50+ Easy Spanish Cooking Terms For Real Foodies

cooking terms in spanish

Everyone knows that Spain is heaven for foodies and lovers of great food. Learn over 50 easy Spanish cooking terms and explore Spanish cuisine properly!

Indulging in a new country’s cuisine is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have while traveling. Through food you can not only feel the new tastes and influences of a different cuisine, but also connect with locals that will have their day fulfilled if they see you, a foreigner, enjoying their food!

One of my best experiences as a traveler actually happened while traveling through Spain. I’ve already been traveling all around this beautiful country for a couple of weeks now, so a few dozen of tapas had already been through my digestive system. At this point, in a not-so-modest way, I considered myself a connoisseur of Spanish tapas, however, this would all change during my stop in the beautiful city of Valencia, the home of Paella.

In a lucky shot, I booked a guesthouse just outside the center that was run by a lovely Spanish woman called Lucía. I made the mistake of telling her that I was hambriento (hungry) so she invited me into her house where I shared a meal with her husband and her two children. In the middle of many tapas and Tinto de Verano, she shared with me all about Cocina Española (Spanish Cuisine) as I shared with her my last few weeks in Spain. Food brought us together and until this day, whenever I want to do a Paella for my girlfriend I always remember everything she taught me about how to cook this incredible dish.

Are you ready to embark on this gastronomical journey with me and learn all about Spanish cooking vocabulary? Vámonos!

First Step: How To Say Cooking In Spanish

To say “cooking” in Spanish you say cocinar. If you want to refer to the person that is cooking then you say cocinero as in “chef” or “cook”. Using this in a sentence you would say Me gusta cocinar (I like to cook) or El cocina muy bien (He cooks very well).

Tapas Spanish Food

Spanish Cuisine And Culture

Spanish cuisine has been around for a long time and is one part of Spanish culture that is really hard not to fall in love with. This special cuisine is very diverse, unique and very complex mainly because Spain itself comes from the union of several different regions with their own traditions and cuisine. Furthermore, the Iberian Peninsula was several times occupied by several different cultures throughout the year, bringing in their own little details to the Spanish food. 

The main secret of Spanish cuisine is using fresh and local ingredients to make dishes that have stayed the same for over 200 years. Two basic ingredients are the base for the entire cuisine: aceite de oliva (olive oil) and ajo (garlic). Besides these, you’ll often see jamón (ham) and queso (cheese) in many of the traditional dishes.

One of the biggest culture shocks I had in Spain, but one that I now use in my daily life is mealtimes. Spanish people have a very late small snack in the afternoon and then are super late dinners, eating at least after 9 pm!

Easy As Paella: Spanish Dishes To Look For

What would an article be, if I didn’t mention a few of the most famous traditional Spanish dishes that have conquered not only my heart but many people around the world? Don’t forget to try all these dishes and you’ll fall in love with Spanish food!

  • Paella Valenciana
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Tortilla
  • Churros
  • Croquetas
  • Leche fria

50+ Spanish Cooking Terms

Now that we’re familiar with the Spanish food and the culture around it, it’s time to explore some vocabulary that you can use when you start your lessons in Spanish cuisine. This is some key Spanish vocabulary that you can use not only in Spain but in all latin america.


AddAñadir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Añadir[/Speechword]
ArrangeArreglar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Arreglar[/Speechword]
AerateAirear[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Airear[/Speechword]
BatterAmasar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Amasar[/Speechword]
BlackenEnnegrecer[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Ennegrecer[/Speechword]
BakeHornear[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Hornear[/Speechword]
BasteHilvanar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Hilvanar[/Speechword]
BoilHervir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Hervir[/Speechword]
BurnQuemar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Quemar[/Speechword]
CutCorte[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Corte[/Speechword]
CoolEnfriar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Enfriar[/Speechword]
CarveEsculpir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Esculpir[/Speechword]
ChopCortar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cortar[/Speechword]
CaramelizeCaramelizar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Caramelizar[/Speechword]
DrySecar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Secar[/Speechword]
DecorateDecorar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Decorar[/Speechword]
DoughMasa[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Masa[/Speechword]
DrizzleLlovizna[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Llovizna[/Speechword]
DrainDrenar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Drenar[/Speechword]
DrapeCubrir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cubrir[/Speechword]
Deep fryFreír[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Freír[/Speechword]
DipMojar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Mojar[/Speechword]
DeboneDeshuesar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Deshuesar[/Speechword]
FermentFermentar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Fermentar[/Speechword]
FlipVirar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Virar[/Speechword]
FryFreír[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Freír[/Speechword]
FreezeCongelar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Congelar[/Speechword]
GrindMoler[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Moler[/Speechword]
GlazeVidriar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Vidriar[/Speechword]
GarnishAdornar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Adornar[/Speechword]
GreaseGrasa[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Grasa[/Speechword]
GrillParrilla[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Parrilla[/Speechword]


HeatCalor[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Calor[/Speechword]
HardenEndurecer[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Endurecer[/Speechword]
LiftLevantar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Levantar[/Speechword]
LayerCapa[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Capa[/Speechword]
MixMezcla[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Mezcla[/Speechword]
MeasureMedida[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Medida[/Speechword]
MashMezcla[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Mezcla[/Speechword]
MicorwaveMicroondas[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Microondas[/Speechword]
MinceDesmenuzar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Desmenuzar[/Speechword]
MoundMontículo[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Montículo[/Speechword]
OpenAbrir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Abrir[/Speechword]
Oven fryFreír al horno[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Freír al horno[/Speechword]
OvercookRecocido[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Recocido[/Speechword]
OilAceite[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Aceite[/Speechword]
PeelPelar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Pelar[/Speechword]
PullJalar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Jalar[/Speechword]
PreparePreparar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Preparar[/Speechword]
PressPrensa[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Prensa[/Speechword]
PreservePreservar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Preservar[/Speechword]
PicklePepinillo[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Pepinillo[/Speechword]
PourVerter[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Verter[/Speechword]
PoachEscalfar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Escalfar[/Speechword]
PrickPinchazo[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Pinchazo[/Speechword]
QuarterCuarto[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cuarto[/Speechword]
RollRodar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Rodar[/Speechword]
ReheatRecalentar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Recalentar[/Speechword]
RoastTostar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Tostar[/Speechword]
RefreshRefrescar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Refrescar[/Speechword]
RefrigerateRefrigerar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Refrigerar[/Speechword]


SeasonSazonar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Sazonar[/Speechword]
ScaldEscaldadura[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Escaldadura[/Speechword]
SkinPiel[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Piel[/Speechword]
SauteSaltear[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Saltear[/Speechword]
ScoopCucharón[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cucharón[/Speechword]
SkewerBrocheta[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Brocheta[/Speechword]
ScrambleMezclar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Mezclar[/Speechword]
StirRevolver[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Revolver[/Speechword]
SmokeAhumar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Ahumar[/Speechword]
SpreadUntado[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Untado[/Speechword]
SliceRodaja[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Rodaja[/Speechword]
SweetenEndulzar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Endulzar[/Speechword]
SprinkleEspolvorear[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Espolvorear[/Speechword]
ToastTostada[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Tostada[/Speechword]
TossLanzar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Lanzar[/Speechword]
TenderizeEnternecer[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Enternecer[/Speechword]
WedgeCuña[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cuña[/Speechword]
WhiskBatidor[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Batidor[/Speechword]
WashLavar[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Lavar[/Speechword]
WrapEnvolver[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Envolver[/Speechword]
Cooking Spanish

Spanish Vocabulary: Let’s Put It Into Practice

Further from learning some Spanish cooking vocabulary, it is important to put this into practice and see what is like to use them. Here are a few examples of these words being used in sentences.

I overcooked the fishCociné demasiado el pescado[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cociné demasiado el pescado[/Speechword]
Reheat the food before servingRecalentar la comida antes de servir[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Recalentar la comida antes de servir[/Speechword]
The cake has to go to the oven for 45 minutesLa tarta tiene que ir al horno durante 45 minutos.[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]La tarta tiene que ir al horno durante 45 minutos.[/Speechword]
Please peel the potato for mePor favor, pélame la patata.[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Por favor, pélame la patata.[/Speechword]
Can you toast the bread?¿Puedes tostar el pan?[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]¿Puedes tostar el pan?[/Speechword]
Slice the ham into thin slicesCortar el jamón en lonchas finas[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Cortar el jamón en lonchas finas[/Speechword]
Freeze the dough for 30 minutesCongelar la masa durante 30 minutos.[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Congelar la masa durante 30 minutos.[/Speechword]
Do you know how to chop onions?¿Sabes picar cebollas?[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]¿Sabes picar cebollas?[/Speechword
Stir fry the meat for 5 minutesSofreír la carne durante 5 minutos.[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Sofreír la carne durante 5 minutos.[/Speechword]
Always check if an egg is good before boilingComprueba siempre si un huevo está bueno antes de hervirlo[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Comprueba siempre si un huevo está bueno antes de hervirlo[/Speechword]
I need 3 teaspoons of flour for the pieNecesito 3 cucharaditas de harina para el pay[Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]Necesito 3 cucharaditas de harina para el pay[/Speechword]
Dinner is served!¡La cena está servida![Speechword voice=”Spanish Female” isinline]¡La cena está servida![/Speechword]

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