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Planning to make a more meaningful connection with your Russian partner or perhaps talk to native speakers? Break through language barriers today by learning the basic relationship vocabulary in Russian in this post. Here, we will cover the basic information related to the dating culture and the best words and phrases to use today. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Russian Dating Culture

 Relationship Vocabulary In Russian

Did someone catch your eye? Before we know the basic words for relationships, let’s familiarize ourselves with the basics of the Russian dating culture below.

Russian Ladies

Women from Russia are very independent, and they are no damsels in distress. If you are planning to date a Russian lady, know that she will not be with someone she needs but rather someone she wants! Aside from that, they tend to be very reserved, especially when you meet them for the first time. That said, if you plan to date a Russian lady, you should definitely exceed her expectations and standards!

Russian Men

Aside from being a complete romantic, they are also very chivalrous. If you are currently dating someone that is Russian, or you plan on dating one, you certainly should expect that they will treat you like the queen that you are. Because they are also willing to compromise, and they are also very genuine when it comes to taking care of their partner, you will definitely be head over heels for them in no time!

Your Best Guide To Relationship Vocabulary In Russian

 Relationship Vocabulary In Russian

With the common words and phrases about relationships that will be covered below, you will surely be able to impress your Russian lover or someone who is a native speaker of the language! Along with that, you will also get to know the beautiful and interesting Russian language – who doesn’t want that, right?

Are you ready? We are! Continue reading down below, and after that, you might just want to have more Russian lessons in the future!

Russian Words About Relationships

BoyfriendПарень (Paren’)
Break upРасставаться (Rasstavat’sya)
DivorceРазвод (Razvod)
DivorcedВ разводе (V Razvode)
EngagementОбручение (Obrucheniye)
ExБывший (Byvshiy)
Ex-boyfriendБывший парень (Byvshiy paren’)
Ex-husbandбывший муж (Byvshiy muzh)
Ex-girlfriendБывшая девушка (Byvshaya devushka)
Ex-wifeбывшая жена (Byvshaya zhena)
FianceЖених (Zhenikh)
Girlfriendлюбимая девушка (Lyubimaya devushka)
HusbandМуж (Muzh)
In a relationshipВ отношениях (V otnosheniyakh)
It’s complicatedВсе сложно (Vse slozhno)
MarriedЖенатый (Zhenatyy)
MarriageСвадьба (Svad’ba)
WifeЖена (Zhena)
SingleОдинокий (Odinokiy)
TakenВзятый (Vzyatyy)

Russian Phrases About Relationships That You Must Know

He is my boyfriendОн мой друг (On moy drug)
He is my ex-boyfriendOн мой бывший парень (On moy byvshiy paren’)
He is my ex-husbandОн мой бывший муж (On moy byvshiy muzh)
He is my husbandОн – мой муж (On moy muzh)
He is my fianceОн мой жених (On moy zhenikh)
I am divorcedЯ в разводе (YA v razvode)
I am singleЯ свободен (YA svoboden)
I am in a relationshipЯ в отношениях ( YA v otnosheniyakh)
Just got marriedТолько что вышла замуж (Tol’ko chto vyshla zamuzh)
She is my fianceОна моя невеста (Ona moya nevesta)
She is my girlfriendОна моя подруга (Ona moya podruga)
She is my ex-girlfriendОна моя бывшая девушка (Ona moya byvshaya devushka)
She is my ex-wifeОна моя бывшая жена (Ona moya byvshaya zhena)
She is my wifeОна моя жена (Ona moya zhena)
We broke upМы расстались (My rasstalis’)
We are engagedМы помолвлены (My pomolvleny)
We are divorcedМы разведены (My razvedeny)
We are in a relationshipМы в отношениях (My v otnosheniyakh)
We are marriedМы женаты (My zhenaty)
We are togetherМы вместе (My vmeste)
We are not together anymoreМы больше не вместе (My bol’she ne vmeste)

Other Related Russian Love Phrases

Now that you already know about the words and phrases that you can use to describe the relationship that you are in, these simple and quick Russian love phrases can surely spice things up!

Can you hug me?Можешь обнять меня? (Mozhesh’ obnyat’ menya?)
Can you kiss me?Можешь поцеловать меня? (Mozhesh’ potselovat’ menya?)
I love youЯ тебя люблю (YA tebya lyublyu)
I miss youЯ скучаю по тебе (YA skuchayu po tebe)
I want to be with youЯ хочу быть с тобой (YA khochu byt’ s toboy)
You are special to meДля меня ты особенный (Dlya menya ty osobennyy)
You are the love of my lifeТы любовь моей жизни (Ty lyubov’ moyey zhizni)

Wrapping up, we hope that this guide in knowing the relationship vocabulary in Russian can come in helpful whenever you need it! Though the Russian language is a bit notorious for being challenging to learn, worry not because little progress is still progress. And in case this has made you interested in learning Russian, you might want to venture on learning about Russian grammar and pronunciation with the Ling App!

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 Relationship Vocabulary In Russian

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