Say Thank You In Nepali: 15+ Easy Ways

Thank You In Nepali

Saying “Thank you,” “धन्यवाद,” “Dhan’yavāda” is another way of showing respect and gratitude. Learning to say Thank you in Nepali helps you talk politely with locals.

Nepal is a beautiful country with many awe-inspiring features. Nepalese value both their culture and their official language, “Nepali.” So, if you are going to Nepal, you should know how to say “Thank you” “धन्यवाद “Dhan’yavāda” in Nepali. 

Thank you in Nepali is one of the most important phrases to learn because it is useful in various situations. You can use this to ask for directions, order food, go shopping, and have other everyday discussions. It is also a gesture of courtesy and respect among the people in Nepali culture. So, before visiting Nepal, you must learn some basic words from Ling App to talk nicely with natives. 

Thank You In Nepali

Thank You In Nepali formal

Formal Ways To Say Thank You In Nepali

One of the best means to say thank you in Nepali is “Dhrai dhrai dhan’yavda!” “धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद!” If you want to be formal, this is the appropriate sentence for you to use.

You can never go wrong with the formal style as a foreigner and non-native speaker. So, this is your go-to phrase for practically every occasion, such as getting services from restaurants or asking for directions. Remember that in Nepali culture, respect is the ultimate key! Here are some basic phrases (formal) to say “Thank you”

English phrasesPronunciationNepali phrases
Thank you!Dhan’yavāda!धन्यवाद!
Thank you so much!Dhērai dhērai dhan’yavāda!धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद!
I appreciate your effort.Ma tapā’īkō prayāsakō kadara garchu.म तपाईको प्रयासको कदर गर्छु।
My sincere thanks.Mērō hārdika dhan’yavāda!मेरो हार्दिक धन्यवाद!
Please accept my deepest thanks.Kr̥payā mērō gahirō dhan’yavāda svīkāra garnuhōsकृपया मेरो गहिरो धन्यवाद स्वीकार गर्नुहोस्
My thanks and appreciation.Mērō dhan’yavāda ra praśansāमेरो धन्यवाद र प्रशंसा

Informal Ways To Say Thank You In Nepali

Thank someone close to you who is the same age or younger than you in an informal way. Remember to differentiate between formal and informal means; otherwise, the locals can easily misunderstand you.

For example, in an informal situation with a colleague, say, “Hello and thank you for….” You can translate the above phrase in Nepali as “नमस्ते र धन्यवाद …” pronounced “Namaste ra dhan’yavāda…” Read more informal phrases below.

English wordsPronunciationNepali words
Thanks a bunch!Ēka gucchā dhan’yavāda!एक गुच्छा धन्यवाद!
You are the best.Tapā’īṁ sabai bhandā rāmrō hunuhuncha!तपाईं सबै भन्दा राम्रो हुनुहुन्छ!
Thanks, buddy!Dhan’yavāda, mitra!धन्यवाद, मित्र!
You are awesome!Timī ēkadama rāmrō chau!तिमी एकदम राम्रो छौ!
I cannot thank you enough.Ma tapā’īnlā’ī paryāpta dhan’yavāda dina sakdina.म तपाईंलाई पर्याप्त धन्यवाद दिन सक्दिन।

Other Basic Sentences To Say Thank You In Nepali 

Besides formal and informal ways to say thank you, there are many other methods. For example, to thank a stranger, introduce yourself by saying, “Hi! My name is…, and thank you for the….” “नमस्ते! मेरो नाम हो … र यसको लागि धन्यवाद …” “Namaskar! Mero Naam ho… Ra yasakō lāgi dhan’yavāda…” 

If you are communicating for the first time with a local person, your greeting should be polite and humble.

Also, understand that speaking Nepali is essential to deal with the Nepali clients in a company.

English phrasesPronunciationNepali phrases
Thank you for your assistance.Tapā’īṅkō sahayōgakō lāgi dhan’yavādaतपाईंको सहयोगको लागि धन्यवाद
Accept our appreciation for…Kō lāgī hāmrō praśansā svīkāra garnuhōs…को लागी हाम्रो प्रशंसा स्वीकार गर्नुहोस् …
I do not know what to say.Kē bhanum̐ ra khaiके भनुँ र खै
Thanks a lot!Dhērai dhērai dhan’yavāda!धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद!
Bundle of thanks!Dhan’yavāda kō banḍala!धन्यवाद को बन्डल!
Thank you in Nepali no problem

Common Ways To Respond To Thank You

You should also know how to respond to a thankful sentiment. So, make the counter contact and say, “You are welcome!” “तपाईलाई स्वागत !” “Tapā’īlā’ī svāgata cha!” Respond to everyone politely and stay thankful. Read more words from the table below. 

English wordsPronunciationNepali words
You are welcome!Tapā’īlā’ī svāgata cha!तपाईलाई स्वागत छ!
No problem!Samasyā chaina!समस्या छैन!
Do not mention it.Yasalā’ī ullēkha nagarnuhōs!यसलाई उल्लेख नगर्नुहोस्!
My pleasure!Yō mērō khusīkō kurā hō!यो मेरो खुसीको कुरा हो!
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