a summer destination?

Wanting to learn more about the tragic World War II?

Wanting to experience an incredibly beautiful European city that is budget-friendly?

Wanting to experience amazing nightlife?

Oh yeah, my friends, Poland has answers to all these! And you can find out which city is right for you in the sections below!

3. Great Public Transportation

Most big cities and towns in Poland are very well-developed and organized. And with its public transportation being very efficient, traveling in Poland will be a piece of cake for you!

4. It Is A Great-Value Travel Destination

  1. Food: You will be able to easily get by with about $10 to $20 per person per meal, which is very affordable compared to what you would have to pay in the Western European countries. And if you like cooking, groceries here are such a bargain!
  2. Accommodation: Hotels and Airbnbs are significantly cheaper here than those in the neighboring countries. So you will sleep soundly at a comfortable price.
  3. Free activities: With so many beautiful forests, out-of-a-movie old towns and well-sustained historical sites, you will find yourself roaming around all day without ever reaching to your pocket at all. Oh and did I mention that you can also visit so many excellent museums without spending a dime!

5. Perfect For First-Time Solo Travelers

With most of the major cities in Poland being easy to navigate and generally very safe, you will find yourself feeling comfortable getting around and exploring all the beautiful nooks and crannies. There will also be tourists anywhere you go so you will most likely never be without company.

Moreover, the locals are friendly and willing to help. Although they may not appear very smiley or try to start a small talk with you, if you need help they will gladly give you a hand.

In summary, you can expect to get an unforgettable experience and travel safely like a king and queen in Poland without having to pay big bucks at all!

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Tips For Traveling In Poland

1. Bring The Right Currency

Keep in mind that they don’t use euros here. The Polish currency is Polish złoty, pronounced zwoty. Although credit cards are accepted everywhere, it doesn’t hurt to exchange some cash just in case!

2. Stock Up On Saturdays

The reason for this is because most stores in Poland, just like in a few other countries in Central Europe, are closed on Sundays. So if something essential or your favorite food is running out, stock up!

3. Wear Well-Worn Shoes

With so many stunning walkable paths, national parks and historical sites in Poland, most likely, you will be walking a lot. So don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes!

And fun facts—Warsaw is one of the most walkable cities in the world. So safe some money and explore on foot!

4. Learn Some Polish!

I have been told a few times while planning my trip to Poland that Polish people appreciate when visitors make effort to learn some Polish. And surely, that is what we are going to do in the next section. Let’s go!

Useful Words And Phrases For Your Trip To Poland

As exciting as it is to be in a completely new country, I know how intimidating it feels to have little to no knowledge of the country’s language. I felt the same way during my travels to the Polish land!

“What if I run out of data and get lost?” Although English is widely spoken by the Poles as it is their second language taught in schools, well, better safe than sorry, am I right? So, we are going to go through a few handy words and phrases together and I’m sure you will be completely fine in Poland after this!  

Thank youDziękujęJen-koo-yeh
Good morningDzień dobryJane-doh-brih
Good eveningDobry wieczórDoh-brih vyeh-choor
Good nightDobranocDoh-brah-notes
I don’t speak PolishNie mówię po polskuNyeh moo-vyeh poh pohl-skool
Do you speak English?Mówisz po AngielskuMoo-veesh poe ang-yell-skool
How are you?Jak się masz?Yahk shay mahsh

If you crave a more in-depth lesson and would like learn to introduce yourself and greet people in Polish, then downloading the Ling app should be the first thing to do!

What Are The Best Foods To Try In Poland?

This is a BIG question since Poland’s food scenes are second to none. From hearty warm dumplings to irresistible donuts, Poland has everything ready for you. Here are some mouth-watering recommendations you might want to check out:

1. Bar Mleczny (bar m-lesh-ni) Or Milk Bar

This neither a dish nor a bar that serves milk. Milk bars are what you may consider as the remaining of the country’s Communist era. And here, you can find cheap government-subsidized food that is no less tasty than any other you can find in top-rating restaurants.

2. Pierogi (pee-eh-roh-gee) Or Stuffed Dumplings

These are THE DUMPLINGS of Poland. They are filled with either meat, vegetables, cheeses or something sweet like chocolate. You can find them in both cooked or fried versions, and seriously anywhere because it is probably the most famous dish in the country.

3. Żurek (zhu-rek) Or Sour Soup

If you are looking for an ultimate soup that will warm your soul, Żurek, made of sour rye flour and meat, known as the Polish’s national dish, is the only right answer for you!

4. Pączki (pooch-key) Or Traditional Polish Doughnuts

A meal cannot be truly finished without something sweet and Pączki, the Polish doughnuts, definitely won’t let you down. These deep-fried donuts with their unique sweet fillings and icing on top will make your day, I DONUT lie! 

polish donuts with jam with icing for traveling in poland

Which Cities In Poland Should I Visit?

There is no one answer to this question because Poland sure has countless charming destinations. You type a name of a Polish city on Google and it’s beautiful and worth visiting, again! That’s why traveling in Poland could sometimes be a blessing and a headache at the same time. So, here I have gathered a few recommendations to help you decide.

If you would like to see…

  1. A quaint town with the backdrop of the highest the mountain range in Poland, Tatra, and striking scenery that is as spectacular as the famous Swiss Alps, DO NOT MISS Zakopane.
  2. A getaway coastal city with a summery charm, give the tri-city Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot a visit.
  3. A city with lots of activities, nightlife scenes, unbelievable salt mines, as well as an old town fully preserved from the WWII time and a day trip to Auschwitz, you are destined for Kraków.
  4. A city with a laid-back atmosphere, historical charm and a unique activity: gnomes-hunting, it’s Wroclaw.
  5. A world-class city with everything from deep history, architectural monuments to shopping streets, suitable for your first time traveling in Poland: Warsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Trip to Poland

1. Is It Expensive To Visit Poland?

Answer: No, it is not expensive. Compared to the Western European countries, Poland is considered very budget-friendly. Staying away from the super touristy areas, you will be able experience the European spell with half the price!

2. Is Poland Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Yes, Poland is among the safest countries for solo female travelers. It is overall a very safe destination as it has a low crime rate. But as always, be aware of your surroundings and don’t choose the sketchy paths!

3. Is Poland Tourist Friendly?

Yes, Poland is tourist friendly. Not only is it affordable to travel around the country, but Polish people are quite hospitable.

4. Do People Speak English In Poland?

Yes! Most younger Polish people speak English! Although you will experience some language barriers in smaller towns, you will be completely fine within any big city of Poland.

5. What Time Of Year Is Best To Visit Poland?

September is the best time to visit Poland if you are a fan of nature and want to witness the golden Polish autumn. Otherwise, you can plan to visit Poland from April to June for the pleasant weather. Bonus points: all the cities won’t be packed yet!

6. How Many Days Should I Spend In Poland?

It depends on your plan but I would recommend you to spend about 10 days there in total, with three days to get through all the essential landmarks in Warsaw and the other six in Wroclaw and Kraków, considering you may need to spare some time on the buss or train.

This amount of time will be flexible enough for you to not feel strained. And if you have more than 10 days, even better! You can spend loads of time in this country without ever running out of things to do.

Have Fun Learning Polish with Ling!

I hope that my humble words have gotten you hooked in visiting and learning more about Poland by now. I mean, don’t believe everything I say. Go see and experience it for yourself. Catch that flight and enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer.

But hold on! If you find yourself in need of some language preparations, you may take a look at these useful Polish phrases and then make sure to check out the Ling app, where you will find all the fun ways to learn hard languages, including Polish.

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