#1 Best Guide On Saying Beautiful In Armenian

Beautiful In Armenian

There’s always something special about learning a new language—each word is like a small treasure in a chest of linguistic diversity. Today, let’s delve into the chest of the Armenian language and linger on one such gem – the word ‘beautiful’. A simple word, yet so deep in meaning and used in so many contexts. Read on below to get to know the simple words to express beautiful in Armenian like a total native speaker today!

What Is Beautiful In Armenian?

Before we get lost in the diverse flora of the Armenian language, let’s remember our precious gem: ‘Sirun‘ (սիրուն). A beautiful word for a beautiful thing, sirun is the direct translation of ‘beautiful’ in Armenian. For instance, you could tell a friend about a painting you saw:

  • “Anush e ayn sirun nkar” (Անուշ է այն սիրուն նկար) – “That painting is very beautiful,”

Or about an enchanting sunset:

  • “Sirun e ayrerq” (Սիրուն է այրերք) – “The sunset is beautiful.”

But just like in any language, there are variations for this word that you can use. In Armenian, ‘Dzaghig‘ (Ձագիկ) is a gorgeous synonym for ‘beautiful’. It’s typically used when referring to things that are small and charming, like a flower or a kind gesture. For example, if you come across a delightful little café, you might say:

  • “Dzaghig e ayn kafe” (Ձագիկ է այն սրճարան) – “That café is charming.”

You can also use ‘Zoravur‘ (զորավուր) – a unique twist on ‘beautiful’, often used to describe something grand or majestic, like a historical monument or an epic landscape. Imagine it as a hearty main course in your linguistic feast. On your next trip to Armenia, standing at the foot of the breathtaking Mount Ararat, you might find yourself exclaiming:

  • “Zoravur e Ararat leard” (զորավուր է Արարատ լեռը) – “Mount Ararat is majestic.”
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How To Intensify Beautiful In Armenian

Has someone ever left you utterly spellbound by their beauty, and your regular vocabulary just couldn’t do justice to their mesmerizing charm? Fear not, intrepid language explorer, for Armenian has something up its linguistic sleeve! Let’s unravel how to intensify the word ‘beautiful’ when talking about people, to ensure you’re always armed for those speechless moments.

Here’s how you can charge it up, from the simplest to the jaw-dropping Armenian equivalents:

  • Very beautiful: Both “Bardzr sirun” (բարձր սիրուն) and “Shat sirun” (շատ սիրուն) have you covered. So, if a gorgeous passerby catches your eye, you can either exclaim “du bardzr sirun es” (դու բարձր սիրուն ես) or “du shat sirun es” (դու շատ սիրուն ես) – both meaning “you are very beautiful.”
  • Most beautiful: To hail someone as the epitome of beauty, use “Amsarajin sirun” (ամսառաեւին սիրուն). Picture your favorite Armenian celebrity – say, Arpi Gabrielyan – you’d describe her as: “Arpi Gabrielyan amsarajin sirun e” (Արփի Գաբրիելյան ամսառաեւին սիրուն է) – “Arpi Gabrielyan is the most beautiful.”
  • Extraordinary beauty: Combine “Tarberakavay dun” (տարբերակավայ դուն) – meaning ‘extraordinary’ – and ‘sirun’: “Du tarberakavay sirun es” (դու տարբերակավայ սիրուն ես) – “You are extraordinarily beautiful.”
  • Bewitching beauty: The Armenian word “Sev sirun” (սեւ սիրուն) works fabulously when referring to someone’s mesmerizing, dark beauty. So, if you’re describing a person with a bewitching aura, you’d say: “Du sev sirun es” (դու սեւ սիրուն ես) – “You are bewitchingly beautiful.”
Other Compliments In Armenian

Other Compliments In Armenian

Now, we don’t want to lead you to believe that beauty is the only sentiment worth expressing in Armenian. Oh no! This language is teeming with compliments that’ll make your conversational counterpart feel like a million dram! Sit back and strap in, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of hearty Armenian compliments beyond ‘beautiful’.

EnglishArmenian ScriptArmenian Pronunciation

Basic Sentences In The Armenian Language

When giving compliments, it’s essential to use words that genuinely represent your feelings. In this section, you’ll learn basic sentence structures to offer compliments in both English and Armenian. You can fill in the blanks using the words we’ve previously discussed.

  1. You look _______ today.
    • Armenian: Դուք արեք _______ այսօր։
    • Pronunciation: Duk arek _______ aysoor.
  2. That outfit is _______ on you.
    • Armenian: Այդ հագուստը է _______ քեզ վրա։
    • Pronunciation: Ayd hagust`e e _______ kez vra.
  3. The way you styled your hair is _______.
    • Armenian: Ինչպես որ դուք ձեր մազերը ուզեցիք, այն _______.
    • Pronunciation: Inchpes vor duk jzerr mazery uzetsik, ayne _______.

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Alright, Linguistic Trailblazers! Now that you’ve unlocked the secret art of complimenting in Armenian, it’s time to put it into practice. Our linguistic journey shows us that learning a language is not just about the words we say, but the connections we create, and the worlds we discover through them.

Think back to how just a few minutes ago, you had no idea how to say “beautiful” in Armenian, and now it’s sitting in your vocabulary chest, ready to leap out and make someone’s day. That’s the power of language learning, isn’t it?

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