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No matter where you go, the first thought that comes to our mind is food! And if you are visiting Latvia, the land of unique and otherworldly food cuisine embedded with deep culture, you are sure to get your taste buds excited. From ordering the food you desire to savor the right amount of salt in your food, you will experience a whole new world of different Latvian foods. Thus, to help you have a smooth sailing tour with the Latvian cuisine, this blog has prepared a list of flavors in Latvian with suitable Latvian food examples fitted under each flavor.

Learning these basic and essential flavors and food terms will help you explore Latvian cuisine in a true local style. From desserts to delicious dishes like honey cake, boiled potatoes with cottage cheese, potato pancakes, and other fresh milk items, you will enable a true power in your system to identify the flavor you desire and the dish you admire. Especially if you are a cook yourself, the knowledge of the Latvian flavors in different food items will make you a pro in trying to cook the dishes on your own. So, let’s get started!

The Latvian Cuisine

Before we head to individual flavors of the Latvian foods, we should first get acquainted with the magical cuisine of the Latvian food culture.

Latvia may be a small country with half the population of the world’s total growth, but the diverse food choices in Latvia can only be explored in a hundred years. The traditional Latvian food usually consists of rye bread, smoked pork, smoked fish, potatoes in pancakes, cold soup, mushroom sauce with different rye bread, etc. The list will go on and on, but agricultural products find the domain space in the Latvian platter with different kinds of meat featuring alongside the main dish. Fish is a common dish in the Latvian dish due to the country’s neighborhood, the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea.

Other than meat, some common ingredients are eggs, fried onions, grey peas, pan-fried blood sausage, and many dried fruits and dairy products. Latvian foods are quite fatty, involving Jāņi cheese, sweet whipped cream, and butter, with less use of spices. Thus, the flavors in the Latvian dishes are perfectly balanced out with all the essential tastes, from sweet to sour, salty to spicy. So, let us get into flavors in the next section and learn more about them.

Tastes And Flavors In Latvian

Flavors in latvian

Flavors or Garša in Latvian dishes will always be commendable in their way. The perfect mix of creamy, sweet, salty ingredients with sour, bitter, and spicy recipes makes Latvian food distinct and outstanding. So, when it comes to flavors and tastes, it becomes necessary to learn some of the essential vocab that will help identify the differences in a native style once you land in Latvia.

Flavors Latvian Translation










The above five tastes are the dominant flavors in every Latvian dish when talking about flavors. Be it salads or recipes full of strawberries and vegetables; these five domain flavors will always be finely blended, making every dish a true spirit of the Latvian food culture.

Individual Flavors And Dishes

Now that we know some basic flavors let us discuss each in minute detail and learn some dishes affiliated with each flavor. Learning these will help you get your desired food in Latvia without wasting time on unwanted tastes and testings.

Salty (Sāļš )

Sāļš is the Latvian version of the word salty. In almost every Latvian dish, where different sauces such as mushroom sauce and soups exist, the mix of salty flavors will always be dominant. The salty flavor balances the sweet and sour tastes, giving out a pure refreshing taste. Salts in Latvian cuisine are mostly propounded in meaty dishes with pork or chicken seasoning, also fish sauce as we say so. One example of a delightful dish would be the Latvian cold soup. The soup is light and refreshing, with a rich hint of salty and sweet flavor.

Sweet (Salds)

Salds or sweet taste is among the essential flavors prevalent in most Latvian dishes, such as lingonberry sauce, lingonberry jam, and salads with wild strawberries. The flavor, added mostly through onions and sugar, blends the savory and salty tastes in Latvian foods and gives a rich sense of gustation. Unlike spicy dishes, sweet dishes in Latvia hold a very exalted position in people’s hearts. As a matter of fact, like ancient Latvians, modern cuisine in the house of Latvian still includes berries, juicy fruits, and mushrooms as their breakfast.

Sour (Skābs)

Another essential flavor in Latvian dishes is the mix of sweet and sour. Mostly, lime, sour cream, and vinegar bring about the sour flavor in the dishes, but unique items such as caraway seeds also give the Latvian recipe a sharp, bittersweet taste. Even main dishes with meat and vegetable salads have a dominant sour taste added with lime juice and sour cream. Kefir, a soured milk drink, is also very popular.

Bitter (Rūgts)

While salty and sweet flavors are more common in Latvian platters, the bitter mix is also found in popular dishes. Especially Latvian being a bread-loving country, the dark rye bread dish, also called Rumpjmaize, is a healthy food eaten widely in Latvia with a uniquely bitter flavor. The bitter taste is mostly added through seeds and melons, and sugars and butter come in handy to tame excess bitterness.

Savory (Sāļi)

Savory dishes in Latvia are mostly those involving protein ingredients such as fish, pork, chicken, etc. The savory flavor is added through numerous seasonings and sauces. All the meat salads, cold meat dishes, and meat patties have a savory taste through the powders and paste seasonings.

More Vocabulary Related To Flavors And Dishes

Flavors in latvian

Other than the five main flavors, there are more to the dishes found in Latvia. While salty eggs and sausage may take up a popular stand in the tourist area, some local dishes are served with unique flavors, especially spices found so less in the main dishes. Let’s get to know some of them and explore the beauty of the Latvian flavors.


Flavors Latvian Translation









Dishes In Latvian
Potatoes with Chanterelle Sauce

Kartupeļi ar gaileņu mērci

Latvian Black Pudding Sausage

Latvijas Melnā pudiņa desa

Rye Bread Arrangement

Rupjmaizes Kārtojums

Grey Peas with Lard

Pelēkie zirņi ar speķi

Cold Soup

Aukstā zupa

Bread Soup

Maizes zupa

Meat Salad

Gaļas salāti

Potato Salad

Kartupeļu salāti

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