Keeping It Slow: 5 Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian

Love (Meilė) takes time for Lithuanians. You can learn as many love words and phrases in Lithuanian as you want. You can use these words and phrases to capture a Lithuanian’s heart because, for them, they want relationships to be formed slowly. Did you know that most Lithuanian families were formed by people who met their spouse in school, university, or the workplace? But, in this modern time, dating apps became prevalent, especially among the younger generations.

All of this information will not be that useful if you do not know how to speak Lithuanian. It is not that they do not know how to speak English, but if you want to visit their country, you need to learn their language first. It will help you to build deeper relationships with the locals.


Basic Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian Language

If you are here to learn different love words and phrases in Lithuanian, you should also learn about their culture and how people choose their life partners in Lithuania. Remember that it is not the Lithuanian words and phrases that will capture one’s heart; instead, it is the sincerity and effort behind those words. Check out these Lithuanian words and phrases to start with.

1. I Miss You- Aš Pasiilgau Tavęs

Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian | I miss you

Have you ever felt like you want to stop time while you are with the one you love? That feeling of longing for someone and wanting to be in his/her arms? If you do, you can say Aš pasiilgau tavęs in Lithuanian. This can be useful, especially if you are a foreigner who fell in love with a Lithuanian.

Fun fact. One characteristic that Lithuanians want in a partner is worldly and adventurous. If you are a foreigner, this can be advantageous because you want to travel and explore the world. But, don’t get me wrong. They love their own country. So, if you want to increase your chance of winning his/her heart, make sure not to make him/her say Aš pasiilgau tavęs to his/her own country they are living in.

Aš Irgi Tavęs Pasiilgau

If you have been told Aš pasiilgau tavęs, you can reply with this phrase which means “I miss you too.” in English.

Aš Tavęs Labai Ilgiousi.

If you miss that person too much, you can express that using this phrase which means “I miss you very much.” in English.

2. I Like You- Tu Man Patinki 

Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian | I like you

Liking someone is not the same as loving someone. There’s a huge line that you can draw between this two. Although love is more profound, most of the relationship started when that person has the characteristics that you like. So if you want to confess to someone in the Lithuanian language that you like him/her, you can say Tu Man Patinki. Make sure to dress well and flex a good impression because Lithuanians are very particular about this.

3. You’re Very Special! – Tu Esi Ypatingas (m) Ypatinga (f)

Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian | You're very special

If you would like to put extra sweetness into your words, you can use this phrase and see how it will make his/her heart race. Saying this phrase will let that person know how you really feel. Surely, almost everyone will agree that this is one of the best things in life that we want to hear. But, don’t be contented with words. You may put in a little effort and even some material things like cookies, flowers, and chocolates. Nowadays, there are different popular ways to make your loved one feel special and happy.

4. I Love You- Aš Tave Myliu

Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian | I love you

Lithuanian quote says, “A life without love is a year without summer.” From this quote, you can say that love (meilė) is significant in Lithuanian culture. It is not just about the feeling of being in love but a lifetime commitment with the one you chose to love.

Lithuanians are very particular about the process of relationships before they say Aš Tave Myliu. If you find yourself in love with a Lithuanian, you should understand their ways. It would be best if you appreciated every little progress you make in your relationship, no matter how long it will take to reach the intimacy you want. Just like what they said, “True love waits.” If you want to share your whole life with someone, make sure to choose the right person to whom you can say, “Aš Tave Myliu.”

5. My Heart Speaks The Language Of Love – Mano Širdis Kalba Meilės Kalba

Love Words And Phrases In Lithuanian | My Heart Speaks The Language Of Love

When you are in love, words are not enough to express your heart. That is why some people go the extra mile and use more beautiful words and figurative speeches to say “I love you” in different ways. These kinds of words are really endearing to hear, and they will really brighten up your day.


Lithuanian Terms For Endearment

In Lithuania, they don’t just call their loved ones by name. They use endearments that they reserve for that one person they love the most. Here are some terms of endearment that you can call your significant other:

Lithuanian English Translation
širdelė sweetheart
meilužis lover
partneris partner
kitų svarbių significant other
mylimasis beloved
numylėtinis darling
draugė girlfriend
draugas boyfriend
žmona wife
vyras husband
nuotaka bride
nuotaka jaunikis  bride groom
susituokusi pora married couple
buvęs vaikinas former boyfriend
buvęs draugė former girlfriend

What sets Lithuania apart from other Western countries is that the locals have only a few partners throughout their lifetime. Lithuanian men and women have their own characteristics that will make foreigners fall in love with them. Lithuanian men are very hardworking and well-mannered. You might say that they are cold and reserved the first time you meet them but, let time do its magic. They also know their obligations to provide for their families, even if it means working abroad.

On the other hand, Lithuanian women are very admirable too. Aside from attractive looks, what you will admire about them is their intelligence even though they live in a small country. They can be very modest and do not usually follow the standards of beauty nowadays. They don’t need makeup and fancy clothes to look beautiful. Being themselves is what makes them beautiful.


Lithuanian Dating Phrases

We are talking much about Lithuanian love words and phrases, but we do not actually talk about what to say during dates. The dating stage is crucial yet, one of the most exciting parts of being in a relationship. This is the stage when you are very conscious of everything. The way you dress, the way you smell, even the way you speak. This is the phase when a simple hello and greetings will play a significant role. You try your best to make a good impression and make sure the date would really go well to hear her sweet “Yes” (Taip). Here are some Lithuanian dating words and phrases that will be helpful for you.

Lithuanian English Translation
Ar galėtum daugiau papasakoti apie save? Can you tell me more about you?
Ar galiu gauti tavo telefono numerį? Can I have your phone number?
Ar galiu gauti tavo elektroninio pašto adresą? Can I have your email?
Ar tu rytoj laisvas (m) laiva (f) Are you free tomorrow evening?
Aš norėčiau tave pakviesti pietų I would like to invite you to dinner
Ar norėtum pasivaikščioti? Would you like to go for a walk?
Ar turi savo nuotraukų? Do you have any pictures of yourself?
Tu esi gražti You look beautiful! (to a woman)
Tavo gražus vardas You have a beautiful name
Aš esu vieniškas (m) aš esu vieniša (f) I’m single


Most Lithuanians want to date for a chance to meet the person they want to spend their whole lives with. Turning to the next page of your relationship is something that would really test your love for each other. Before a guy ask his girlfriend, “Ar tekėsi už manęs?” (Will you marry me?), make sure to build a good character that proves that he can be a good husband. And for the girls, before you say “Yes (Taip)”, Please remember that marriage is not like eating a bowl of hot rice that if you burned your tongue, you could spit out. It is a union in front of God – for better or for worst.

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