Introducing Yourself In Nepali – 5 Easy Steps

To learn a new language means you have one more window from which you can look at the World. Being a traveler and visitor to Nepal, introducing yourself in Nepali is like opening a new way of greeting people.

People keep traveling and searching for new things to open. While visiting new places like Nepal, you need to introduce yourself to make a sincere connection with people. Do you want to visit a place where you cannot talk to anyone? If you cannot talk to anyone, how could you greet new people and make new friends? Learn to introduce yourself before visiting your desired country. If you are going to talk to Nepalese or plan to visit Nepal, you need to introduce yourself in Nepali. Prepare yourself and start learning the Nepali language to meet new people and explore the area.

Nepali (नेपाली) is the official language and an Indo-Aryan language of the sub-branch of Eastern Pahari. The people have spoken of Nepal and Bhutan. Grammar and vocabulary in Nepali are a bit different from many other languages in India. If you want to communicate with people while visiting Nepal, you should learn the Nepali language. Begin your journey of understanding Nepali and learn the most out of it. 


Basic Steps Of Introducing Yourself In Nepali

Introducing Yourself In Nepali

1. Greetings In The Nepali Language

Introduce yourself in Nepali is not accessible if you do not understand and speak the language. So, when you want to communicate with someone, you feel the utmost desire to know the local people’s language. At this stage, review the Nepali language guide and try to say some basic greetings in Nepali. So, break the ice and say namaste (Hello) to start the conversation. Here is the list of common greetings in Nepali.

English Nepali Pronunciation
Hello! नमस्ते namaste
Good morning शुभ – प्रभात Śubha – prabhāta
Good evening शुभ सन्ध्या Śubha sandhyā
Good night शुभ रात्री Śubha rātrī
How are you? तिमीलाई कस्तो छ? Timīlā’ī kastō cha?
Thank you धन्यवाद Dhan’yavāda
It’s been so nice यो धेरै राम्रो भयो Yō dhērai rāmrō bhayō
Nice to see you तिमीलाई भेटेर खुसी लाग्यो Timīlā’ī bhēṭēra khusī lāgyō
Welcome स्वागत छ Svāgata cha

2. Introducing Yourself In Nepali

After presenting warm greetings, introduce yourself by presenting your name. Begin with saying,” I am John/ Lavista.” Nepali characters “I” means “Ma (म)” and “am” means “Hum (हुँ).” Put Ma and Hum together, and then add your name at the end. It will sound like I am John “Ma Johna Hum (म जोन हुँ).” Expressing your gratitude is a sign of respect. Show your respectful gestures by having a beautiful smile on your face. It is an excellent start to introducing yourself to Nepali.

3. Introduce Your Profession In The Nepali Language

By knowing some essential words and phrases in Nepali, you can greet people, but you should pronounce your profession to continue the introduction. Sharing something like a profession shows that you want to continue the talk. Especially when another person is of the same profession as yours, you have more room to stay tuned in the conversation. For example, in Nepali, if you want to say “I am a teacher,” you can speak it like “Ma siksaka Hum.” A list of some of the professions is given below.

English Nepali Pronunciation
Farmer किसान Kisan
Architect नक्शा वा रुपरेखा तयार पार्ने व्यक्ति Nakśā vā ruparēkhā tayāra pārnē vyakti
Engineer इन्जिनियर Injiniyara
Doctor डाक्टर Dactara
Actor अभिनेता Abhineta
Lawyer वकिल Vakila
Pharmacist फार्मासिस्ट Pharmasista
Designer डिजाइनर Ḍijā’inara
Salesperson बिक्रेता Bikreta
Beautician ब्यूटीशियन Byutisiyana

4. State Your Nationality

Meeting people from different countries is exciting. You can explore their way of living by learning their culture and traditions. By knowing each other’s nationality, you can become friends with foreigners. It will help in the future if you find a chance to visit your friend’s country. Learn to mention your nationality in Nepali.

English Nepali Pronunciation
Hong Kong हंगकंग HangaKanga
China चीन Cina
Taiwan ताइवान Tā’ivāna
Singapore सिंगापुर Singapura
Japan जापान Japana
UK बेलायत Belayata
Germany जर्मनी Jarmani
Malaysia मलेशिया Malesiya
Brazil ब्राजिल Brajila
Italy इटाली Itali

5. Sharing Hobbies In Nepali

While introducing yourself in Nepali, you can mention your hobbies to get more comfortable and friendly. Being a foreigner, you are representing your country, staying polite and friendly to show the best side of your state. If you want to continue the convo, try to speak essential words and share your hobbies in Nepali. Here are the names of some of the common hobbies.

English Nepali Pronunciation
Book Reading किताब पढ्ने Kitaba padhne
Singing गायन Gayana
Dancing नाच्दै Nacdai
Watching TV टिभी हेर्दै Tibhi herdai
Traveling यात्रा Yatra
Painting चित्रकला Citrakala


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Introduce Yourself In Nepali

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Whenever you try to communicate with people in Nepali, you do not have to open the browser and google the words. Ling App will facilitate you with every word. It is time to think out of the box if you are planning a trip to Nepal. Learn Nepali and speak with locals to explore further. Moreover, for instance, search and read the relevant blog posts about Nepali question words and Nepali alphabets and spellings.

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