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25 Common Phrases In Czech With Other Useful Words

May 20, 2021

Hello and welcome! Are you going to travel to Prague? Although you can use English well, knowing some common phrases in Czech will greatly help your travel.

The Czech Republic's official language is Czech, which is spoken by 96 percent of the population. However, fear not, as you can communicate effectively in English, especially in larger cities. Additionally, Czech is closely related to Slovak and Polish languages. Nevertheless, Slovaks and Czechs usually communicate well.

There are 10 million people in the world who speak Czech, most of whom are in the Czech Republic. Czech is a Slavic language, nearly related to Slovak, a language in neighboring Slovakia. Although it is of Cyrillic origin, Czech still uses the Latin alphabet instead of the Cyrillic alphabet. However, it effectively reproduces the sound by adding diacritics and several directed graphs, thereby adapting it to the Czech language.

For many people, Czech is the best Slavic language to learn. Due to its use of the Latin alphabet and seemingly simple phoneme writing (each character represents only one sound). Certain elements may also prove difficult, but learning Czech is a very fulfilling experience, and it can open the doors to learning other languages that are closely related to it. No matter what reason you learn common phrases in Czech, you will get a certain amount of treat.


Why Should You Learn Common Words And Phrases In Czech?

There are so many reasons why people choose to learn a new language, such as Czech. Explaining why you want to learn common phrases in Czech will help your motivation and promote your learning when you may not feel your depth. Although there are many more complex reasons, you should consider the following points when starting your language learning journey:

Travel: Do you know what makes traveling more accessible and more enjoyable? Able to speak the language of the locals.

Business: Knowing the language of business partners will make daily operations smoother.

Improve yourself: Being able to use a target language fluently is very satisfying. It allows you to meet new people and explore more.

Meet new friends: Whether you want to try speaking in your native language or meet new people from different cultural backgrounds, learning a new language is one of the best ways.


Common Phrases In Czech And Other Essential Czech Words

Common Phrases In Czech For Greetings

Common Phrases In Czech - Greetings

Common Phrases In Czech - Greetings

English Czech Pronunciation
Hello Ahoj a-hoy
Good morning Dobré ráno dob-reh ra-noh
Good evening Dobrý večer dob-ree ver-chair
Good night Dobrou noc dob-roo nots
Good bye Ahoj a-hoy
How are you? Jak se máš? yak se marsh
I’m well, and you? Jde to a ty? yee-deh toh ah teh
Good day dobry den Dobry den
Good, thanks Dobře, děkuji dob-je geh-kweh


English Czech Pronunciation
my name is jmenuji se j-menu-ji se
Thank you Dekuji geh-kweh
You’re welcome Nemáš zač neh-my zatch
Yes Ano a-no
No Ne neh-my zach
Excuse me Promiňte proh-min-ee-teh
I’m sorry Omlouvám se om-loh-vaam seh
I don’t understand Nerozumím neh-roh-zah-mim
Do you speak English? Mluvíš anglicky? mloo-vish ang-gli-skee
Please Prosim proh-sim

Questions - Phrases Czech

English Czech Pronunciation
How much is…? Jak moc Je…? yek moht yeh
Where is…? Kde je…? geh-day-yeh
When? Když? geh-dish
May I please have…? Mohu prosim …? mo-hoo pro seem

Eating Out

Common Phrases In Czech - Eating Out

Common Phrases In Czech - Eating Out

English Czech Pronunciation
Beer Pivo peh-voh
Wine Víno vee-noh
Water Voda vo-dah
I don’t eat… Nejiji … nay-yee
I’m a vegetarian Jsem vegetarián sam ve-geh-tar-ree-aan
The bill, please Účet, prosim oo-chet pro seem

Getting Around - Phrases Czech

English Czech Pronunciation
Left Vlevo vleh-voh
Right Pravo prah-voh
Straight ahead Přímo vpřed pree-moh predt
Turn left Odbočit vlevo od-botch-it vleh-voh
Turn right Odbočit vpravo od-botch-it pra-voh
Bus stop Autobusová zastávka au-toh-bu-so-vah zas-taf-kah
Train station Vlakové nádraží vla-ko-veh na-dra-gee
Airport Letiště leh-kish-keh
Entrance Vchod foht
Exit Výstup vee-stoop


English Czech Pronunciation
1 jeden yeh-den
2 dva d-vah
3 tři tree
4 čtyři ch-teh-reh
5 pět pyet
6 šest shehst
7 sedm seh-doom
8 osm oh-soom
9 devět deh-vet
10 deset deh-set
20 dvacet d-vah-set
30 třicet tree-set
40 čtyřicet ch-teh-reh-set
50 padesát pa-da-saat
60 šedesát sheh-deh-saat
70 sedmdesát seh-doom-deh-saat
80 osmdesát oh-soom-deh-saat
90 devadesát deh-va-da-saat
100 sto stoh

Days Of The Week

Common Phrases In Czech - Days Of The Week

Common Phrases In Czech - Days Of The Week

English Czech Pronunciation
Monday pondělí pohn-dyeh-lee
Tuesday úterý oov-teh-ree
Wednesday středa streh-dah
Thursday čtvrtek chtvr-tehk
Friday pátek paa-tehk
Saturday sobota soh-boh-tah
Sunday Neděle neh-dyeh-leh

Some Common Phrases In Czech Emergencies

English Czech Pronunciation
Help! Pomoc! poh-mots
I need a doctor Potřebuji lékaře poh-tree-bo-ee lehk-ah-reh
I don’t feel well Necítím se dobře neh-zee-keem seh dob-jeh
Call the police! Zavolat policii! zah-voh-laat poh-li-zee-yee
Fire! Oheň! o-hen-yeh


Best Apps For Learning Czech Or Any Other Languages

If you speak English, there are many good choices for learning common phrases in Czech or Czech words, whether you are using an IOS or Android device. Here are some examples, each of which provides different utilities when learning the language.

Ling App

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Simply Learn

Simply Learn is a travel language manual that enables you to obtain voice samples, voicing prompts, and learning techniques so that you can learn quickly and find what you need and make sure you are understood.


What Vocly brings to the desktop is the ability to build vocabulary in each language. With fun and engaging mini-games, you can use a combination of sounds, images, and text to practice words on various topics.

Write Me

The purpose of "Write Me" is self-explanatory: learn, improve and master your writing skills—languages ​​like Czech use unique writing scripts, which may be difficult to understand. So, with Write Me, you will be guided through every stroke of all characters or Czech words, during learning common phrases in Czech, to help you recognize and write characters.

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