50+ Latvian Spaceship Vocabulary & Fun Facts About The Space

Do you wish to take some different kind of lesson in Latvian? If yes, why not learn some Latvian spaceship vocabulary? Moreover, in this lesson, you can learn space-related terms, practical space, and spaceship-related phrases and questions!

Today technologies and science have given us knowledge of how great our space is and how tiny our Earth appears from above. If you look up the word “spaceship,” we can define it as a vehicle used for space travel. So, if you are interested in learning Latvian spaceship vocabulary, first you must know that the word for the spaceship is “Kosmosa kuģis in Latvian.”

Since you are interested in learning Latvian spaceship vocabulary, we should know that a spaceship has several close synonyms, including the following: space-capsule, the mother ship, spacecraft, shuttlecraft, skyship, space-station, starship, and many more related terms, all of which can be found in this Ling App’s blog.

Latvian Spaceship Vocabulary

A spaceship is a vehicle or machine designed to fly through space. 

A spacecraft is an artificial satellite that may be used for various purposes. That includes the establishment of space colonies, communication, the exploration of other planets, the study of navigation and meteorology, and the transportation of both goods and people. 

Therefore, if you are learning Latvian and want to expand Latvian spaceship vocabulary, here is a list of more than 50 words related to a spaceship. 

English WordsLatvian WordsPronunciation
AirlockGaisa aizslēgs
AvionicsAviācijas elektronika
Blast OffSprādziens izslēgts
Command ModuleKomandu modulis
Nose ConeDeguna konuss
PayloadLietderīgā slodze
Rocket ScienceRaķešu zinātne
Rocket ScientistRaķešu zinātnieks
Rocket ShipRaķešu kuģis
Soft LandingMīkstā nosēšanās
Space CapsuleKosmosa kapsula
Space ProbeKosmosa zonde
Space ShuttleKosmosa kuģis
Space StationKosmosa stacija
Space TourismKosmosa tūrisms
Space TouristKosmosa tūrists
SpacecraftKosmosa kuģis
SpacefarerKosmosa braucējs
SpacefaringKosmosa braucieni
SpacemanKosmosa cilvēks
SpaceplaneKosmosa lidmašīna
SpaceshipKosmosa kuģis
SpacewalkKosmosa pastaiga
SpacewomanKosmosa sieviete
Sky shipdebesu kuģis
Tracking StationIzsekošanas stacija
EarthboundZemes robežās
FlybyLidot ar
Flying SaucerLidojošais apakštase
Heat ShieldSiltuma vairogs
Launch PadLaunch Pad
LauncherPalaišanas programma
Misijas kontrole               Misijas kontrole
Mothershipmātes kuģis
Latvian Spaceship Vocabulary

Space-Related Latvian Vocabulary

Space-Related Latvian Vocabulary

Scientists’ knowledge of space is constantly expanding due to the billions of stars and galaxies and, likewise, the unexplored and poorly understood planets in the solar system. But we do currently know some fascinating realities regarding our space. Today, you will also learn some Latvian phrases. But before that, you must know some space-related vocabulary!

So, here is a list of vocabulary that will help you discuss the planets and universe in Latvian.

English WordsLatvian WordsPronunciation
Blank areaTukšs laukums
Solar systemSaules sistēma
International Space StationStarptautiskā kosmosa stacija
lunar eclipseMēness aptumsums
Solar eclipseSaules aptumsums
Full moonPilnmēness
Outer spaceKosmosā
Dead spacemirušā telpa

Space Related Phrases (Facts) That Will Blow Mind (With Latvian Translation)

Space and spaceship Related Phrases

In this section, we have the collection of some mind-blowing space facts with Latvian translations.

You can use this information if you are seeking fascinating information for an essay or want to know more about space.

We have compiled a list of amazing facts that we think you will find fascinating. Beyond comparison!

English SentenceLatvian TranslationPronunciation
Neutron stars can spin 600 times per secondNeitronu zvaigznes var griezties 600 reizes sekundē.
If two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space, they will permanently bond.Ja divi viena veida metāla gabali saskaras kosmosā, tie pastāvīgi saķersies.
There is floating water in space.Kosmosā ir peldošs ūdens.
There is a volcano on Mars three times the size of Everest.Uz Marsa atrodas vulkāns, kas trīs reizes pārsniedz Everestu.
Mercury and Venus are the only planets with no moonsMerkurs un Venera ir vienīgās planētas, kurām nav pavadoņu
Saturn has 82 known moons and countingSaturnam ir 82 zināmi pavadoņi, un to skaits tiek skaitīts
Earth’s Moon is the fifth largest moon in the solar systemZemes Mēness ir piektais lielākais pavadonis Saules sistēmā
There are 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies in the observable universe.Novērojamajā Visumā ir 2 000 000 000 000 galaktiku.
Most galaxies have a central black hole.Lielākajai daļai galaktiku ir centrālais melnais caurums.
The International Space Station (ISS) is about as wide as a soccer fieldStarptautiskā kosmosa stacija (SKS) ir tikpat plaša kā futbola laukums
Astronauts grow taller in spaceKosmosā astronauti aug garāki
Over 17,000 people work for NASANASA strādā vairāk nekā 17 000 cilvēku
The NASA space shuttle is like a science lab as well.NASA kosmosa kuģis ir kā zinātnes laboratorija.
Project Mercury was the first project of NASAProjekts Mercury bija pirmais NASA projekts.
You would last about 15 seconds in space without a spacesuit.Jūs kosmosā izturētu apmēram 15 sekundes bez skafandra.
There are probably more than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 septillion) stars in the universe.Visumā, iespējams, ir vairāk nekā 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 (1 septiljons) zvaigžņu.
Space is completely silentKosmoss ir pilnīgi kluss
The hottest planet in our solar system is 450° C.Karstākā planēta mūsu Saules sistēmā ir 450°C.
A full NASA space suit costs $12,000,000Pilns NASA kosmosa tērps maksā 12 000 000 USD
The sun’s mass takes up 99.86% of the solar system.Saules masa aizņem 99,86% no Saules sistēmas.
One million Earth can fit inside the sunSaulē var ietilpt viens miljons zemju
The sun on mars appears blueSaule uz Marsa izskatās zila
There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on EarthVisumā ir vairāk zvaigžņu nekā smilšu graudu uz zemes
One day on Venus is longer than one year of the EarthViena diena uz Veneras ir garāka par vienu zemes gadu
There is a planet made of diamondsIr planēta, kas izgatavota no dimantiem
Space Related Phrases In Latvian – Latvian Spaceship Vocabulary

Questions About Outer Space Using Latvian Spaceship Vocabulary And Space Terms

Questions About Space

The entire universe is mysterious and wonderful, but many questions have yet to be addressed. Science, astronomy, and physics have many unanswered questions. Because there is always something new to find, even if it’s only a question we’ve never thought to ask before, science remains dynamic and intriguing.

Cheers! You now have mastered all the necessary Latvian spaceship vocabulary and space-related terms and phrases. However, if you like to ask a question in Latvian to understand more, use the following list of questions!

English SentenceLatvian TranslationPronunciation
Can gravity form waves?Vai gravitācija var veidot viļņus?
Don’t black holes suck everything in?Vai melnie caurumi neiesūc visu?
Galaxies look stationary, so why do scientists say that they rotate?Galaktikas izskatās nekustīgas, tad kāpēc zinātnieki saka, ka tās griežas?
Have aliens ever visited Earth?Vai citplanētieši kādreiz ir apmeklējuši Zemi?
How can there be anything left in the universe?Kā Visumā var būt kaut kas palicis pāri?
How do space ships make artificial gravity?Kā kosmosa kuģi rada mākslīgo gravitāciju?
How do stars move when viewed from a speeding spaceship?Kā zvaigznes pārvietojas, skatoties no kosmosa kuģa, kas steidzas?
How does astrology work?Kā darbojas astroloģija?
How large would a bucket of water be to put out the sun?Cik liels būtu ūdens spainis, lai nodzēstu sauli?
What makes meteorites so hot that you can’t touch them?Kas padara meteorītus tik karstus, ka tiem nevar pieskarties?
What makes space so cold?Kas padara telpu tik aukstu?
Why do the spikes that shoot out of stars form perfect crosses?Kāpēc tapas, kas izšauj no zvaigznēm, veido perfektus krustus?
Why does the moon get bigger when it’s closer to the horizon?Kāpēc mēness kļūst pamanāmāks, kad tas ir tuvāk horizontam?
Why doesn’t the Earth fall?Kāpēc zeme nekrīt?
Essential Questions About Space And Spaceship In Latvian

Latest News About Space By Nasa

Space-related vocabulary - Cartwheel in Latvian
The Cartwheel

The Cartwheel

NASA unveiled the latest James Webb Space Telescope image on August 2, 2022. The Cartwheel Galaxy is the name for this pinkish wheel, which has a core of hot dust that heats the rest of it. For the time being, the outer part of the wheel has already been growing for around 440 million years.

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