Say Good Night In Nepali: 20+ Interesting Ways

In Nepali, saying good night means wishing someone well in the evening or night, especially when they leave or plan to sleep. In this blog, we will learn how to wish Good night in Nepali. For an instant answer, it is translated as “शुभ रात्री” and pronounced as “Śubha rātrī.”

Nepali is the official language of the Indian state of Nepal. It is a widely spoken language in many states of India.

Saying good night lets the other person know that you think about them till the last moment of the day. Moreover, after a lovely day with the other person, saying good night is a gesture of saying “Goodbye,” “अलविदा,” “Alavidā.” 

Saying good night is as important as it is to say good morning. As you know, Morning greetings are the first things we deliver at the start of the day. So, to greet Nepali people, you must learn some basic greetings with the Ling App.


Why Should We Learn To Say Good Night In Nepali?

The Nepali language has a diverse cultural history. So, knowing Nepali will help to break down geographical barriers. Nepali people are extremely kind and welcoming. They are warm and friendly to guests when they meet them, even for the first time. 

You will better connect with Nepalese when you speak a few Nepali phrases. These Nepali words will make your trip to Nepal more enjoyable and unforgettable.

When we learn someone’s native language, we increase our chances of making a personal connection. If you happen to run into them late at night, wish them Śubha rātrī. Believe me when you say that they will feel ultimate happiness and joy. 


Common Phrases To Say Good Night In Nepali

Good Night In Nepali

A common way to say good night in Nepali is “Śubha rātrī!” However, many other ways sound sweet too. For example, “sweet dreams,” when spoken in Nepali, means “Miṭhō sapanā!” “मिठो सपना!” 

Consider another example of wishing your friend and sister good night. Say “Have a comfortable night!”. The phrase’s Nepali translation is “Ārāmadāyī rāta bitā’unuhōs” “आरामदायी रात बिताउनुहोस्।.” 

Thus, like above, there are many other simple phrases for saying good night. Follow the table below to learn more phrases in Nepali. 

English phrasesPronunciationNepali phrases
Good night!Śubha rātrī!शुभ रात्री!
Sweet dreams!Miṭhō sapanā!मिठो सपना!
Sleep well!Rāmrōsam̐ga sutnuhōs!राम्रोसँग सुत्नुहोस्!
Until tomorrow!Bhōli sam’ma!भोलि सम्म!
Have a comfortable night.Ārāmadāyī rāta bitā’unuhōs.आरामदायी रात बिताउनुहोस्।
Try to sleep well.Rāmrōsam̐ga sutnē prayāsa garnuhōs.राम्रोसँग सुत्ने प्रयास गर्नुहोस्।
Sleep early!Cām̐ḍai sutnuhōs!चाँडै सुत्नुहोस्!
Turn off the lights now!Aba battīharū banda garnuhōs!अब बत्तीहरू बन्द गर्नुहोस्!

Basic Words Related To Night And Sleep In Nepali

The word “Dream,” “Sapanā,” “सपना” answers the question that says, “What do you wait for while sleeping? If you are ever asked, “How was the night?” you can answer the question, “It was sleepy.”

You see that words and phrases sound sweet and warm-hearted in Nepali. Moreover, Nepali people appreciate it when you speak in their language.

Good Night In Nepali

Learn Nepali whether you have to take the help of radio lessons, a language class, or apps. The world is full of opportunities, so pick the right path and follow it. Learn to say “Night,” “Rāta,” “रात,” or “Midnight,” “Madhyarāta,” “मध्यरात”

When you are a tourist, say good night politely. Being polite is not too formal, but it is also not too informal. So, if you are a newbie, you can start with these basic words related to sleep and night. Follow the table below to learn more Nepali words. 

English wordsPronunciationNepali words
NighttimeRātakō samayaरातको समय
SleepyNidrā lāgnēनिद्रा लाग्ने
Sleep on it!Yēsmā suta!येस्मा सुत!
Lie down!Bhu’īm̐mā palṭēra basnu!भुईँमा पल्टेर बस्नु!

Other Useful Phrases For Good Night In Nepali

Good Night In Nepali

If you are visiting your partner in Nepal for the first time, you should go on a date and have a cup of coffee. But, on the date, do not make an excuse or wait to understand your partner’s language. Instead, learn a few lines before going.

Learning the basics and some useful good night phrases in the Nepali language is mandatory. Consider the example, “Have a comfortable night” Nepali translation “Ārāmadāyī rāta bitā’unuhōs” as a gesture of saying “Goodbye.”

Many other related phrases will make your life easy and comfortable.

English phrasesPronunciationNepali phrases
Can I turn off the lights?Kē ma battīharū banda garna sakchu?के म बत्तीहरू बन्द गर्न सक्छु?
Maybe you should sleep and try again tomorrow.Sāyada tapā’īṁ sutnu parcha ra bhōli phēri prayāsa garnuparcha.सायद तपाईं सुत्नु पर्छ र भोलि फेरि प्रयास गर्नुपर्छ।
Do not go to sleep around midnight.Madhyarātamā sutna najānuhōs.मध्यरातमा सुत्न नजानुहोस्।
Dream some good dreams.Kēhī rāmrā sapanā dēkhnus.केही राम्रा सपना देख्नुस् ।
Have a comfortable night.Ārāmadāyī rāta bitā’unuhōs.आरामदायी रात बिताउनुहोस्।
It is time to ride the rainbow to dreamland.Sapanākō dēśamā indrēṇī caḍhnē samaya hō yō.सपनाको देशमा इन्द्रेणी चढ्ने समय हो यो।
Night time!Rātakō samaya!रातको समय!
Good night, sweetheart!Śubha rātri, priya!शुभ रात्रि, प्रिय!
Dream of the moon!Candramākō sapanā!चन्द्रमाको सपना!
Close your eyes and have a sweet dream.Āphnō ām̐khā banda garnuhōs ra mīṭhō sapanāharū hērnuhōs.आफ्नो आँखा बन्द गर्नुहोस् र मीठो सपनाहरू हेर्नुहोस्।


Some Basic Greetings In Nepali 

When you meet the person for the first time, you usually say “Hello!” However, if you meet a Nepali person, you should know to say hello in the Nepali language. So, say “Namaste” when you greet Nepali people.

Basic greetings are the fundamental ways to show that you are kind and humble. But how does it sound if you say “Hello!” and people do not understand your language? It will sound awkward. So, to avoid all the awkwardness learn some basic greetings before visiting Nepal

Learn to say “Good Morning!” and “Good Night!” in Nepali. 

English phrasesPronunciationNepali phrases
Good morning!Śubha – prabhāta!शुभ – प्रभात!
Good afternoon!Śubha di’um̐sō!शुभ दिउँसो!
Good evening!Śubha sandhyā!शुभ सन्ध्या!
Good night!Śubha rātrī!शुभ रात्री!
Good day!Śubha dina!शुभ दिन!
Welcome!Svāgata cha!स्वागत छ!
Nice day!Rāmrō dina!राम्रो दिन!


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Good Night In Nepali

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