30+ Unique Russian Vocabulary For Family

What better way to get you started with learning Russian than to learn Russian vocabulary for family? Learning familial words will not only help you build your vocabulary, but it will help you build connections with those around you.

Now, you’re probably thinking about how hard Russian is. But, the truth is, all language learning takes time and effort. You should never get intimidated by a language before you’ve even tried learning it. You can always start with the easy words and slowly work up to the harder ones. It’s all up to you because you’re the only one in charge of your language learning journey!

So, let’s start learning!

Learning Russian Through Russian Family Words!

Whether you’re learning the Russian language because you plan to work in Russia, study at a university there, or maybe your partner is Russian, learning these Russian family words is definitely essential!

russian vocabulary for family

Complete Russian Vocabulary For Family

MotherМама (mama)
FatherОтец (otets)
WifeЖена (zhena)
HusbandМуж (muzh)
SpouseСупруг (suprug)
Wife’s fatherотец жены (otets zheny)
Wife’s motherмать жены (mat’ zheny)
Husband’s fatherOтец мужа (otets muzha)
Husband’s motherМать мужа (mat’ muzha)
Mother-in-lawСвекровь (svekrov’)
Father-in-lawТесть, свекор (test’ svekor)
Husband’s brotherбрат мужа (brat muzha)
Wife’s brotherбрат жены (brat zheny)
Brother-in-lawШурин (shurin)
UncleДядя (dyadya)
Husband’s sisterсестра мужа (sestra muzha)
Wife’s sisterсестра жены (sestra zheny)
Sister-in-lawЗоловка (zolovka)
Auntieтетя (tetya)
CousinДвоюродная сестра (dvoyurodnaya sestra)
CousinsКузены (kuzeny)
NieceПлемянница (plemyannitsa)
NephewПлемянник (plemyannik)
Daughter-in-lawНевестка (nevestka)
Son-in-lawЗять (zyat’)
Younger brotherМладший брат (mladshiy brat)
Younger sisterМладшая сестра (mladshaya sestra)
Older brotherСтарший брат (starshiy brat)
Older sisterСтаршая сестра (starshaya sestra)
GrandmotherБабушка (babushka)
GrandfatherДедушка (dedushka)
SonСын (syn)
DaughterДочь (doch’)
ChildРебенок (rebenok)
ChildrenДети (deti)
SisterСестра (sestra)
BrotherPодной брат (rodnoy brat)
ParentРодитель (roditel’)
ParentsРодители (roditeli)
DadПапа (papa)
MomМама (mama)

Hopefully, these words about Russian family members help you get started in your language journey or at least make things a little easier! Such words about family in Russian are a very great way for you to get to know the Russian language as a whole as well as the culture.

Do You Want To Learn More Russian?

vocabulary for family in russia

Aside from these words, one of the best ways to get to know the language that you are learning is by reading whole sentences. In this part, you can read about the sentences about family in Russian so you can better understand the Russian language as well as get to know how the sentence structure works!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all these right away, but they are a good way for you to practice!

My family members and other relatives decided to go out of town for the holidays.Члены моей семьи и другие родственники решили уехать за город, чтобы провести праздники. (Chleny moyey sem’i i drugiye rodstvenniki reshili uyekhat’ za gorod, chtoby provesti prazdniki.)
Her husband wasn’t able to go home because of the storm last night.Ее мужу не разрешили вернуться домой из-за бури прошлой ночью. (Yeye muzhu ne razreshili vernut’sya domoy iz-za buri proshloy noch’yu.)
Our father always tells us that to be kind is non-negotiable.Наш отец всегда говорит нам, что быть добрым нельзя. (Nash otets vsegda govorit nam, chto byt’ dobrym nel’zya.)
My daughter will always make it a point to send me flowers every mother’s day to show me her appreciation.Моя дочь всегда будет посылать мне цветы каждый день матери и выражать мне свою признательность. (Moya doch’ vsegda budet posylat’ mne tsvety kazhdyy den’ materi i vyrazhat’ mne svoyu priznatel’nost’.)
Their mother always sends us food whenever she cooks.Их мама всегда присылает нам еду, когда готовит. (Ikh mama vsegda prisylayet nam yedu, kogda gotovit.)
Because it was a very bad day, my son took me out to the beach and treated me to good food.Поскольку это был очень плохой день, мой сын отвел меня на пляж и угостил хорошей едой. (Poskol’ku eto byl ochen’ plokhoy den’, moy syn otvel menya na plyazh i ugostil khoroshey yedoy.)
My grandmother keeps on reminding me that there is no shame when you talk about your family.Моя бабушка постоянно напоминает мне, что не стыдно говорить о своей семье. (Moya babushka postoyanno napominayet mne, chto ne stydno govorit’ o svoyey sem’ye.)
Our parents like to fight a lot.Наши родители очень любят драться. (Nashi roditeli ochen’ lyubyat drat’sya.)

While these sentences might seem a little overwhelming to read, this is a good step toward learning Russian as well as Russian grammar. Not only that, but it is a good way to pick up extra words in Russian!

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