3+ Best Way To Say How Are You In Danish

If you are thinking of ways to start up quality conversations in Denmark, one great way to start is by asking how are you in Danish. Asking if someone is feeling okay is a great way to show your concern and build up meaningful conversations from there. Therefore, in today’s article, we will be exploring the standard Danish words and phrases for how are you and other alternative ways you can ask if someone is feeling okay. Let’s get right in!

How Do Danes Greet?

Every culture has its ways of greeting and showing respect. For example, the Indians will prefer a small bow and putting their palms together as a way to greet an elderly person, while the English speakers may be okay with a wave or hug depending on the cordial relationship of both individuals.

Danes, however, are easygoing people and prefer the informal situation of things. It isn’t surprising that you will see your new Dane friends calling you by your first name and being informal with you after a couple of meetings.

how are you in danish greetings

When greeting, a simple handshake and direct eye contact are expected when greeting friends in Denmark. Ensure you shake the hands of women first before going to the men, and also try to shake their hands as well before leaving. However, depending on the relationship you have with the person, another form of greetings, such as a hug or wave, is acceptable too.

Also, keep in mind that you have to greet everyone when you meet a group of people. Greeting just the person you know may look disrespectful to most Danes, and a handshake with direct eye contact is okay.

How To Ask How Are You In Danish

Let’s take a look at the most common way of asking how are you in Denmark in both formal and informal situations.

Formal Situation

In a formal situation, let’s say a business meeting or a school setting, the most common way to ask how are you is Hvordan har du det? which means how are you is generally acceptable. Depending on the status of the person, you can decide to add Hr (Mr.) or Fru (Mrs.) to their first name.

Informal Situation

If you are asking a friend or relative how they are doing, here are the common ways to do that. You can use any depending on the situation’s context and your relationship with the person.

What’s up?Hvad så?
How is it going?Hvordan går det?
How have you been recently?Hvordan har du haft det på det seneste?
How are you?Hvordan har du det?
How are you today?Hvordan har du det i dag?
What is wrong?Hvad er der galt?
Hi, How are you?Hej hvordan går det?
Are you well?Er du ok?

Ways To Reply How Are You In Danish

woman greeting

If you are at the receiving end of how are you, here are some great ways to reply.

Thank you Tak
It’s going wellDet går godt
I am not feeling wellJeg har det dårligt
I am fineJeg har det fint
I am okayJeg har det godt
Thank you for askingTak fordi du spurgte
I am not badJeg har det ikke værst.
See you laterPå gensyn


How To Ask How Are You In Return

When someone asks how you are doing, and you want to ask in return. There are two good ways to say that

Og dig? – This literally means And you?. This is one of the most popular ways to ask if the other person is fine. Og dig usually gets the response of Jeg har det fint from the other person.

Hvad med dig? – How about you or Hvad med dig is another way to find out if the other party is okay.

These two ways are the best ways to ask if the other party is doing fine quickly. However, sticking with a simple og dig will get the job done.

Other Danish Phrases You Should Look Out For

In case you are traveling to Denmark, knowing the basic Danish greeting, phrases, and other common words will make your stay more enjoyable. So, we’ve decided to also cover the most popular daily phrases you may need to get by

Good morningGood morgen
Good dayGod dag
What is your name?Hvad hedder du?
You’re welcomeDet var så lidt
I am sorryJeg er ked af det
I don’t speak DanishJeg taler ikke dansk
Thank youTak


Mange Tak! Thank You For Reading!

Thank you for reading. I am sure you were able to get one or two how are you phrases that you will use during your next visit to Denmark. Don’t forget that a short handshake with direct eye contact is good if you are meeting someone for the first time. If you are interested in learning more Danish, then you should try out the Ling App.

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