Learn 10+ Fascinating Lithuanian Slang Words

Lithuania is a beautiful country, and nothing beats the unique culture, beliefs, and traditions that lie within the heart of the Lithuanian people. Each is engraved with the perfection of modesty, culture, and life from their dressing to the Lithuanian language. But, what makes Lithuanian native speakers more intriguing is their way of uttering amusing Lithuanian slang words. The taste and twist in uttering some of the ordinary and known slang words in Lithuanian is something you cannot miss. If you are here to learn some of them, you have come to the right place!

This blog has complied the basic phrases and slang words that you will need to sound more like a local in Lithuania. After learning the following words, you will start speaking Lithuanian even before speaking English. So, don’t wait and start learning Lithuanian right away!

Why Learn Lithuanian Slang?

Lithuanian slang words

Before we get into the details, it is a familiar doubt in every mind as to why learning slang is essential. Well, there can be several reasons why and if you wish to sound cool once you are in Lithuania, that presents your first reason.

Sound More Casual

The most crucial reason why learning slangs make sense is the potential of that knowledge enabling you to speak Lithuanian more casually and fluently. While formal words make up most of your Lithuanian vocabulary as a new visitor, imagine speaking some exciting words in front of familiar locals. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Exactly, slang words will help you engage more and avoid a weird situation when interacting with a friend! However, never forget the root and learn some formal and basic phrases in Lithuanian.

Connect Easily

Another reason why slang is essential is that you get a deeper understanding of what the locals are trying to convey. Unless you are in a formal setting, you will mostly encounter people speaking Lithuanian words that are informal. When you can connect with those words, it makes you a good company and leaves a down-to-earth impression of your personality. And, without any doubt, the primary purpose of learning languages will always be the end route to engaging in conversations.

Thus, breaking the formal ties and learning something out of the box will make you look super talented, unlike regular English speakers. Moreover, why look for a particular reason anyway? Lithuanian language has a fascinating history as one of the Baltic languages. Especially for someone known to the Latvian language, Lithuanian can come in as an excellent experience.

Lithuanian Slang Words

Lithuanian slang words

The most enthusiastic part of this learning is that slang terms in the Lithuanian language are not something you learn in a book or course. This blog will give you a new journey to learning something that millions of people use in their daily lives and be a part of their daily culture. From goodbye, good morning, to Oops! Ouch! You will discover the new tongue of the younger generations.

Not only words, but the following sections will also provide phrases with an example each to give you a more concrete understanding of the fun that Lithuanians experience through their native language every day!

1. Nuostabu

English Translation: Amazing/Awesome

Once you land in Lithuania, you will look for expressions that will describe how amazing everything looks. And for such a scenario, Nuostabu is the right slang word for you. The Lithuanian word “Nuostabu” has a meaning that equals “Amazing” in English. You can use it to react to something out of the world to witness! It works as Wow! or Awesome! and is the best word to use when you have nothing else to say.

2. Oi!

English Translation: Oops!

Well, we all know what Oi! Stands for. It means “Oops!” when translated to English, and you can use this when you suddenly meet a minor accident that you regret. It is a ubiquitous expression that comes naturally from our systems, but you have to do this the Lithuanian way this time!

3. Taip!

English Translation: Yay/Yeah

Opposite to what we just learned, Taip is the word a person uses when something good happens. It sounds the same as Yay! or Yeah! in English, and you use it to express agreement or excitement about something that isn’t a mistake or wrong. Mostly, if you play games or do adventures, this word will come in pretty handy!

4. Atsiprašau

English Translation: Excuse me

No matter how many countries you have visited, you would not want to sound rude when visiting a new one. Similarly, when you are in the middle of the Lithuanians, you have to use a polite way to find your way out of the crowd. And for that impossible situation, Atsiprašau is the best word for you. The word means “Excuse me,” and addressing this will keep you out of trouble in an utterly unknown crowd.

5. Graži

English Translation: Pretty

It is a word that can translate to both pretty and beautiful. In a more slang manner, graži goes well with “pretty,” You can use it when you see something mesmerizing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person; it can be anything, from an animal to a table that can be graži in Lithuania. In fact, “Everything in Europe is graži!”

6. Skanus!

English Translation: Delicious

If nothing, Skanus! is spoken by almost every native. And no doubt, once you are in Lithuania, you’ll fall in love with this word as much as their food. Skanus means “Delicious,” and it explains the nature of food. Every time you have delicious food in Lithuania, you know what to use.

7. Tik juokauju

English Translation: Just Joking

We have another great phrase you can use while in the country, Tik juokauju. Tik juokauju is the word for “Just joking,” and you can use this when you are conveying your playful ideas to the locals. Say something funny and end it with Tik juokauju to not offend anyone.

More Lithuanian Words With Examples

This section will introduce you to some additional Lithuanian Slang words with example phrases to help you understand the Lithuanian language as a foreigner.

English Lithuanian Example Phrase
Oh, God! o Dieve O Dieve, kas tai?
(Oh God, What is that?)
Good Evening Labas vakaras Labas vakaras visiems
(Good Evening, everyone)
Good Morning Labas rytas Labas rytas visiems čia esantiems
(Good Morning to all present here)
Sure/Of course Žinoma Žinoma, užeik
(Of course, come in)
Boyfriend Vaikinas Jis mano vaikinas
(He is my boyfriend)
Girlfriend Mergina Mano mergina nori aplankyti Lietuvą
(My girlfriend wants to visit Lithuania)
Crazy Išprotėjęs Jis išprotėjęs
(He is crazy)
Helpful Naudinga Šis žemėlapis yra labai naudingas
(This map is very helpful)
Fun Linksma Lietuva linksma
(Lithuania is fun)
Disgusting Šlykštu Maistas buvo šlykštus
(The food was disgusting)

Learn Lithuanian With Ling

Lithuanian slang words

Slang words will always come in handy as a foreigner when you visit a new country with an unknown language and culture. They are the informal words that help interact casually and lively with locals when the situation seems suitable. However, these words and phrases should only be limited to close surroundings. You have to be very strict about your word choices with older citizens or formal interactions.

To help you figure out the language differences, Ling App has cumulated the best content for you. From Lithuanian question words to funny phrases, and Lithuanian food ingredients, you get access to multiple blogs with fascinating topics. So, say goodbye to your old books and welcome Ling into your new learning space.

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