#1 Guide To Amazing Malayalam Wedding Traditions

malayalam wedding traditions

In the heart of Kerala, the southern state of India, lies an inexhaustible minefield of cultural grandeur—the enchanting Malayalam wedding traditions. These enthralling matrimonial ceremonies transcend mere expressions of love; instead, they weave an entrancing fabric of age-old customs, metaphorical rituals, and profound sentiments.

Let me take you into a fascinating odyssey as we delve into the glory of Malayalam nuptial rituals in this post. Trust me! This is a great way to learn about the culture, especially if you are planning to travel to Kerala. Let’s begin!

Wedding Styling Tips To Reflect Malayalam Culture And Art

Here are some of the standout style features and traditional wedding attire prominently displayed as part of the Kerala Hindu wedding traditions:

Temple Jewellery

Instead of the customary bridal ornaments, such as pearl, meenakari, diamonds, and polka, embrace the eternal beauty of exquisite gold jewelry for the grandeur of Malayali weddings. Temple jewelry radiates timeless elegance, providing a majestic, regal touch to any outfit.

Kasavu Saree

Enjoy the appeal of the iconic white and gold Kasavu sarees, immortalized in movies like “Aisha” and “Dil Se,” adding a magical touch to Malayali weddings. Bridesmaids and guests creatively add vivid blouses and lavish gold accessories to their Kasavu sarees to give each look an unrivaled individuality.


Create gajras (floral garlands), a traditional component of Indian bridal allure, to infuse your hair with the ethereal beauty and seductive scent of jasmine blossoms. Gajras look stunning with a variety of hairstyles, including braids, cascading waves, high buns, and low buns.


As they wear traditional white and gold mundus (dhotis), men embody the height of elegance. Their confidence becomes an art form when worn with short or long kurtas or shirts in pure white or colorful hues.

Bridal Attire

The attire of the Kerala Hindu wedding bride gracefully emanates simplicity intertwined with elegance. The focal point of her ensemble lies in the traditional saree adorned with a splendid array of sparkling gold jewelry. Among the exquisite jewelry collection, the Kasumala reigns supreme – a long necklace intricately crafted by adorning gold coins with meticulous care.

The Palakka Mothiram, a captivating gold necklace tinted with shades of green, gracefully showcases delightful mango-shaped designs, adding a touch of divine grace to the bride’s aura. To secure the saree gracefully, the bride wears Oddiyanam, a decorative belt that exudes splendor.

Embracing the allure of temple jewelry, the Jhukis captivate as yet another favored ornament among the brides. And to perfect the bridal appeal, the Elakkathali, a stunning gold choker of unparalleled charm, graces the bride’s neck.

Groom’s Attire

The attire of the Kerala Hindu wedding’s groom proudly embraces the classic fusion of white and gold, paying homage to time-honored traditions. The groom’s traditional ensemble entails the white Mundu, adorned with a zari border, either a dhoti or lungi, accompanied by a matching scarf known as the Melmundu.

However, the passage of time has ushered in modern trends, witnessing some gallant grooms embracing Western outfits, such as Sherwanis, groom ties, formal suits, or Kurta Pyjamas, seamlessly blending the essence of tradition with contemporary flair.

hindu bride and groom wearing traditional accessories and tattoos in arms and hands

Enchanting Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

A journey towards marital bliss begins with a series of sacred pre-wedding rituals and wedding customs that lay the foundation for a harmonious union.


Astrologers check the birth charts of the bride and the groom to see if they are a good match as a pre-wedding ritual. They meticulously harmonize the Kundlis (birth charts) of the beloved couple, seeking cosmic alignment to ascertain their profound compatibility. If the stars align, they pick a Muhurath. revered as an auspicious and holy date for the wedding.


In Kerala Hindu weddings, Nischayam stands as an illustrious and sacred rite, an enchanting engagement ceremony. Herein, both the bride and groom’s families officially announce the wedding at this traditional engagement ceremony, surrounded by love and blessings from everyone.

Traditional Party

Before the wedding day, the bride’s family throws an exquisite traditional party for all the guests. They serve delicious vegetarian food, enticing the senses and heralding the advent of joyous celebrations.

traditional wedding ritual with a hindu bride during a malayali wedding ceremony

Malayalam Wedding Traditions To Celebrate A Jubilant Union

Kerala wedding ceremonies are joyful and peaceful occasions where religious rituals join two souls in holy matrimony, including the following:


The groom and his family are warmly welcomed when they arrive at the wedding location. The bride’s father washes the groom’s feet with the utmost respect, signifying devotion and respect. The groom gives his bride’s father and mother a spotless white saree intended for the bride to wear during the religious rites as a sign of his devotion.


The couple begins their union while being engulfed in the holiness of the Veli, a sacred fire. Three laps around the Veli symbolize their unshakable friendship. The husband tenderly seals the bride’s love by placing a Taali (a yellow necklace) around her neck. Following is the touching Kanyadaanam tradition, in which the father transfers responsibility by entrusting the groom with the safekeeping of his daughter’s hand.


The bride and groom sit on the floor facing each other, their foreheads touching affectionately. As the priest chants, the bride adds rice to the Veli, signifying wealth and abundance. The bride is then welcomed into her new home with her family when the groom places her foot on the Ammi (grinding stone).


After completing all procedures, post-wedding rituals follow, where the guests assemble to partake in the lavish Sadhya feast. The dinner during this post-wedding ritual features a variety of traditional foods, bringing everyone together in joyful celebration and promoting love and bond.

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