30+ Best Lithuanian Common Vocab You Must Know

Want to know what Maistas and Sveiki mean before you land in the beautiful and exciting land of Lithuania? Well, this blog has you covered. From Lithuanian common vocab to some essential words and phrases that you will require constantly, each section of this blog will give you the best translations for all situations. Keep reading below! 

Lithuania is the land of beautiful landscapes, flatlands, and naturally adorned forests that you cannot take your eyes off. And just like the place, the Lithuanian people and the native speakers of the Lithuanian language are equally fascinating and welcoming. So, what can be a better start to your journey than knowing some essential terminologies? Learning some of this vocabulary will help you engage with the locals and converse with them more meaningfully.

Learning new languages can be tricky, but if you are a keen learner and a traveler, learning the Lithuanian language will be easy peasy. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into some handful of daily Lithuanian words that will come in handy during your entire journey.

What Is The Lithuanian Language About?

Speaking the Lithuanian language can be quite a task for someone who has been speaking English their entire life. It is the scenario for every other person who has started their language learning journey. However, it is not impossible to master. Simply trying to memorize a few words every day consistently, then stringing them together to craft a complete sentence will be a lot easier. But before we introduce the vocabs, let’s first get to know the features of this language. 

The Lithuanian language is one of the last two Baltic languages worldwide. Given that it has come such a long way since it was first used, the language reflects the country’s fascinating history and its people. For this reason, specific grammatical points have not evolved throughout the years. Most linguists consider it the oldest surviving Indo-European language, proving you do not require an excuse to learn the language and behold its literature.

Currently, around 3 million Lithuanians hold the language natively all over the world, and as the facts go, the majority reside in Lithuania. Given that it is still widely spoken, many are interested to learn it too. However, many people are scared to learn it as it is considered a complicated one. For instance, it has 32 alphabets called abėcėlė, which are unique compared to the regular 26-letter English alphabet. Our tip? If you genuinely want to master this language, you must use resources encouraging you to learn every day. 

Lithuanian Common Vocab

Irregula vocab in Lithuanian

When it comes to a new language, the first set of expressions you must master is greetings. Thus, we will begin this section with some essential daily greeting words and phrases you will constantly hear in Lithuania, followed by random and basic vocab and expressions that are fun and easy to learn.

Basic Lithuanian Greetings

Hello (Sveiki)

The first word you need to know is Sveiki, which means Hello in English. It is a helpful word that you would need to greet every other person in Lithuania. While Sveiki is a more formal Lithuanian word, for informal terms, you can use Alio!, which also means Hello but in a more friendly tone.

Good Morning (Labas rytas)

The following essential greeting Lithuanian words are Labas rytas. It means Good Morning in English and wishes people a good day!

Good Evening (Labas vakaras)

Labas vakaras means Good Evening in English and is something you use to wish and greet someone in the evening in Lithuanian.

Good Night (Labos nakties)

Just say Labos nakties before you go to sleep to your Lithuanian mate and wish him a good rest.

Have a Nice Day! (Geros dienos)

It is always friendly and polite to wish someone a nice day or a night, especially when you have just met them. Thus, you can use the phrase Geros dienos anytime to make your relationship blossom. 

Want to learn more? Surprise the locals by mastering the essential words and phrases in Lithuanian. Next, we will move on to different regular words under various categories. Let’s begin!

Household Vocab

English Lithuanian
Bathroom Vonia
Bed Lova
Books Knygos
Car Automobilis
Chair Kėdė
Computer Kompiuteris
Door Durys
Drawing room Piešimo kambarys
House Namas
Kitchen Virtuvė
Table Lentelė
Toilet Tualetas
Utensils Indai

Shopping Vocab

English Lithuanian
Bag Maišas
Bargain Derėtis
Basket Krepšelis
Customer Klientas
Elevator Liftas
Free Laisvas
Money Pinigai
Purse Piniginė
Sale Išpardavimas
Shop Parduotuvė
Shopkeeper Parduotuvės savininkas
Trolley Vežimėlis

Travel Vocab

English Lithuanian
Airport Oro uostas
Beach papludimys
Destination Kelionės tikslas
Fly Skristi
Flight Skrydis
Handbag Rankinė
Hotel Viešbutis
Hill Station Hill stotis
Luggage Bagažas
Journey Kelionė
Ride Važiuoti
Road Kelias

Food Vocab

English Lithuanian
Fruits Vaisiai
Garnish Garnyras
Hot pot Karštas puodas
Juice Sultys
Jelly Želė
Noodles Makaronai
Organic Ekologiškas
Roast Skrudinti
Soup Sriuba
Sour Rūgštus
Sweet Miela
Salty sūrus
Vegetable Daržovių

Other Essential Words

Lithuanian common vocab

The words mentioned above are some of the regularly used vocab you constantly need in Lithuania. However, there are endless words, and this section will give you an insight into more such day-to-day words that you can memorize and use with the locals.

English Words Lithuanian translated
Bottle Butelis
Boy Berniukas
Cart Krepšelis
Couch Sofa
Cost Kaina
Drinking Gėrimas
Europe Europa
Family Šeima
Fact Faktas
Girl Mergina
Goodbye Viso gero
Games Žaidimai
Horn Ragas
Ice cream Ledai
Joker Juokdarys
Laptop Nešiojamas kompiuteris
Lawn Veja
Newspaper Laikraštis
Public Viešas
Queen Karalienė
Robot Robotas
Radio Radijas
School Mokykla
Soap Muilas
Teacher Mokytojas
Teach Mokyti
Traffic Eismas
Toasts Tostai
Uniform Uniforma
Visit Apsilankykite
Welcome Sveiki

Example Sentences With Lithuanian Words

English Lithuanian Translate
A lovely destination Puiki kryptis
I am from Lithuania Aš esu iš Lietuvos
The food is amazing Maistas nuostabus
I love shopping aš myliu apsipirkinėjimą
Do you live here? Ar tu čia gyveni?
Such a beautiful car Toks gražus automobilis
Where is the toilet? Kur yra tualetas?
I read books Aš skaitau knygas
I missed my flight Praleidau skrydį
Thank you for this opportunity Dėkojame už šią galimybę

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