7 Useful Lines To Introduce Yourself In Armenian

Introduce Yourself In Armenian

Want to learn how to introduce yourself in Armenian before your journey begins? Then this is exactly what you need. Get to know some of the essential words and phrases that are easy to memorize and absolutely useful to make yourself home smoothly once you land in Armenia. 

The Armenian language is, no doubt, one of the hardest languages in this diverse world. But isn’t it fascinating to know the basic phrases that help you introduce yourself in Armenian without fumbling? Such knowledge is especially a necessity for someone who loves traveling. Knowing some of the typical Armenian words will make you look like a pro-Eastern Armenian speaker in front of the native people, leaving behind a sophisticated and intellectual impression of your overall personality. If you are eager to learn, let’s get right into it! 

How Do You Introduce Yourself In Armenian?

It might seem pretty troublesome to learn a new language initially, but it is not elusive. Just the utterance of the basic local lingoes can make a huge difference to your presence among the locals and bring in a warm and polite response. So, let us first begin with the greeting words, eventually touching the phrases that will help you introduce yourself in Armenian fluently and effortlessly.

Barev Dzez (Բարեւ Ձեզ)

English translation: Hello

Barev dzez is the most common way of greeting someone in Armenian when you first meet them. It is the first thing you would want to say before familiarizing your name or other details.

Barev Dzez is basically the formal version of “Hello” in Armenian. Barev, however, is the shorter and more informal version of the same word. So, if you are meeting a local friend or someone expected, you can greet barev.

Inchpes ek? (Ինչպես ես)

English translation: How are You?

After you greet barev to your fellow mate, asking “inchpes ek?” is the next right thing to do. This phrase means “How are you?”. It is also a formal way of starting a conversation with someone in Armenian.

If you are more acquainted or close with the person, you can use a different clause, “Vonts es?” It is the informal version with the same meaning but a more casual and friendly tone.

Yes Lav Yem! (ես լավ եմ)

English translation: I am well!

You must be wondering what you would reply if the person reverts with the same question. Don’t worry! The answer to this is literally the easiest phrase in the Armenian language. You just have to utter lav yem or yes lav yem, which means “I am well” or “I am fine”. 

Im Anunae… (Իմ ԱՆՈՒՆՆ Է…)

English translation: My name is…

Now that we are done with the greetings, we come to the principal phrase that starts your personal introduction. As you might have already evaluated, “Im anunae..” is the Armenian form of saying “My name is…” You just have to attach your name post anunae to complete the construction.

It is one of the most significant lines you should memorize by heart to introduce yourself in Armenian appropriately. Without your name, no person would feel comfortable conversing with you, nor will you get an answer in return. 

Dzer Anun Inch e? (Ձեր անունն ի՞նչ է: )

English Translation: What is your name?

Dzer anun inch e also belongs to the same category of words that relates to knowing a name. However, this phrase is a question rather than an answer. If you want to ask for the other person’s name first, you can use this phrase, which means, “What is your name?”. 

While that was a formal version, anuned inch e is an informal version of the same. And when the person replies with “Isk dzere”, meaning “What is yours?’, you can then pronounce your own name.

Yes tsnvel Yem (ես ծնվել եմ)

English Translation: I am from…

Once you are accustomed to the names, the next thing that will come up is the place that you come from. If they question first, you can answer with yes tsnvel yem. For instance, if you are from America, you can utter, yes Amerikayits’ yem

In case you wish to alter the scenario, use the phrase “Vorteghits’ yes?” This is to ask, “Where are you from?”. Then they would reply with the respective area they belong to within Armenia. 

Urakh Yem Tsanot’analu Hamar (ուրախ եմ ծանոթանալու համար)

English translation: Nice to meet you!

After the introduction is thru, it is always nice to express the delight of meeting the person. The phrase Urakh Yem Tsanot’analu Hamar will do the favor to you. This line in English means “Nice to meet you”. 

So, whenever you introduce yourself to a person, always remember to say Urakh Yem Tsanot’analu Hamar as it leaves a very civil impression of your character and nature. 

Introduce Yourself In Armenian From A Dialogue Point Of View

Introduce Yourself From A Dialogue Point Of View

Since you are aware of the phrases now, let us quickly recapitulate them and set them as a short introduction dialog in Armenian. We will apply all the words we just learned and place them in the correct positions so that you get a better idea.

A: Hello! How are you? (Barev, inch’pes yes?)

B: Hey! I am fine. Barev! (Yes lav yem.)

A: What is your name? (Dzer Anun Inch e?)

B: My name is Sarah, what is yours? (Im anunae Sarah e, isk dzere?)

A: Eri. Where are you from? (Eri. Vorteghits’ yes?)

B: I am from America. (Yes Amerikayits’ yem.)

A: Oh, Nice to meet you. (Oh, urakh yem tsanot’analu hamar.)

B: Nice to meet you, Eri. (Urakh yem tsanot’analu hamar, Eri.)

Other Important Armenian Words

Apart from the phrases mentioned above, there are additional words that you should be aware of.

Have a great day.լավ օր անցկացրեքLav or ants’kats’rek’
You look beautiful.տեսքդ հրաշալի էTesk’d hrashali e
See you again.ԿտեսնվենքKtesnvenk’
Let us meet more.եկեք ավելի շատ հանդիպենքYekek’ aveli shat handipenk’

If you want to learn more basic Armenian words, you can check here!

Make Armenian Your Second Language

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