Colors In Romanian: The #1 Easy Guide

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Culoare makes the world beautiful and breathtaking. The mixture of colors, the mood they set and the meaning they denote all work in sync to give a magical touch to our world! Colors can make a difference in anything, and knowing the right combinations and what they denote is a huge difference.

Did you know that each color has meaning in the design world, and the study of color is called Chromatics? Okay, let us stop there before we go into some scientific explanations. In this article, we will be exploring the names of colors in Romanian Vocabulary, and trust me; it is going to be an enjoyable ride. So, if you are ready to start this colorful journey, read on!

Masculine And Feminine Words For Colors In Romanian

colors in romanian; important notice

Oops, sorry for the abrupt stop on your colorful ride! We just have an important notice to pass.

Romanian has a masculine and feminine gender for colors, unlike other popular languages! I know, right? How cool! Well, before you start getting discouraged, they are super easy to understand. All you need to do is to add A to the feminine colors. Here are some examples to make you understand.



Let’s Explore The Popular Colors In Romanian

colors in romanian; color splash

Romanian is a rich language that covers almost all types of vocabulary, including colors. Not just that, the Romanians have their unique of doing things. From the Romanian greetings to how they express their feelings, or even wish people birthdays. There is always a new thing to learn in the Romanian language.

Let’s take a look at the light colors and dark colors in Romanian. If you are interested to find out, continue reading.

English RomanianPronunciation
Dark BlueBleomarin
Dark GreenVerde închis
Black coffeeCafea neagră
Bright redRoșu deschis

Some Examples Relating To Colors

Let’s check out some popular sentences relating to colors

Her hair is green

Romanian Translation: Părul ei este verde.

His favorite color is red

Romanian Translation: culoarea lui preferată este roșu.

The sun is bright

Romanian Translation: Soarele este luminos.

woman with a yellow scarf

The Teacher has a yellow scarf

Romanian Translation: profesorul are o eșarfă galbenă.

Plants are green

Romanian Translation: plantele sunt verzi.

I want to buy a brown bag

Romanian Translation: Vreau sa cumpar o geanta maro.

Her hair is red

Romanian Translation: părul ei este roșu.

What To Know About The Romanian Language

If you are new to the Romanian language, here are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, the Romanian language is one of the easiest languages to learn. Yup, we are not capping. According to the Foreign Institute Service, it takes roughly 23 weeks or 600 hours to learn the Romanian language. Also, the Romanian language is one of the Romance languages in the world, alongside Portuguese, French, Italian, and others.

The Romanian language has feminine, masculine and neuter genders, and single and plural for numbers. So, that is a thing to look out for. In addition, the Romanian language has seven vowels, follows the subject verb object order, and has four verb conjugations with more than six patterns. If you study the Romanian language long enough, verb conjugations may prove difficult at first, but with the right resources and disposition, they can become quite easy.

So, why should you study the Romanian Language?

Why Should You Study The Romanian Language

romanian building

You may be wondering why studying the Romanian language is necessary. Here are a few points to take note of

Learning Romanian is easy: In contrast to other languages like Mandarin, known as the most difficult language in the world, Romanian is easy to learn. Thankfully, there are a lot of quality resources and learning apps at your disposal.

Discover the Stunning Culture: Romanians are naturally warm people, and they have a beautiful culture. However, the language barrier is usually a problem because it stops you from discovering an integral part of the Romanian culture and restricts deep conversations with the locals. But learning Romanian will eliminate all that.

Opens You To Learning Other Romance Languages: As we said earlier, there are other romance languages. Knowing Romanian will help you learn the basics and simplify the learning process of the other Romance languages.

With these few points, let me introduce you to one of the best language learning apps. The Ling App

What’s Your Favorite Color Word?

Whew! What a ride! I believe you were able to remember one or two colors off-hand. If you can’t, don’t worry! You can go through this post daily until you can remember most of the colors. Like I said earlier, Romanian is a beautiful language to learn. Being one of the romantic languages in the world, it has beautiful vocabulary such as I love you, saying hi, and so much more. If you want to take your learning a step further, you need an effective language app. That is why I want to introduce the Ling App to you.

Learn Romanian With Ling

The Ling App is a language learning app that is fully loaded with every feature needed to turn a beginner into a fluent speaker in a short period, so long as you dedicate at least 10 minutes daily. It comes with detailed grammar lessons, intuitive quizzes, interactive games, and a gamified experience to make your language learning journey for. So, if you are looking for an effective app to learn the Romanian language and 60+ languages, the Ling App is your surest bet!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ling App on Play Store and App Store today!

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