20+ Useful Greetings In Latvian You Need To Learn

If you are a zealous explorer, how can you ignore Latvia? How is it possible to visit Europe and not visit the deep forests and wide beaches of Latvia? Does the language barrier hinder you from going there? You should also learn Latvian if you got friends from there. We are going to enlist down some basic greetings in Latvian to overcome this trouble. Also, if you want to learn Latvian for your love for various languages, these phrases will be of massive help for you.

Although many citizens of Latvia can speak the English language, it would be best if you speak their native language and pass Greetings In Latvian.


Basic Greetings In Latvian You Need To Know


Latvian: Sveiki

Whenever you meet someone, the first that you expectedly say is that you greet them with a Hello/Hi. In Latvian, you say Sveiki in place of Hello/Hi.


Latvian: Sveiciens

Most often, you greet people by just saying “Greetings.” If you want to greet the same way in Latin as well, say “Sveiciens.”


Latvian: Paldies

How can you have interaction and not need to thank them occasionally? So, you say thanks in the Latvian language as “Paldies.”

You Are Welcome!

Latvian: Lūdzu

You typically respond to someone’s thanks with a “welcome.” But, in Latvian, you say “Lūdzu” if you want to say to someone that “You are welcome.”

OK Good!

Latvian: Labi ok

In English, you say “OK good” quite a lot of times. So, if you appear to agree with someone, you can express it in Latvian as “labi.”

Do You Speak Latvian?

Latvian: vai jūs runājat

The next thing you could say to someone after hello is about the language. So, if you want to confirm whether they speak Latvian or not, say the phrases like “vai jūs runājat.”

Long Time No See!

Latvian: Sen neesam tikušies

When you meet someone after a long time, the first thing you might say to them is “long time no see!”. So, if you want to say this phrase to someone in the Latvian language, say “Sen neesam tikušies.”

It Was Nice Meeting You!

Latvian: Bija jauki tevi satikt

When you are pleased to meet someone, what else do you say except “It was nice meeting you”? So, in Latvian, you express the pleasure of meeting someone as “Bija jauki tevi satikt.”

Good Morning

Latvian: Labrīt

When you meet someone at the start of the day, you greet them with “good morning.” In Latvian, you go like “Labrīt.”

Good Evening

Latvian: Labvakar

Saying good evening when you meet someone at the end of the day is also a mandatory ritual. Thus, evening greetings in Latvian are “Labvakar.”

Good Night

Latvian: Ar labunakti

Informal night greetings are “Good night” in every language. So, in Latvian, you say good night as “Ar labunakti.”

Good Day

Latvian: Laba diena

Wishing someone a good day is also a very heartfelt greeting. Want to wish someone a “good day” in the Latvian language? say “Laba diena.”

See You Tomorrow!

Latvian: Līdz rītam

If you are departing from someone with hope or wish to meet them the next day, you say, “see you tomorrow!”. Thus, in Latvian, you say the same as “Līdz rītam.”


Latvian: Uz redzēšanos

“Goodbye” is the most common and informal greeting that you use at departing from someone. In Latvian, you say “goodbye” as “Uz redzesanos.”


Greetings In Latvian: Common Vocabulary Used

Greetings In Latvian
Greetings In Latvian

Apart from the above-mentioned basic greetings in Latvian, there are many other formal and informal Latvian phrases. We have enlisted them down so that you can quickly learn them to add to your Latvian vocabulary.

These were some common Latvian phrases that you can add to your vocabulary and speak when you need to. However, if you want to learn the Greetings In Latvian, English, or any other language thoroughly, you can learn with us, free of cost.

Greetings In English Latvian Translation
I will be right back! Es tūlīt būšu atpakaļ!
What is your name? Kā tevi sauc?
Nice to meet you! Priecājos iepazīties!
To you! Jums, tev
What do you do for a living? Ar ko tu nodarbojies?
You have a beautiful name! Tev ir skaists vārds
Can I have your phone number? Vai es varu palūgt tavu telefona numuru?
Would you like to go for a walk? Vai vēlies iet pastaigāties?
Happy birthday! Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā!
I enjoyed myself very much Man ļoti patika
Are you married? Vai tu esi precējies / precējusies?
What time is it? Cik ir pulkstens?
Bye! ata
Where are you from? No kurienes tu esi?
Make yourself at home! Jūties kā mājās!


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