30 Best Danish Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Danish Slang Words

Are you curious about the best Danish slang words to sound like a local? Knowing slang expressions and using them with Danish people could give the impression that you are very knowledgeable of the language and culture.

It can also help show respect for the habits and customs of the locals—Danes like it when foreigners try to be part of the culture. In addition, using a few slang words or phrases can make you look cool if you go to Denmark.

Best Danish Slang Words You Should Know

Best Danish Slang Words You Should Know

Learning Danish can be more enjoyable when you know and can use some slang words. The local language is filled with expressions and phrases that have particular meanings. It is common to encounter idioms when speaking with others or hearing someone say them.

You could get pretty confused if you do not realize the difference between idioms or words with literal meanings. Fortunately, we have gathered a great collection of Danish words that you can add to your vocabulary to sound very sophisticated and cultured.

Here are the best Danish phrases and words to use as slang:

  • Det er fedt – It is awesome (The Danish word “fedt” is often used to indicate that something is really good or great or to emphasize it)
  • Det var rigtigt hyggeligt – It was very hygge (“Hygge” is a Danish expression used to describe a lovely cozy evening with friends and family)
  • Seriøst? – Seriously? (It is used when expressing doubts and asking for confirmation)
  • Sindssygt – Crazy (It is said when someone wants to tell that something is excellent)
  • Skidegod  – It literally means “shit good.” (It is used to signify that something is exceptionally good or brilliant, such as a good day or a beer. It can be used only concerning objects, achievements, etc… You can’t use this word to indicate a person)
  • Fedt – Cool ( It is used concerning a thing or a situation. If you wish to say that someone is cool, it is better to use the word “sej”)
  • Hvor Lækkert – Delicious (This is a word used to say that guy or girl is hot, but even objects and situations can be designed with this word)
  • Kanon – Cannon ( It is another expression that means that something is fantastic)
  • Kender du det? – Do you know that? Or do you know what I mean? (It is a question asked to other people for confirmation that they are following what you are saying)
  • Skønt – Wonderful, great, lovely
  • Sådan – Literally means “such,” but it signifies “like that” (It is generally used to say someone did an excellent job)
  • Det er ingen ko på isen – There is no cow on the ice (It is a slang phrase that means “There is no problem”)
  • Klap lige hesten – Shut up (It literally means “Pat the horse,” and it is used to tell other people to relax and slow down. It could be compared to the English expression “hold your horses”)
  • Jeg har det som blommen i et æg – It literally means “I have it like the plum in an egg” (It signifies “I feel like an egg yolk,” indicating that a person feels comfortable and fulfilled)
  • Det blæser en halv pelican – It’s blowing half a pelican ( it is a slang expression that means that it is too windy)
More Danish Slang Words To Practice

More Danish Slang Words To Practice With Your Friends

  • Spis lige brød til – The direct translation is “Eat straight bread” ( It signifies ” have some bread with that” used to tell others to take a break, especially after a lot of hard work)
  • Hold da helt ferie – Then take a full vacation (It is an expression that expresses surprise)
  • Milde Moses – Literally translates into “mild Moses,” but it means “gentle Moses.” (It can be used instead of Jesus Christ)
  • Rimelig vissen – Reasonably withered (It means to be really drunk)
  • Læsehest – Reading horse (It is used to refer to a person that is reading a lot)
  • På god fod – Literally translates into “on a good foot” (it is an expression to say that you are on good terms with someone)
  • Hygge – It translates into the English word “fun.” (It signifies an atmosphere of peace, joy, and coziness)
  • Forelsket – It means “in love” (it is used when someone wants to say to be madly in love with someone. It is also used in Norwegian to indicate similar feelings of love)
  • Bagstiv – It means to be drunk and have a hungover
  • Hils – Greetings ( it is one of the Danish greetings used to tell others to say hello to someone else)
  • Arbejdsglæde – Job satisfaction
  • Uoverskuelig – Unmanageable ( It is used to say that someone cannot deal with the task at hand)
  • Orke – It is slang that means ok
  • Jo – It actually means ‘yes,’ but it is used to answer negative questions
  • Skægget i postkassen – the beard in the mailbox (It means to be caught doing something wrong)

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