Top 4 Ultimate Must-Watch Lao Shows On Netflix

lao shows on netflix

Have you ever thought about how Lao shows on Netflix can open up a whole new world of language learning? Besides leisure, watching foreign language shows can be a fantastic way to pick up a new language. Get ready to explore the captivating world of Lao culture and catch your first Lao film while honing your language skills, all from the comfort of your home. So get seated, and let’s all enjoy watching while learning.

The Rise Of Lao Shows

Laos, a nation nestled in Southeast Asia, boasts a rich cultural legacy and a history dating back centuries. However, before Netflix’s entrance, it lingered relatively unknown on the global entertainment stage. Thankfully, the platform’s vast readership and unwavering dedication to diversity bestowed upon Lao filmmakers and storytellers a remarkable chance to unveil their creations to a worldwide audience.

Netflix’s Lao programming masterfully fuses age-old themes with avant-garde narrative techniques, preserving the very essence of Laotian culture while also rendering it accessible to a wider global spectrum. The authenticity and ingenuity of these shows have resonated profoundly with viewers across the globe.

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Highly Recommended Lao Shows On Netflix

The availability of the following Lao shows on Netflix may vary depending on your location. Be sure to browse the Netflix app (or search them on other platforms) and catch these highly recommended Lao shows that have made it to the list.

“The Long Walk”

Lao: ບໍ່ມີວັນຈາກ

If you’re searching for the first Lao film to watch, “The Long Walk” is the perfect choice. The performances of the cast are world-class, making the movie gripping from start to finish. Additionally, “The Long Walk” has received praise from critics worldwide for its directing, cinematography, and powerful storytelling. This film has played a crucial role in boosting the Lao film industry by attracting a global audience.

“The Rocket”

Lao: ບັ້ງໄຟ bangfai

A must-see movie, “The Rocket” transports audiences to Northern Laos for an emotional journey. This Australian drama, directed by Kim Mordaunt, delivers a compelling story entirely in Lao. Ahlo, a young boy dealing with obstacles and superstitions related to his twin’s birth, is the film’s protagonist. Ahlo enters a rocket competition in an effort to start anew, determined to change his destiny.

The movie has a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks to its strong performances, gorgeous visuals, and honest storytelling. “The Rocket” brilliantly combines politics, optimism, and history to create a moving and uplifting film experience. It’s a profound coming-of-age tale that resonates with viewers for a long time.

“Dearest Sister”

Lao: ນ້ອງຮັກ

The Lao horror movie “Dearest Sister” follows Nok, a naive villager, who embarks on a journey to Vientiane to care for her wealthy cousin, Ana. Mysteriously, Ana has lost her sight but gained the ability to communicate with the dead.

As the plot unfolds, the audience is presented with dark secrets and unsettling visions. It skillfully glues the audience to their seats with how the film combines suspense and emotional drama. All the actors give commendable performances, allowing “Dearest Sister” to become a rewarding cinematic experience.

Bomb Harvest

Lao: ບົມ ຮາຍຫມາກ

Kim Mordaunt’s riveting documentary “Bomb Harvest” explores the lingering effects of the Laotian War. The movie aims to stop people, especially youngsters, from coming into contact with and using deadly explosives for scrap metal. It follows an Australian bomb disposal specialist who teaches locals how to detonate bombs.

Because of the way it is told, viewers get the impression of experiencing firsthand what it was like to be affected by a protracted US bombing campaign in the Vietnam War. It makes you realize how courageous the locals were in removing the last few threats to public safety and the country’s economy. It’s a sobering documentary that examines how the war affected Laotians across many generations.

Is Netflix Available In Laos?

Yes, you can access Netflix in Laos. Netflix is available in more than 190 countries to date. However, each library differs by territory. So, you may find show titles available in one country that are unavailable in yours. The only nations listed as not having Netflix access at the moment are China, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, Russia, and Syria.

The best feature of the streaming service is that, as long as you have a Netflix account, you can watch Netflix on smart TVs, Xbox, android smartphones, Playstation, Apple TV, or the web. Check out our suggested Korean and Cantonese programs on Netflix’s website or app if you want to watch more foreign-language content on the well-known streaming service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lao Shows On Netflix

Are the Lao shows on Netflix available with English subtitles?

Yes, most Lao shows on Netflix incorporate English captions, Making them more universally accessible.

Are there any other Laotian-themed shows on Netflix?

In addition to the shows mentioned above, Netflix always adds new Laotian-themed productions, so keep an eye out for updates.

Can I learn about Lao culture solely through these shows?

The shows offer insightful knowledge, yet they merely serve as a stepping stone. To genuinely grasp Lao culture, delve into supplementary materials like literature and documentaries.

Are there plans for more collaborations between Lao filmmakers and Netflix?

Certainly, future collaborations with Lao filmmakers are possible owing to Netflix’s steadfast commitment to diversity and original content, thus paving the way for further heartfelt storytelling.

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