20+ Easy Disaster Vocabulary In Urdu To Learn Now

Wherever you are in the world, a catastrophe or مصیبت (pronounced as museebat) related to a natural hazard can occur at any time. If you are traveling to Pakistan, it is a must for you to learn the basic disaster vocabulary in Urdu. Despite being home to some of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the country is no stranger to devastating disasters, including flash floods, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes, that may ruin your trip. And as a tourist, we understand the panic you might feel in case you experience it, which is why we urge you to learn at least the standard translations. If that sits well with you, then keep reading below!

Traveling has always been viewed as a fun and exciting activity. When preparing for an international flight, we are usually more concerned about our outfits, the camera to use for our pictures, and our lists of all the top food we will try out in that country. Perhaps, some of us spend more time envisioning ourselves speaking with the locals using basic greetings. But one thing that first-time travelers usually miss is preparing for emergencies related to natural disasters.

You might be surprised to know that based on the INFORM risk index, Pakistan is one of the top countries with a relatively high disaster level. The same risks and hazards can be observed in its neighboring countries like Afghanistan and India. The country has a long history of experiencing various natural disasters, so we urge you to always do thorough research about the vulnerable areas before visiting. After all, you do not want to live through these environmental catastrophes while on the road, right?


Natural Disaster Vocabulary In Urdu

To mitigate the risks and ensure that you’ll get to express yourself with the authorities when the time comes, you must familiarize yourself with the news words related to natural disasters. Look at some of the best Urdu words and translations you can use when the horrific time comes.

Avalancheپہاڑ سے گرتا ہوا تودہpahaarh say girta hooa toda
Blizzardبرفانی طوفانbarfani tufaan
Drizzleبوندا باندیbonda bandi
Forest fireجنگل کی آگjungle ki aag
Hailstormژالہ باریJhala baari
Heat waveگرمی کی لہرgarmi ki lehar
Hurricaneسمندری طوفانsamandari toofaan
Ice stormبرف کا طوفانbarf ka tufaan
Landslideلینڈ سلائیڈنگLaind selide
Lava flowلاوا کا بہاؤlava ka bahao
Lightningبجلی برسناBijli barasna
Meteor impactالکا اثرaika assar
Natural disasterقدرتی آفاتqudrati afaat
Sandstormریت کا طوفانrayt ka toofaan
Thunderstormبارش کا طوفانBaarish ka tufaan
Tornadoطوفان, آندھیToofan, aandhi
Volcanic eruptionآتش فشاںaatish fishan
Wildfireجنگل کی آگjungle ki aag


How To Prepare For Your Trip To Pakistan

Excited to finally see the famous Mughal architecture or trek the hippie trail of Pakistan?

While the country is undeniably a unique destination with the best of everything, we cannot do away with the fact that it faces many risks, including flooding, earthquakes, sudden temperature changes, and tropical storms. Over time, the number of people affected by these terrifying natural disasters is growing, and we do not want you to be another statistic on the board.

Keeping yourself safe should be your priority, whether you are an intrepid traveler or a first-timer. Allow us to walk you through some ways you can become a responsible and prepared traveler.

  • Aside from reading travel blogs, you must pay attention to relevant information about the most recommended days or times to visit a particular site. If you can, ask the locals around to get advice about the safest locations and routes to avoid getting stuck in the event of a life-threatening landslide or flash flood.
  • Always stay connected by purchasing a sim card or renting pocket wifi via legitimate travel agencies or Klook to ensure you’ll have enough data during your trip. While you can also turn on the international roaming features of your current sim, the signal is usually inconsistent and may even be totally undetected during emergencies.
  • Try to level up your natural disasters vocabulary so you can quickly understand the breaking news or announcements broadcasted through TV and radio. Knowing some Urdu words and their meaning can potentially save your life.
  • Far-flung areas with no reception usually resort to fliers and signages to inform about imminent danger. If you ever see a sign while traveling, take the time to decipher what it means using Google Translate. You can also seek the help of the locals to share with you what it means.
  • Always have a body bag that is waterproof and tear-resistant. Preferably, it should be large enough to store your essential IDs, passport, medications, some money, and other documents. In an emergency, you must be ready to leave your heavy luggage and just run with your body bag.
  • Before your flight, it is recommended that you check on the latest news through a credible website like the Times Of India to see everything happening around the country. Knowing this can help you make alterations to your itinerary and bookings.


Over To You

We have covered all the best Urdu words and tips about Pakistan’s natural disasters. We hope that you were able to learn a few bits of information and that they will be helpful to you in the future. Despite all the scares regarding disasters, the country remains one of the top getaways, and we know that you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime if you decide to visit.

If you also want to enter the country in style and develop meaningful connections with the locals, why not try to learn Urdu? Learn how you can do this quickly and easily in the section below.


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