9 Scary Filipino Ghosts That Will Give You The Creeps

Are you ready for some scary and creepy Filipino ghosts (or multo in Tagalog)? Today, let’s discover the mysteries and scary stories that this beautiful country has to offer.

The Philippines is a wonderful country with a long history. But, hidden beneath the past are the mysteries and creepy stories of ghosts encounters. The stories of people who once dreamed of a happy and long life but died due to horrible and unjust circumstances. Stories that have been part of the urban legends and stories that made Filipinos believe in ghosts.


Ghosts In The Filipino Culture

Before we talk more about ghosts, you should know that ghosts are just one of the Philippine mythological creatures. Many stories have been passed through oral tradition since the ancient Philippines.

There are different mythological creatures in the Philippines that you might know. Filipinos are also used to saying “tabi-tabi po,” which means “excuse me” to unseen creatures. Some of the Philippine mythological creatures are the following:

  • Tiktik – haunts pregnant women; it will smell out the scent of the pregnant woman, which is said to resemble ripe jackfruit. When the devil arrives at the house, she sticks her long tongue through the ceiling into the unwitting mother’s womb and feasts on the fetus.
  • Manananggal – can separate their upper and lower bodies and hunt at night to eat their internal organs. It is believed that you can kill the manananggal by putting salt, garlic, or ash to its half body to prevent it from re-attaching to its upper half.
  • Kapre – giant dark-skinned tree monsters that smoke cigars.
  • Kumakatok – knocks on the door in the middle of the night as a signal death of a family member.
  • Nuno – goblins or elves who live within unexplained lumps of soil (ant hills); give a person who walks in their shelter good luck or bad luck.

But in this blog, we will only talk about Filipino ghosts. Filipinos believe that when a person dies, their souls may remain in this world. They call them ligaw na kaluluwa or lost souls. These lost souls are what Filipinos call multo. They also believe that these souls remain in this world because they have unfinished business, are crying for justice, or can’t find their way to heaven. These souls wander and live as if they were still alive.

Many Filipinos still believe in ghosts, even in this modern time. People believe in ghosts because our brain tries to make sense of chaotic information. Since ancient times, horror stories have been used to stop children from going outside late at night. In fact, in the Philippines, ghost stories are very popular during All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

Most of the channels and radio stations have Halloween special episodes where they feature different ghost stories like Gabi ng Lagim, Misteryo, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Wag Kukurap, Magandang Gabi Bayan and more. Of course, when we talk about spiritual encounters, Filipinos know the name Ed Caluag.

Filipinos also have lots of horror movies that you can watch to learn more about the ghosts in the Philippines. Some of the examples are the following:

  • Feng Shui
  • Shake Rattle and Roll
  • Eerie
  • Bliss
  • Kuwaresma
  • The Healing
  • Ouija
  • Maria Leonora Teresa

Aside from media programs, there are also horror story books that you can buy in book stores. The most famous horror story book that a Filipino child can remember is the True Philippine Ghost Stories. These books contain lots of horror stories that you can read anytime.

Today, horror stories continue to scare people. The digital allowed the people to capture and record ghostly encounters from many haunted places. It’s creepier now because you can see them in your eyes. But, some still don’t believe in ghosts and think these ghost encounters are just a product of our imagination or digital editing.


9 Scary Filipino Ghosts And Stories

Have you heard some urban legends in the Philippines? Urban legends are a part of Philippine folklore, Philippine mythology, supernatural creatures, and more. Interestingly, these urban legends still exist and have found their way into popular culture. So today, let’s learn about different Filipino ghosts and some scary stories that will give you goosebumps.

The White Lady At Balete Drive

The White Lady At Balete Drive-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

Imagine driving late at night on a quiet and dark road. Then suddenly, a girl wearing a white dress appeared in your back seat. What would you feel? What would you do?

Quezon city is known as a big and beautiful city in the Philippines. But, when Filipinos hear about this city, there’s one thing that could never leave their mind – the white lady at the Balete Drive.

Balete Drive is a road that seems made to order for ghosts. The street wasn’t well lit because big trees blocked the lampposts. No light from the nearby houses reached the street because high concrete walls surrounded them. So the street was empty, dark, lonely, and scary.

This spooky road is where the white lady resides. People who have encountered the white lady said that she wears a long white dress and has long black hair. Some said that the white lady tries to hitchhike with the people who pass by and suddenly disappears.

There are different stories about the identity of the white lady. According to a person living on the Balete Drive, the white lady was a college student who sneaked into their home to go with her friends. They got into a car accident, and she died. Some also believe that the white lady was a young woman raped by Japanese soldiers. There is also a version that a taxi driver raped the girl, and she continues to find the person who did that to her.

Until today, many taxi drivers are still scared to take the Balete Drive at night, fearing that they might encounter the white lady. Many people, even famous Filipino celebrities like Maris Racal, still share their encounters with the white lady until this day. Whether it’s true or not, it wouldn’t hurt to at least drive there when you go to the Philippines. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get the adventure that you are looking for.

The Headless Priest

A student was studying late at night at a school library and heard the sound of chains being dragged. When she checked who was making the noise, she found a priest. But wait, a headless priest.

The headless priests are another Filipino ghost part of the urban legends. The priests played a vital role in Philippine history. They were the ones who led the church, and they were also the ones who taught the students in class during the Spanish era.

As their name suggests, these clergymen hang out in universities, graveyards, churches, and other places that feel spooky. They sometimes bring their heads with them and seem to be looking for them when they don’t.

As for their heads, people said that either Filipino revolutionaries during the Revolution or Japanese soldiers during World War II cut off the heads of these priests. Older stories about biblical figures and martyrs who were killed, like St. John the Baptist, have also helped spread urban legends about priests.

Flying Coffin

Flying Coffin-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

It’s normal to see a coffin though it typically gives us instant creep and goosebumps. But, seeing a flying coffin in the middle of the road at night? Well, that’s a different thing. Who wouldn’t jump out of his feet and run?

Filipinos will agree with me when I say that the flying coffin is one of the most popular horror stories shared with people. This horror story was featured in the Halloween Special of Magandang Gabi Bayan, a television show.

The story is about a man walking in the middle of the night, and he sees a flying or floating coffin in the middle of the road. This left him horrified, and this story is still known nowadays, especially during Halloween.

Souls In Diplomat Hotel

Going on a vacation in a nice and cold place like Baguio is the dream vacation for many people. But, will you enjoy your vacation if you have learned that the place you’ll visit was once a vacation house where many people were killed?

The Diplomat Hotel is one of the go-to places for ghost hunters from different parts of the world. In fact, this hotel was featured in documentaries from different countries because of its dark history.

The Diplomat Hotel is believed to be built during the early 1900s. This was built to become a vacation house for the Spaniards, priests, and nuns. This hotel was home to many happy and beautiful memories, but all of these changed during World War II.

According to the stories, when the Japanese came, they gathered all the people in the hotel, separated them into different rooms, and killed them all. The people in the hotel were shot to death, beheaded, and stabbed. The worst part is the center of the hotel, where the fountain is located in the same place where the children were gathered and killed.

Spirits In The Teachers Camp-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

After World War II, the vacation house was converted into a hotel. But, another tragic incident happened. A fire started in the hotel, and the firefighters took a long time to arrive because it was far from civilization back then. Many guests who are staying there died, which is another reason for the hotel to be haunted.

With this horrifying event, it is unsurprising that this hotel has been a place for restless souls crying for justice. The people working and visiting the hotel have experienced many scary encounters. Most of the people who visited the hotel have almost the same heavy feeling as many people are looking at them. There are also times that the ghosts were photographed and recorded. Tourists have shared their experiences seeing a nun, priest, or child.

Baguio’s cold and relaxing atmosphere is ideal for a restful vacation. But what if the experience you’ll get from entering the Diplomat Hotel will make you feel restless, just like the people who have died there?

Spirits In The Teachers Camp

A nice, big, traditional type of accommodation and training venue is perfect for relaxing and enjoying. But what if you hear footsteps, screams, and cries at night? Can you at least close your eyes and sleep?

The Teachers Camp was built in 1908. It served as a camp for Filipino and American teachers to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of education. But, when World War II happened, the Teachers Camp became the place where the wounded soldiers were treated. Many people died in the camp during that time. So, the Teachers Camp that has been training grounds for teachers became one of the most haunted places in Baguio.

Spirits In The Teachers Camp-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

There are lots of creepy stories and experiences from the people who have visited the Teachers Camp. Some said that they heard chained footsteps walking along the corridors and hallways. Some saw a white lady at midnight.

Today, the Teachers Camp is still used in different events besides education. Tourists can also rent a room here if there is no scheduled event. But, if you’ll be asked to stay there for a vacation, can you last at least a night?

The Souls In #14 Laperal White House

Indeed, there’s no other place like home. But, what if this home that used to be a safe place for a family who lives there becomes a home for lost souls?

One of the first creepy incidents in this house is when the caretaker asks a security guard to cut down a fortune plant in the house. After that, the security guard could not stand, and his whole body was in pain.

Another caretaker also shared his experience of hearing windows and doors banging even though there was no one inside the house. One time, his wife called from abroad, and she heard a girl’s voice in the line. Many people also reported that they were seeing a white lady. The white lady was mostly seen at the door’s third step of the stairs.

Souls In Paco Cemetery

Are you one of those who love to go to parks to spend time with friends and family? What if this supposed place for relaxation, fun, and happiness was a former cemetery with lots of souls still wandering?

During the 1800s, an epidemic due to Cholera put the city of Manila into a horrible situation. All people who have died were buried in Paco Cemetery. One of the creepy stories in this cemetery, now a park, is the encounter with the park supervisor.

He decided to sleep under the Santol (Cotton Fruit) one night. He didn’t know that the peaceful sleep he was expecting would be a horrifying experience because someone seemed to play with him and pull his blanket.

Souls In Paco Cemetery-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

Another scary experience is from someone who has stayed in the park overnight 0 the security guard. In the middle of his nap, he heard a voice saying, “1907 Margarita Miguel”. It didn’t take long until the ghost of a bride appeared. He tried to look for the name and the year. After looking into the graves, he finally found the one that belonged to Margarita Miguel.

The ghosts in the cemetery didn’t just remain in stories. They were also photographed and recorded. Since it is now a park, people, especially young ones, go to hang out or practice dances. As they were recording themselves dancing, they captured a child running fast behind them. Even the production team of one TV show has also experienced the menacing presence of the souls they can’t see.

Nowadays, it is no longer a cemetery. Instead, it is now known as one of the most popular parks in Manila. But, even if it turned out to be this way, I guess we can’t have one of the best days in our lives in a place where hundreds of people who died reside.

Ghosts In Manila Post Office

Before the phones and internet existed, the main communication of people was through letters. But, what if the message you have received from the post office did not come from a person but a ghost?

Manila Post Office is a magnificent building in Manila. This is where all the letters go before being delivered to the recipients. But, this beautiful building is far from being peaceful as it looks. There are many creepy encounters that the staff experienced.

One of the security guards said that they heard someone walking with a chain tied to their feet. Another staff also experienced seeing a group of Japanese soldiers marching as if chasing a girl. Another employee also saw a white lady when she was in the bathroom.

Ghosts In Manila Post Office-Filipino-Ghosts-Ling

A paranormal team went to the office and said they could see Japanese soldiers and women wearing white dresses with blood all over them. They also hear loud noises of chains being dragged along the hallway.

These victims of World War II are sending a message the humans through the Post Office. There is too much to discover, but unfortunately, all people who are in there can’t do anything other than listen.

The Crying Souls At The Manila Film Center

We admire beautiful buildings because they are products of the blood and sweat of the workers and art. But what will you do if this building you admire is made of the blood and sweat of the workers?

The Manila Film Center is a huge building that was built in a short period of time. While the building was forced to finish immediately, a part collapsed, which buried hundreds of construction workers.

Three days after the incident, the film center was forced to finish leaving the bodies of the construction workers never to be found. Since then, caretakers and staff have been experiencing ghostly encounters. They hear people crying like they’re in pain. They also listen to people calling for help and see people that will eventually disappear.

Today, the Manila Film Center is already an abandoned building. But, the cries for justice of the construction workers who have been buried there can still be heard and felt.


Vocabulary Related To Ghosts

abandoned buildingabandonadong gusali
scary storieskuwentong kababalaghan/katatakutan /
lost soulligaw na kaluluwa
bad spiritsmasamang espiritu
Im scaredNatatakot ako
It’s scary hereNakatatakot dito
I got goosebumpsTumatayo ang balahibo ko


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