#1 Best Guide To Transition Phrases In Mongolian

transition phrases in Mongolian

Embarking on a Mongolian adventure? Transition phrases in Mongolian are your lively companions! From snagging the best Buuz dumplings to unraveling the mysteries of the steppes, these linguistic gems weave connections between words, making you a conversational ninja. Master them, and you’ll slide seamlessly through nomadic tales, yak herding insights, and city escapades.

Friends with the locals? Check. Deeper than Gobi desert understanding? Double-check. So, while you soak in Mongolia’s history and herds, toss in some transition magic and useful Mongolian phrases – not just for fluent convos, but for a passport to genuine giggles and hearty khorkhog feasts!

Transition Phrase

Transition phrases sometimes referred to as transitional words or connecting words, these crucial linguistic devices that help keep written or spoken language coherent and easy to follow. These words or short phrases help readers or listeners follow a text’s logical evolution by acting as links between ideas, sentences, or paragraphs. For a composition to be clear and easy to understand, connections between its various elements must be made using transitional phrases.

Think of it like this – they are like the friendly traffic directors of language, helping your words glide smoothly and seamlessly. They’re the ultimate bridge builders, linking ideas, sentences, and paragraphs in a way that’s as satisfying as completing a puzzle. Picture them as your GPS through the maze of thoughts in your writing. They’re the secret sauce that makes everything make sense. Whether you’re cooking up academic papers, whipping up essays, or dishing out speeches, these magical phrases are your communication superheroes, making sure your ideas are delivered with a splash of style and a dash of clarity. So next time you’re in wordy waters, just sprinkle in some transition phrases and watch your ideas sail smoothly!

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Different Transition Phrases In Mongolian

Let’s take a look at the different transition phrases in the Mongolian language.


They are often used to indicate that the new information being presented is related to the previous content or that it is supporting, elaborating, or supplementing the main point.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
In additionнэмж хэлэхэдnemj khelekhed
Moreoverүүнээс гаднаüünees gadna
As wellтүүнээс гаднаtüünees gadna

Example sentence: In addition to his busy schedule, he also volunteers at the local shelter.

In Mongolian: Тэрээр завгүй ажлынхаа хажуугаар орон нутгийн хамгаалах байранд сайн дурын ажил хийдэг.


These devices are utilized to highlight differences or opposing viewpoints and are often employed to build arguments, present counterarguments, or emphasize the complexity of a topic.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
HoweverГэсэн хэдий чGesen khedii ch
On the other handнөгөө талаасNögöö talaas
On the contraryэсрэгээрээEsregeeree
NeverthelessГэсэн хэдий чGesen khedii ch

Example sentence: She was exhausted; however, she still managed to finish the marathon.

In Mongolian: Тэр ядарч туйлдсан; Гэсэн хэдий ч тэрээр марафоныг дуусгаж чадсан.


These devices are employed to help the reader understand the connections and contrasts between the items being compared, making it easier to follow the writer’s line of thought and draw meaningful conclusions. Comparison transition devices are especially useful when presenting analogies, metaphors, examples, or when discussing the relationships between different aspects of a topic.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
In comparisonхарьцуулбалkharitsuulbal
At the same timeнэгэн зэрэгnegen zereg
Likewiseмөн адилmön adil

Example sentence: Just as Sarah enjoys painting, her brother similarly finds joy in playing the guitar.

In Mongolian: Сара зураг зурах дуртай байдаг шиг ах нь гитар тоглохдоо баярладаг.

Order & Sequence

These devices help structure content in a coherent and organized manner, making it easier for the reader to follow the flow of information. These transition devices are particularly useful when describing steps in a process, outlining a sequence of events, or presenting information in a specific order.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
First / first of allэхлээд / юуны түрүүндekhleed / yuuny türüünd
Finallyэцэст ньetsest ni
Previouslyөмнө ньömnö ni
MeanwhileЭнэ хоорондEne khoorond

Example sentence: First of all, let me introduce myself.

In Mongolian: Юуны өмнө би өөрийгөө танилцуулъя.

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These are expressions that smoothly link one topic or statement to another by exemplifying or presenting an example. These words are crucial in helping readers or listeners follow the logical progression of information and comprehend the connections between various concepts.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
For exampleЖишээлбэлJisheelbel
For instanceжишээ ньjishee ni
Such asгэх мэтgekh met

Example sentence: She has a wide range of hobbies, including painting, cooking, and dancing. For example, she recently took up salsa classes.

In Mongolian: Тэрээр зураг зурах, хоол хийх, бүжиглэх зэрэг олон төрлийн хоббитой. Жишээлбэл, тэр саяхан салсагийн хичээлд суусан.

Cause & Effect

These devices help explain why something happened and what resulted from that action or event. They are especially useful when discussing reasons, consequences, or the logical connections between different parts of a text.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
As a resultүр дүнд ньür dünd ni

Example sentence: She aced all her exams; therefore, her GPA improved significantly this semester.

In Mongolian: Тэр бүх шалгалтаа амжилттай өгсөн; тиймээс түүний голч дүн энэ семестр мэдэгдэхүйц сайжирсан.)


These devices help to make the meaning of a statement clearer, address potential misunderstandings, and provide context for the reader.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
In other wordsӨөрөөр хэлбэлÖöröör khelbel
That isтэр болter bol
As mentionedдурдсанчланdurdsanchlan

Example sentence: The project requires a dedicated team with specialized skills; in other words, we need to assemble a group of experts.

In Mongolian: Төсөл нь тусгай ур чадвартай тусгай баг шаарддаг; Өөрөөр хэлбэл, шинжээчдийн бүлгийг цуглуулах хэрэгтэй.


These devices help writers wrap up their ideas, summarize key points, and provide closure to the reader. They are particularly useful when you’re drawing a conclusion, summarizing an argument, or making a final point.

EnglishMongolianRoman Transcription
In conclusionДүгнэж хэлэхэдDügnej khelekhed
In summaryхураангуйkhuraangui
In briefТовчхондооTovchkhondoo

Example sentence: In conclusion, the study shows a positive correlation between regular exercise and improved mental well-being.

In Mongolian: Дүгнэж хэлэхэд, судалгаагаар тогтмол дасгал хөдөлгөөн болон сэтгэцийн сайн сайхан байдлын хоорондын эерэг хамаарлыг харуулж байна.)

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