Cheers In Latvian And Other 50+ Useful Words

Some things just happen together. I mean, it would not be right not to drink Aperol Spritz in Italy in summer. Imagine going to Cuba without a mojito or going to Spain without a glass of sangria. But what about Latvia? Do you want to know how to say cheers in Latvian and the most popular drinks in Latvian? If you guessed it correctly, congratulations -this is beer! Latvia has a wide variety of exciting beers and a thriving beer culture.

In this blog, we will introduce the drinking culture of Latvia. Plus, we will let you know the basic words and phrases related to drinking with English translations, which you can use in Latvia’s exciting bars and pubs or during convo with Latvians.


Important Words About Beverages In Latvian

English TranslationsLatvian Language
alcoholic beveragesalkoholiskie dzērieni
root beersakņu alus
dessert winedeserta vīns
white winebaltvīns
red winesarkanvīns
realgar wineīstais vīns
chrysanthemum winekrizantēmas vīns
 wine glass vīna glāze
drinking glassdzeramā glāze
beer festivalalus festivāls
cocktail partykokteiļu ballīte
drinking gamedzeršanas spēle


Important Phrases Related To Drinking And Cheers In Latvian

English TranslationLatvian Language
to have a drink together, to celebratekopā iedzert, svinēt
passed out/blackout after drinking too muchsamaņas zudums/aptumšošana pēc pārmērīgas dzeršanas
What is your favorite kind of beer?Kāds ir tavs mīļākais alus veids?
Could I see the wine list, please?Lūdzu, vai es varētu redzēt vīnu sarakstu?
Do you like beer?Vai tev garšo alus?
Do You Drink?Vai tu dzer?
One more, pleaseVēl vienu, lūdzu


Cheers In Latvian And In The Other Languages

Countries NameCheers Translations With pronunciation
Nepaliजय होस् (Jaya hōs)
Hindiचियर्स (chiyars)
CzechNa zdraví (Naz drah vee)
Chinese(Mandarin) – 干杯 (gān bēi)
Korean건배 (gun bae)
Thaiชน (chon)
Japanese乾杯 Kanpai
Swedish/Danish/Latin  Fremitus deinde!
PolishNa zdraví
GreekΣτην υγειά σας
Spanish¡ Salud
VietnameseDô / Vô / Một hai ba, yo
ItalianSaluti / Cin cin
Frenchà votre santé


How Latvian Drinks? – Drinking Culture In Latvia

Cheers In Latvian

Latvia may not be as famous as Italy or Croatia, but they do have some cool drinks to make you a great day. This Baltic country is full of old medieval towns, museums, castles, and nature reserves. They also provide delicious food and drinks made from high-quality ingredients and have served them for centuries. When you come to Latvia, you can try the following drinks. In Latvia, it is called Rīgas Melnais balzams.

This dark beverage is traditionally made from natural ingredients honey, caramel, and fruit juice and is highly regarded throughout Latvia for its flavor and taste. Roots and herbs are usually added to improve the flavor, such as valerian, wormwood, black pepper, and ginger. Latvians like to be alone, nothing more. However, if you are a person who cherishes diversity, you might want to try it in a cocktail.

Moreover, some people mix this drink with gin, akvavit, or vodka. In addition, it is usually mixed with tea, coffee, or blackcurrant juice or mixed with soda water.


Latvian Famous Drinks


Latvians also like to drink vodka. It is impossible to find one or two popular vodka brands on the table when you attend various occasions. Restaurants, bars, and hotel bars serve a variety of vodka. You may be surprised to know that one of the most popular vodka brands, Stolichnaya, is made in Latvia.

In cold climates, grains grow better than grapes, which is why Latvia is naturally one of the top producers of vodka brands in the world. Latvian vodka is a source of inspiration for many cultures in Europe, including the Russians.


For centuries, before vodka, the most popular drink in Latvia was beer. Almost every store you go to will offer commercial beer brands, so you have many choices. In addition, farmers brew their own beer. This culture can be attributed to 700 years of German rule in the country. Therefore, the choice is different for the preferred and most popular brands.

Most locals prefer Valmiermuižas alus, while some will choose Bauskas, Tērvetes, or Užavas. You can also try their craft beer, such as Malduguns or Labietis, because of their unique production and taste. They are sold in supermarkets across the country.


For those who like non-alcoholic beverages, their best choice is Mežezers. It allows visitors, using traditional collections, to explore the fine-quality drinks that Latvians offer. Priekā… (cheers in Latvian)


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