5 Easy Ways To Introduce Yourself In Romanian

Romania is undoubtedly a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes and warm people. So, it isn’t a mistake that you are thinking of visiting or relocating to this country. You will love it there! And if you are planning to move here, this post is perfect for you. Here, we will explore how to introduce yourself in Romanian like a real pro!

Introducing oneself is one of the primary things to do when you get to a new place or when someone seems interested in you. Having a strong introduction is one of the ways to create a positive first impression, give people insight into your personality and help them open up to you more easily. A better way to introduce yourself is to do that using your audience’s language, in this case, the Romanian language.

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Well, not to worry, this guide will cover everything you need to know about introducing yourself, from greetings to asking the other person about themselves. So, if you want to find out more about how to introduce yourself in the Romanian language, keep reading.

Steps To Introduce Yourself In Romanian

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Start With A Greeting

In Romanian, when you are asked to introduce yourself, it is a polite thing to start with a greeting. Starting with a simple greeting like a “good day” or simply saying that you are glad to meet them is a great way to start off on a good note. This ensures that you will not come off as rude. So, what are the common greeting words that should proceed with your introduction? Check out the table below!

Hi/Good daySalut/Bună ziua

Good morningBună dimineața!

Good eveningBună seara!

Nice to meet youÎmi pare bine

It is nice to be hereMă bucur să fiu aici

Say Your Name

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Once you’ve greeted the person or group of persons, you can now proceed to introduce yourself. When introducing yourself, ensure you also pay attention to the pronunciation of your name, especially if it is a foreign name. Doing this will reduce follow-up questions like Cum se pronunță numele tău, which means how do you pronounce your name. Nevertheless, ensure you keep that phrase handy in case you want to know how a Romanian name is pronounced.

How do you pronounce your name? – Cum se pronunță numele tău?

My name is SimonMă numesc Simon

I am SimonEu sunt simon

My nickname is JPorecla mea este J

You can call me SimonPoți să-mi spui Simon

My first name isPrenumele meu este simon

Tell Them Your Nationality

You may decide to go further depending on the information you want to share. If you are a foreigner, it will be great to tell them about your country or why you are in Romanian. We’ve covered everything in the table below

I am fromSunt din

I live inLocuiesc în

Tell Them Your Age If Necessary

If you are introducing yourself to a random person, telling them your age may make them feel uncomfortable, especially if they are not planning to tell their age during their own introduction. Therefore, we will advise that you stay away from sharing your age. However, if the introduction requires you to tell your age, then these are great ways to do that

  • I am 29 years old – Eu am 29 de ani
  • I am 29 – Eu am 29
different profession

Share Details About Your Profession/hobbies

People will like to know what you are doing to make a living or anything you enjoy doing. Including this information is a great way to let your Romanian friends know what you are up to. Here are some great examples of how to go about it.

I am a (student)sunt student

I love listening to musicîmi place să ascult muzică

I work at (facebook)lucrez la facebook

I used to work atam lucrat la

I have no jobnu am de lucru

I love singingiubesc sa cant

I love having funimi place sa ma distrez

I am looking for employmentCaut loc de munca

Ask About The Other Person

The next thing you can do is to initiate the other person to introduce himself or herself. Most times, people are interested in knowing you, but getting to know them is also polite. So, if you want to know more about someone, these phrases will come in handy

  • Tell me about yourself – Spune-mi despre tine
  • What is your name? – Cum te numești
  • I want to know about you – Vreau să știu mai multe despre tine
  • Can I get to you? – Pot sa te cunosc
  • Please introduce yourself – Te rog prezinta-te
  • How old are you? – Cati ani ai?

Yay! You Can Introduce Yourself Like A Pro

Finally! You can start introducing yourself to whoever asks. I hope you’ve learned some useful phrases that will make a self-introduction a cinch. Well, there is more to Romanian than basic introductions. Romanian is a beautiful language that is easy to learn so long as there are effective learning resources. Fortunately, the Ling App makes your language learning process easy and seamless.

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