10 Best Mongolian Food To Try Out Today!

Whether it is to try something new or to explore new cuisine, trying out Mongolian food should definitely be a part of your bucket list! In today’s post, we will not only give you a glimpse of Mongolian cuisine but will also give you an idea of what dishes to try on your next food trip with family and friends! If you are ready to discover the crowd-favorite Mongolian food, keep reading below!


The Mongolian Cuisine

Situated in Central Asia, Mongolian cuisine is definitely a hotspot for a variety of dishes that were influenced by its neighboring countries such as Russian cuisine. Not just that, but it showcases a diverse set of dishes that is a reflection of their country.

Mongolia is not just a country full of charming and scenic places that have retained the majority of their traditions for a very long time, but it is also home to a variety of traditional Mongolian food that is flavorful and fulfilling food.

Typically, Mongolian cuisine is made up of dairy products as well as different types of meat that range from beef to goat meat and vegetables which make these dishes not just be tasty in flavor but also healthy to eat. This makes such cuisine very unique in flavor and in heritage.

If you are interested in knowing about the meals and desserts of Mongolian cuisine or know about the best local foods, continue reading below.


The Best Mongolian Dishes

Whether it is knowing more or having an idea of what food you might want to eat on your next visit to Mongolia, this list might come in handy!

Mongolian Food


This traditional Mongolian dish is typically served during special occasions. Since Mongolia is known to be very simple when it comes to its lifestyle, the same goes for the food that they eat. Bansh is a Chinese dumpling-like meal that is best served with soup or even milk! This savory snack is cooked through boiled water and is seasoned to perfection.

It is unique and a popular Mongolian dish that everyone loves. The dough is stuffed with meat that is seasoned with salt, pepper, and a couple of herbs making it not just easy to prepare but the perfect go-to meal for when you have guests.


Using hot stones that are cooked over coal, this Mongolian food should be on top of your list. Known to many as Mongolian barbecue, this nomadic dish is perfectly eaten without cutlery and just your hands. Usually, the meat that is used for this is goat meat but it is a matter of personal preference as well.

Not just that, but this dish is traditionally served with boiled potatoes as well as a variety of vegetables to elevate the taste and to make the dish more appetizing. With different herbs and spices so season this dish and complement the smoky flavor of the meat, this makes this Mongolian barbeque blend with the flavors making it one of the must-try dishes out there.

Mongolian Food

Guriltai Shul

If you are looking to eat something warm on a cold night, well, say less. Guriltai Shul is the dish for you! This Mongolian noodle soup fuses the taste between the fatty meat and the vegetables that are used, making it taste meaty, savory, and hearty all at the same time.

This Mongolian staple is influenced by Russian as well as Chinese cultures which makes it very rich in cultural heritage. Cool, right? Loved by many, this Mongolian food uses thick and fried noodles as well as perfectly marinated beef to satisfy your taste buds.

Mongolian Food


Another type of dumpling, Buzz is closely similar to Bansh. This meat dumpling that is best served as an appetizer for your guests or your snacks on a busy day is definitely something that you don’t want to miss. This meal is best eaten with the country’s sour milk tea too!

This dish is ideally stuffed with mutton. However, people also use other types of meat when the mutton is not available. The wrapper that is used for these dumplings is relatively thicker than the plain dough that is used for other dumplings. This makes Buzz very filling to eat and a very flavorful taste.

Mongolian Food

Budaatai huurga

This traditional stir-fried rice can be served with anything. It is somewhat similar to those popular rice meals from the Philippines. From Mongolian beef down to boiled meat, Budaatai huurga is the way to go. Filled with shredded beef, added with onion, garlic, bell peppers, and then cumin powder or soy sauce to taste, this meal deserves recognition for how it is delectable and mouthwatering it is.

Whether the rice is freshly cooked or leftover rice is used, it does not change a thing on how Budaatai huurga is one of the best dishes of Mongolian cuisine.

Mongolian Food


Aaruul is Mongolia’s version of dried curd food. Since Mongolia uses dairy products most of the time, it is very inevitable that most of its desserts are from these products as well. It is usually made with cow milk which makes this treat a healthy one, and not under the classification of sinful dessert.

Depending on where you bought it or which region is it from, it can sometimes be sweet or even sour in flavor. Not just that, but because it is made with a variety of healthy ingredients that are also mixed with various choices of milk, it also has a lot of health benefits making it a delicious dessert that is healthy for you!

Mongolian Food


Airag is fermented mare’s milk. And no, it’s not gross as you think it is. It is actually one of their liquors and is considered to be a national drink of theirs. Pronounced as Ayrag, this alcoholic beverage is something that you don’t want to miss out on when you visit Mongolia! It is definitely an experience when you try this traditional drink out.

Mongolian Food


Popular with kids, this Mongolian dessert is known as caramelized urum or caramelized clotted cream. It tastes quite similar to creme brulee but not entirely because of its rougher and thicker texture.

When you come across this dish, you might want to prepare your spoon and stomach because you are in for a treat!


Loved in every home in Mongolia, this Mongolian noodle stew would is one of the most popular dishes in the country because of its unhampered flavor. These handmade noodles which are then plated on with different types of meat and veggies that are oozing with flavor and spice are a must.

Not only that, but the interesting cooking process and how easy it is to prepare it is one of the reasons why this dish is a standout. Tsuivan can be eaten in various ways and can be even served with multiple types of Mongolian food as well!


This Mongolian dessert is something that you should look out for! Popular with kids, it is called deep-fried butter cookies. Though to some it feels more like fried dough than cookies, it is one of the dishes that you should try.

These appetizing and delectable treats make your taste buds jump up and down because of how it is flavorful and delicious! Also, these butter cookies can be found everywhere and can be served with honey or even cheese, and can be even dipped with tea.

These are some of the very few meals that you should definitely try out when visiting Mongolia or if there is a Mongolian restaurant near you. It features a variety of meat, vegetables, and delectable treats that make your taste buds satisfied. From Mongolian barbecue to anything stir-fried, these Mongolian dishes are a must.


Yum, Right? What’s Next?

Mongolian Food

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