Popular Malayalam Ghost Stories: 6 Most Haunting Characters

Malayalam ghost stories

What do you search for when traveling to India? After listing the top tourist spots, do you also look for Malayalam ghost stories or nearby haunted houses? I’m sure that many can relate to this quirk. It doesn’t matter where you go, ghost stories make traveling even more exciting. Do you agree?

And yes, aside from collecting spooky tales, make sure that you brush up your vocabulary as well. If you’re travel-bound to Kerala, learn Malayalam. It will make your journey easier; plus, you’ll better understand the ghost stories the locals tell once you get there.

The Most Popular Malayalam Ghost Stories

Here are some characters of the ghost stories that originated from myths, folklore, literature, and movies from Kerala.

Malayalam ghost stories

Malayala Brahma

Malayala Brahma (മലയാള ബ്രഹ്മ) is a unique ghost story from Kerala that took a fascinating turn. Legend has it that Malayala Brahma was a restless spirit who haunted the region, specifically at Sringeri. The disembodied ghost used to be a “Brahmarakshas” – a ghost species that died with an unfulfilled purpose. The ghost would haunt people, appearing like a demon, and won’t leave until a “Muni” (sage) performs exorcism.

However, over time, the local people started offering appeasements to this spirit, which gradually transformed into a protective deity. Today, Malayala Brahma is worshipped by many as a guardian spirit who safeguards them from bad spirits.

Kaliyenkattu Neeli

Kaliyenkattu Neeli (കളിയേങ്കാട്ട് നീലി) is perhaps one of Kerala’s most famous and feared ghosts. She is often depicted as a vengeful spirit believed to have a thirst for blood. Her story is deeply rooted in Kerala’s folklore and has been the subject of numerous books, movies, and TV shows. People in Kerala have been telling tales of Kaliyenkattu Neeli for generations, making her an iconic figure in the state’s supernatural lore.

Abraham Ezra

The story of Abraham Ezra (എബ്രഹാം എസ്ര) is a perplexing one. Some believe him to be a ghostly apparition, while others argue that he was a victim of tragic circumstances. His story was relayed as the antagonist of the 2017 film, “Ezra.”

Abraham Ezra’s tale revolves around a mysterious death, and his Jewish spirit, “Dybbuk”, is said to roam seeking justice. However, unlike many other ghosts, Ezra’s revenge plans were more creative. He wanted to start a nuclear disaster to destroy Malabar. Whether a ghost or a victim, his story is already cemented within Kerala’s ghostly legends.


Bhargavi (ഭാർഗവി) was one of Kerala’s cinematic ghosts, appearing in the 1964 film “Bhargavi Nilayam.” She was full of love until a jealous suitor killed her lover, turning Bhargavi into a haunting spirit. Her character is often associated with eerie laughter and a sense of mystery, cementing her as one of Kerala’s most iconic ghosts in the tills.

Malayalam ghost stories


Ottamulachi (ഒറ്റമുലച്ചി) is a ghostly figure from Kerala’s folklore who is often described as a “human specter.” This is because she wasn’t dead but had many tragic experiences that turned her into a being that haunted people. Moreover, she was believed to have met a gruesome end and is now said to wander the earth as a restless spirit.


Vedalam (വേദളം) is a character from the Hindu mythology that is equally famous in Kerala. He is a character from the legendary tales of Vikramaditya, a great emperor. Vedalam is depicted as a ghostly companion who accompanies Vikramaditya on various adventures and tests his wit and bravery. These stories have been retold and adapted in various forms over the years. He became famous for his iconic laughter, which more people became aware of after Asianet ran the “Vikramadityan” series from 2005 to 2006.

Malayalam Words And Phrases Related To Horror And Ghosts

There are more ghostly characters, whether real or fictional, you’ll encounter when traveling to Kerala and many parts of India. Here are some words related to horror and spooky tales that you may find handy in your journey:

Nightmareരാത്രി ഭയംRathri Bhayam

How Do You Start A Ghost Story?

After hearing the tales or even some bits about the ghosts that terrorize Kerala, you may be inspired to come up with your own. In this case, you need to know how to write your own ghost story.

First, if you want to venture into writing horror tales, make sure that they will leave a mark and that you will achieve your purpose of scaring the readers or viewers. Think about the character of “Sadako” in the Japanese hit film series “The Ring.” She is a spooky character who comes out of what most ordinary people use – a television. This means that after watching the film, people would still get scared and remember Sadako whenever they pass by their TV set!

So, your story must be unique and tap someone’s fear of the unknown. You can use your own fears to begin with and tweak the idea to make them more frightening. Breathe life to your character, and present their backstory to make them relatable but in a way that your reader or audience will expect the ghost to be more haunting or revengeful.

Malayalam ghost stories

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Meanwhile, if you are interested in the spooky tales from other countries, check out our list of the urban legends in Nepal and the scary ghosts from the Philippines.

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